Problems purchasing through the website

Problems purchasing through the website

I tried to purchase a Model 3 last night. I still don't know if I actually purchased anything.

When I clicked the complete purchase button I saw a spinner while the form was being processed. So far, so good. But instead of being sent to a Thank You page it sent me to some random page with info about the different cars. I also got a pop-up asking if I wanted to schedule a test drive. I never got a confirmation email.

It did create my account, but when I login I don't see any info about the car I ordered. I just see a options to buy an S, an X, and one of those wall batteries. Oddly, I don't even see an option to buy a 3.

I called Tesla this morning and the woman I spoke to had no idea what to tell me. She said they'll look into it and figure out what went wrong.

Has anyone ever had an issue like this? Any problems with the website in general? I was excited about my new car but this whole thing has really soured the experience.

patrick40363 | March 16, 2019

Did they charge your credit card?

JustSaying | March 16, 2019

With the apparent lack of website security on this website you probably could have just ordered a Nio...

jeff d | March 16, 2019

If you don't see any info on a car in your account I'd say no.
I didn't get an email either.
Did you happen to take a real long time on placing the order? For example the time between starting the order and finishing took over an hour? Their website does seem to make me log in (redirecting through a logout) quite often. | March 17, 2019

I checked my credit card just after posting this and yes, they did charge my card. Which makes it a bit more disconcerting that they seem to have no record of my purchase in their system. | March 17, 2019

Seems that the mid range was just discontinued. Guess I know why my order got lost. Now I just need to figure out how to fix it.

jimglas | March 17, 2019

call the closest sales office, talk to a person while you still can.

ashish86 | April 26, 2019

Have similar issue while ordering model 3 recently. Were you able to resolve? If yes, how? Disconcerting to realize this has happened to multiple people.

zeropoint | April 26, 2019

Similar to my issue with Model Y order. My credit card was charged, but no email and my account has nothing. Wrote to customer service, still waiting for someone to respond

kutoroff | April 27, 2019

I had a similar problem ordering my Model 3 in February. No recognition on the web page that I ordered. I tried at the local Service Center at their recommendation, same thing. In the end I had multiple $2500 charges and no car. Finally worked it out, the car was ordered, and the excess charges were disputed and canceled. I was told there was a problem at Tesla that day. That day? I think it really boosted my credit cards points though. I find it reassuring that it wasn't just me. | April 27, 2019

@rigpa - you should call. Email not always reliable on both ends (lots can end up in spam folders, or totally blocked by your network provider).