Last week I received an email and phone call with my VIN (6107) and a delivery date the end of this week. I was completely surprised by how soon and smooth everything was going. On Monday another phone call telling me the car was in Austin getting charged and detailed and I could either go to Austin to pick it up or it would be delivered to me in Houston prior to Friday. In the meantime I completed the payment, purchased insurance and got temporary plates. I called my DS yesterday to see when I could expect the car. He told me he hadn’t been able to round up any other Houston deliveries for Wednesday but I would get my car on Friday. When he called me back 30 minutes later, I was sure it was for good news and to tell me I would get the car today. Unfortunately, it was just the opposite. My vehicle wasn’t even in Austin, in fact it wasn’t even completed yet. No new estimated time of delivery, just soon. I’m not too upset and he couldn’t have been nicer but the least he could of done was offer me a full tank of gas.

Carefree | February 27, 2013

I had kind of a similar experience. I was told on the phone that my car was ready in San Diego waiting for delivery to Arizona. Turned out that was not at all correct - the car arrived 10 days later in AZ but came from the Fremont factory directly. The Phone Delivery guys really have very limited visibility (if any at all) into the manufacturing process and even when the car is finished they don't necessarily know where it is.

The good news is that you will get your car (sooner or later) and you will absolutely love it.

shop | February 27, 2013

I think I'm glad I opted for factory pick up. I'll be flying there tonight, get the tour tomorrow morning and drive it back 9 hours or so to San Diego. Will let you know how it goes! Very smooth process for me!

sandman | February 27, 2013

All of the TX deliveries are(or were as of 1 week ago) staged at the Dallas service center(checked, detailed and charged) and delivered from there.

shop | February 27, 2013

Something to keep in mind as people view negative posts. Remember that they are making 400 cars a week now, so there are tons of positive stories that we never hear about....

petero | February 27, 2013

In mid January, received a call my "S" was in Los Angeles - 5 days early. It was. Be a bit more patient, it will be so worth it.

SK1992 | February 27, 2013

I'm not upset. The communication has been fantastic. All three people I have dealt with have been helpful and available. I don't want my post to be seen in a negative light. My delivery window isn't until March 4-18. I am so looking forward to it.

Docjay | February 27, 2013


If at all possible I recommend going to Austin and driving home! I did that last Saturday and got the full treatment at the Austin service center and a wonderful ride home. I live in Friendswood so it was a full 200 mile trip.

Worth the one way plane ticket for sure!

jbherman | February 27, 2013

FWIW, on the same day I was told 1-2 more weeks, I received a call from the truck driver telling me my car was 8 hours out...that was quite a scramble and a wonderful surprise! I took delivery of the car in a parking lot at about 10:00 PM...felt like I was doing something illegal! I hope they are steadily improving their delivery communication. Every experience is unique. Enjoy!

dstiavnicky | February 27, 2013

On the one hand... I'm shocked that your new car was 8 hours away when you got a call for 1-2 weeks out! Even in the most incompetent worlds that should not happen.
I think Tesla has to stop saving money hiring kids out of school and get more experienced workers on board.

On the other hand... what a great surprise. A parking lot under cover of dark. I hope you brought a briefcase full of cash just to complete the dirty deed appropriately.

Brian H | February 27, 2013

The poor delivery specialists. They must be given data with random numbers in the last VIN digit, or SLT.

drp | February 27, 2013

It must be frustrating for the DS's etc but also very exciting to be on the delivery or ordering end of driving the future. I think this is all very cool and I don't have my car yet but most of the Tesla touch-points have been very, very good people. We all know that there will be glitches and it's easy to be impatient when we spend this kind of money but these people have pretty tough jobs. Just think how many of the buyer's are kind of driven executives or high status/influential people calling in to these guys and gals that have to deal with "both barrels" in some cases. Whew am I glad I don't work on their end of the phone. Still, I find the company very exhilarating and I would consider doing something for them.
Brian, maybe we can help them out. Seems like we both spend a lot of time of the forum anyway. Maybe we can link to their system and triage a few calls....

jbherman | February 27, 2013

@dstiavnicky: Exactly. I was shocked, but not complaining. Apparently my car was on a truck that was going through Houston and then up to Chicago. The driver called me from somewhere in Texas and said, "hey, your car's on my truck. I can swing through Kansas City on the way to you want it tonight?"...silence...(thoughts of friends playing jokes shoot through my head)..."uh, yeah...absolutely!" Here I'm told that the car is on the lot at Fremont...completed and waiting for a truck in a few days to a week and there it is halfway across the country on a HUGE truck with 3 other Model S and some other cars. The driver first pulled out a mini-van. "Here it is..."...crickets..."not funny," I said. Anyway, I hope their tracking is getting a lot better! Just slap a barcode on the sticker. It's not that hard!

drp | February 27, 2013


Just learned today that some of the car carriers are open and some are closed. I hope that the one my car was on through the ice and snow to Chicago was a closed one. They said that it sat on the closed expressway in New Mexico and Texas.I worry about chips and road rash from that long drive in those bad conditions. The service center said,"I don't know on that one (truck) from yesterday". We will check it over real well upon deliver Saturday.Mine was maybe on that truck.

jbherman | February 27, 2013


Mine was delivered on a closed truck and was very well taken care of in transport. Just a little dusty and a couple of minor scuffs that came off easily. The weather was mild (January 16th delivery). I'd certainly want closed transport given the horrible weather we've had over the last week in the Midwest. Good luck on Saturday. Enjoy!

Brian H | February 27, 2013

Mild stroke in August, voice control is shot. And TM isn't looking for volunteer phone staff, that I can tell.