Production this week

Production this week

I placed an order for a Model S early April and my delivery specialist said it is entering into production this week. Do you think it will have the updates that were announced this week for the model S? I can't seem to get any info as to if it will or not.

redacted | April 26, 2019

"Model S and Model X now come with an all-new drivetrain design that increases each vehicle’s range substantially, achieving a landmark 370 miles for Model S Long Range and 325 miles for Model X Long Range " Presumably meaning that it's got that, and tied in will be the faster charging and the now-standard fuzzy dice.

viper.ja | April 26, 2019

Really hoping that is the case :), fingers crossed.

EVRider | April 26, 2019

@viper.ja: If I were you, I would follow up with Tesla and make sure you're getting the new drivetrain, and if you're not, find out if you can change your order. Even if they charge you $500 for the change it would be worth it to get the new configuration. If you just hope for the best and end up getting the old configuration, you're going to be very disappointed.

travisbix | April 26, 2019

I was in the same boat and the expert said no. So I just canceled and reordered but won’t get the car til likely June now.

JChun | April 26, 2019

I cancelled my order that I placed literally an hour before the enhanced range and drive announcement, cancelled my order by calling sales, and waited until it was "safe" to reorder by calling the sales advisor at my local store. Ordered a new one yesterday, hopefully the deilvery is still in May. Interestingly, the $2500 deposit on the first cancelled order was credited back already (was told it would be refunded by check in 30-45 days, so that was a nice surprise). I see the deposit went through on the order placed yesterday and now I only see one order in my account, the new one, previously the cancelled order said "cancellation initiated...". I'm hoping this is going to be smooth.

jordanrichard | April 27, 2019

When Elon made the announcement he did say that they ahd already started shipping the S and X’s with the new DU’s and associated hardware.

viper.ja | April 29, 2019

That's the thing, no one knows. When I spoke to my Sales rep he said he thinks it won't have any of the upgrades and said I should just keep this order. Mentioned the 'new' one won't have "ventilated seats, etc"

EVRider | April 29, 2019

@viper.ja: Sales reps are often misinformed. Don't rely on what any one person tells you.

Yodrak. | April 29, 2019

"Sales reps are often misinformed. Don't rely on what any one person tells you."

Good advice. That being said, based on my experience of ordering shortly before some changes were made I think you are going to get what you ordered. Do let us know when you get the car.

viper.ja | May 28, 2019

Took delivery last week. Looks like my car is Raven car. Got the updates!!

Tropopause | May 28, 2019

Nice! | May 28, 2019

Did they do away with the "Model S" logo on the back left? Cannot believe it just says "Dual Motor".

viper.ja | May 28, 2019

Yup, just says Dual Motor on the right hand side.

JChun | May 28, 2019

I've already put 1,700 miles after a week and a half, including a trip from Boston to Baltimore this weekend. What a joy to drive.