"In Production"

"In Production"

Anybody know if the dashboard has been fixed to show a proper update on the car's status? I take delivery in 15 days, and am still sitting at "Sourcing Parts"

I know there are many stories of people taking delivery and still showing "Sourcing Parts", but thought I'd check in to see if anyone is seeing status changes these days.

My theory of checking every 5 mins or so, refreshing the site a million times a day, and closing my eyes before the page loads so that I get a nice surprise when I open them doesn't seem to be working - still no change :-)

DallasTXModelS | December 5, 2013

Dec 15 delivery in Dallas, TX still sourcing parts also.

mcfadyena | December 5, 2013

Thanks, Dallas!

STY1 | December 5, 2013

Dec 19 delivery in Atlanta showing in production. I think your delivery specialist can do a lookup for more detail. Tuesday I was told mine was being painted.

bryanjaf | December 5, 2013

Having just been through this, and other threads will validate this, the status of your car on your dashboard is directionally correct. As an example, my car went into production and then back to sourcing parts twice, before it then moved on to the delivery status update. The only one who can really tell you what is going on is your delivery specialist. Further, if they are not contacting you about rescheduling your appointment, that is a good thing.

My pick-up date is Saturday, I think. :)

spasam | December 5, 2013

My dashboard says in production. My DS said they just finished painting. Delivery in MA on 20th. May even be delivered early according to DS.

jajabor | December 5, 2013

In my case, sourcing parts meant they didn't get to my car yet. After 6 weeks when it went in production, the status changed to "we are building your model s". After couple of days the status changed again to "production complete". It took only 2 days to build the car.

I would suggest to keep checking every day..the delivery date can change. In my case, my DS didn't help much. She setup delivery for Dec 6th but I picked up the car as soon as production was done on November 26. I scheduled the pickup on the dashboard. My DS had no clue. She didn't return any of my calls.

mcfadyena | December 5, 2013

Perhaps somebody's watching? Changed over to "Building Your Model S" this evening ;-)

mcfadyena | December 5, 2013

Another question - when will my Tesla App be able to connect with my car? One stage to the next!

Captain_Zap | December 5, 2013

@Andrew M

You can connect when you get the car. They don't want you honking the horn or playing with the A/C while it is on a truck. ;-)

mcfadyena | December 5, 2013

Thanks again, Captain!

That would be pretty funny, though.

jeffsstuff | December 5, 2013

@Andrew M, so I'm not the only one who is trying to see if the car is alive (and where on it's journey to NJ is happens to be at)? So far, nothing and I think it should be here by tomorrow (picking it up Saturday).

Regarding the status, mine went from "Sourcing Parts" to "In production" and then, after a week or two went back to "Sourcing Parts" and then a week or two later, back to "In Production". Now it says "Production Complete".

I think it is now time to move from counting day to counting hours...

36.5 hours to go!

RAM_Eh | December 5, 2013

Soooooooo jelous at the moment. I'm one week behind Andrew an the DS will try for the 24th. Delivery is on the 26th, boxing day.

I'm not as bad as everyone else, only refresh around 100-150 a day:)

robatbeach | December 5, 2013

My car is due on the 11th. Aside from the hiccup where it went to In production early along with everyone else, it went through the In Production and Production Complete stages in timeframes that made sense. However, it didn't switch to In Transit and I believe based on emails from the DS that it may already be In Transit.

Brian H | December 6, 2013

A few mechanics whanged their heads after being startled by remote-controlled honks. End of factory access.

krissu | December 6, 2013

My status also changed to "in production" yesterday. It should take 2-3 days to be "complete". My DS said that my status is correct. There was a very recent delay of 5 days for me, I read in forum that many had it. They have ramped up nicely also the time from production complete to really getting the car, so you most probably are getting the car when indicated. Just check the paint is'nt wet anymore:)

odellj | December 6, 2013

My stayed "in Production" only 4 days. Now in transit. Appointment with DS on Monday (in Boston).

jjr64 | December 6, 2013

I confirmed by order on 10/26 and finally got the VIN assigned on 12/2. I have yet to get a delivery date from the SC. How long did you guys have to wait for the delivery date notice after getting your VIN?

