PS vs OE vs DS vs...

PS vs OE vs DS vs...

Over the last month I have probably communicated with about 9 Tesla employees, including 3 product specialists over phone and email, 3 folks at a retail store, 2 delivery experience specialists in the field, one ownership experience staffer, and one which I think had a title of "inside delivery" or something separate from the group out on location delivering cars. Everyone was very nice and tried to be helpful, but I really got the sense that other than the in-store staff, I was as likely as not asking the wrong people for the info I needed.

I'd love to hear from folks which Tesla department was helpful for which particular set of questions or issues, so I can better direct my questions as they continue to come up through this purchase experience. It might also help make Tesla more efficient to have a breakdown of who to call for what issues, instead of having multiple employees bouncing questions around between departments and otherwise taking up time when it's not necessary.

nickjhowe | December 23, 2012

I've had exactly the same experience. It is been pretty random. All very helpful, but quite what role they are all playing in the dance that is the 'order-to-delivery' process is beyond me.

I've been contacted by Julia, the Washington DC Sales Manager, Cale, a "Delivery Experience Specialist" in Chicago on assignment in Florida, Jacques, a Delivery Experience Specialist in Palo Alto, John, a "Product Specialist" in Palo Alto, and Graham from who knows where. All trying their best, but very disconnected.

DouglasR | December 23, 2012

If you want to get all that sorted out, just give a call to the Organizational Chart Experience Specialist.

Brian H | December 24, 2012

They will shortly all be replaced by computer avatars, who will all know everything.

nickjhowe | December 24, 2012

Just got a VM from "Mike", the 6th TM employee to contact me. How many more, I wonder.

shop | December 24, 2012

Growing pains of a startup company, but wow, that is very inefficient. You'd think that a company that prides itself on engineering efficiency would pay more attention to management efficiency.

nickjhowe | January 2, 2013

The count increases. To the six names above we can add "Bo" from DC and Phoebe. Turns out "Graham" is the Dania Store Manager who managed to work some magic.

Thanks to the efforts of all these folks and who knows how many more we finally got everything sorted out and the car should be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Cattledog | January 2, 2013

DouglasR - +1, I spit up my cioppino when I read your post.