DallasTXModelS | December 6, 2013

Mine switched to In production this morning. They also added the final configuration in My Documents on My Dashboard.

jajabor | December 6, 2013

I went for a factory tour last month when picking up my car from Fremont. It looked like 20% of the whole space was utilized but production was running at 100%. It was very impressive.

mcfadyena | December 6, 2013

I guess checking My Dashboard a million times a day, and refreshing the page upon visiting actually DID work. In Production now. Wonder if it works while I wait for it to switch over to "In transit?" We shall see!

Brian H | December 7, 2013

You could acquire a lot of very troublesome compulsive superstitions that way. Be careful!

Captain_Zap | December 7, 2013

@Andrew M

You don't know how lucky you are! My dashboard said "The factory is building your Model S" in July 2012. It said the same thing until two days after I got my car 5 months later.

Tesla has come a long way. When it was time for me to configure my car, I got a phone call and we went over the options by phone. Then we had to go back and forth making sure everything was right. I almost ended up with obeche matte instead of obeche gloss. Then we faxed things. Oh, the horror! ;-)

I found that these forums were on fire with others like myself. We analyzed, deduced and speculated about any hint of information that we could get from posts here or at TMC. But, we could see the dashboard and we understood that there were plans in the works for you guys. In many ways, the evolution is still happening, and it is fun to watch.

mcfadyena | December 7, 2013

@Captain - I'm looking forward to seeing things evolve as well! Happy to have found the forum. You guys have done a great job paving the way for the rest of us.

@Brian H - Compulsive reloading of my Tesla Dashboard will always be the least of my concerns in life!

jeffsstuff | December 7, 2013

I'm supposed to pick up mine this afternoon and mine says "production complete" not "in transit".

mcfadyena | December 7, 2013

Awesome, @Jeffsstuff. Enjoy your day!

ausdma | December 7, 2013

Mine switched to In Production a few days ago for a delivery date of 12/18 in Austin.

Rshull20 | December 8, 2013

Mine is due in Austin the 17th oh this month (December) and changed to in production this morning.

PapaSmurf | December 8, 2013

I found the updates on My Dashboard to be generally accurate. My car was "In Production" for about a week. Then it changed to something like "Completed and prepping for delivery" about a week before I got it.

yaja23 | December 8, 2013

Delivery date dec 18th. Just went to production today. Can't wait

DallasTXModelS | December 8, 2013

I have the choice of picking a 2 hour period 12/18 - 12/20. Today my DS informed me that my Model S is in Paint Department at the factory.

prestoncolvin | December 8, 2013

Reserved October 17th.

Changed twice from "Sourcing...." to "In Production...." was in the "In Production" status for 3 or 4 days the second time.

Then last week went to "Production Complete"

DS Says December 14th @8AM in Atlanta is the Day...It better not rain!

DallasTXModelS | December 8, 2013


Hope you have great weather, we have ice on the ground here today.

Brian H | December 8, 2013

Looks like the status is getting somewhat more accurate. Anyone who gets delivery while still "In Production" please post.

DallasTXModelS | December 10, 2013

"Production Complete"

Today I was told by my DS that my car is finished.
Your Model S is now being prepared for pick up or delivery.

Will leave Freemont, CA on a trailer to Farmers Branch Service Center.

I will pick up my Contraband on Friday 20 Dec 2013.

Merry Christmas to me. Was approved by Alliant Credit Union with 1.49% APR today.

anilb | July 23, 2015

Mine 85D stayed in "confirmed" status of 8 days and changed the "in production" yesterday. Lets see how long it takes to change the status to "complete". My delivery date was late July, now it changed to August. I'm getting impatient.