Purchased FSD for $2K, its gonna be worth it for the future

Purchased FSD for $2K, its gonna be worth it for the future

Hi Everyone, so I purchased EAP in Jan 2019 for $5500 after the trial they sent to my M3, I took delivery of my car in August 2018 without EAP.

it is a bummer I did not wait a couple more months to get the bigger discount of both FSD and AP in March 2019.

but I am taking advantage of FSD being offered for $2K.

all that purchase FSD now will get AP 3.0 hardware retro fit included.

what do you all think?

the price of FSD is going back up to I think $4K or $5K starting 3/18/19.

J Brinkley | March 16, 2019

@jjt2122 I passed on the after trial price of $5500 hoping another opportunity would come up and boy am I glad. I just bought the FSD package for $5000.

I'm not familiar with the AP 3.0 hardware retro fit. What is that about?

I took delivery Dec 2018

J Brinkley | March 16, 2019

Also should our Tesla account show the added feature?

Is there purchase history somewhere that confirms our purchase?

jim | March 16, 2019

@OP. I'm in the same boat as you. Purchased my M3 in September and added EAP a few days after purchase for $5,500. Just paid the $2k for FSD.

@J Brinkley: Hardware V3 is the next version of the onboard computer. According to TESLA, the V3 hardware will be necessary to achieve full self driving. If you purchased it, it should show up under Options when you click on the Manage button on your account and then select View Details.

Hal Fisher | March 16, 2019

Realize that camers can’t image in the dark or fog, that’s why everyone else went Lidar.

Hal Fisher | March 16, 2019

I’m going to go for a drive after dark then check out the video files to see how what kind of resolution it has. Probably pretty bad (but i wont know until i see) because even cameras need huge sensors with wide apertures in the dark without flash.

82bert | March 16, 2019

Works great at night.

casun | March 16, 2019

don’t listen to hal.

M3phan | March 16, 2019

EAP works great at night.

jim | March 16, 2019

@Hal Fisher: Christian Häne with UC Berkley established that it is possible to achieve self driving with cameras only. No lidar required:

SO | March 16, 2019

Humans don’t have lidar. Autopilot shouldn’t need it either. The AI is what’s important.

jeff d | March 16, 2019

human eyes are very good at detecting levels of grey, why in video so much more data is given to the grey scale than each color. Computer on the other hand, don't really care what they see, chances are they will process just the luminance leaving the color information just to fill in the blanks. At night everything is grey unless in a well lit area.

AP works just fine with cameras at night. This may be a different story if in dark building or something else where there's no small amount of natural light.

Agent_86 | March 16, 2019

You do realize that bad weather is the major flaw of lidar, right? That and the requirement for the road to be premapped.

Hal Fisher | March 16, 2019

Well I was wrong, the cameras have no problems, hell it looked far brighter in the video than i would have imagined! There was zero problems seeing all around. Amazed. Kinda puts the FSD back on the table for me.

Hal Fisher | March 16, 2019

Can i change my previous post to chinese so they get deleted haha!

Hal Fisher | March 16, 2019

Here are a few night videos. I live in the the suburbs so it's not going to be super dark anyway. But pretty amazed at the clarity it can be in the front..

cascadiadesign | March 16, 2019

I pulled the trigger on AP 2 days ago for $2k, and FSD tonight for $3k on my Model 3.

Even with the upgrades on sale, it wasn't an easy decision. IMHO the software is not ready for prime time, but I'll keep the faith it will get there. A good Level 3 experience would satisfy me. I think Level 4 is a long way off - That will probably be on my next car.

Hal Fisher | March 16, 2019

I'm with you cascad, that's real money. Pretty sure Musk will get the taste of the sales pop due to this drop, I think he'll get hooked, especially if they start selling 500k cars a year. With even just 20% buying at 5K a pop, for just a software upgrade that's pretty enviable upsale sale.

RES IPSA | March 16, 2019

@Cascadia... I did the same thing you did. Bought AP for 2k ten days ago and bought the FSD for 3k yesterday. I began to think of all the cool Level 3 features I would be missing out on over the next 3-4 years while I own the car.

I hope the 5k we just spent over ht epast 2 weeks or so eventually give us some Level 4 features as well... That would be the icing on the cake

Hal Fisher | March 16, 2019

Maybe musk says feature complete because not everywhere will allow level 4 no matter what, he just can’t promise it?

rsingh05 | March 16, 2019

@J Brinkley - it should show up in manage account t pretty quickly. I ordered this afternoon and it already shows up under EAP for me.

rajivpmobile | March 17, 2019

I pulled the plug also

jjgunn | March 17, 2019

With FSD - you also get future stop at stop signs & stop lights.

J Brinkley | March 17, 2019

@rsingh05 yeah from multiple post I've read it's instantaneous for the most part. Unfortunately it did not update on my account. I emailed Tesla for a response so I'll see how long that takes. I don't understand why there's no email confirmation either. It's like you just have to trust that validity of your features never come into question.

mmclean708 | March 17, 2019

I have tried to order fsd for our 3, but there is no place on "my account" to allow the purchase. I went to manage, view setup, and under options shows eap and premier interior, no option to buy fsd. I've emailed twice, but nothing. Our my account has always been screwy, including the part where I am listed as main contact but our ds contacted husband, not me.

thedrisin | March 17, 2019

Eventually is a looong time. I have no delusion that during my time it will have any more than advanced driver assist, level 3. Level 4 would be taking out all the yellow warnings from the manual and the car indicating when it needs assistance. Unlikely to occur for the average ownership period. That said, I will probably donate the additional 2k by end of day.

mikehen08 | March 17, 2019

@mmclean708 Its not under "View Details". Once you go into "Manage" scroll down to the "Shop" section (below "Learn") and choose "Autopilot Upgrades". That is where you purchase it

lokuly | March 17, 2019

Its end of day tomorrow, correct? He says, "buy our S3XY cars before midnight on Monday! Prices rise slightly worldwide on Tuesday"

I need one extra night to consider

ReD eXiLe ms us | March 17, 2019

You guys do realize Tesla will be going for Level 5 Autonomy for all their vehicles, right?

Hal Fisher | March 17, 2019

ReD you do realize the FSD as it is now is nowhere near there, right? There is little reason to believe it will suddenly be a 100 times better any time soon.

Hal Fisher | March 17, 2019

Lokuy, pretty sure he said cars will rise on Monday, and sale ends 17th.

elephant in a bottle | March 17, 2019

Car prices will rise EOD Monday . AP and FSD pricing will "normalize" .

elephant in a bottle | March 17, 2019

35k Standard car pricing will not change.

ODWms | March 18, 2019

I don’t think level 5 will happen within the foreseeable future in any meaningful or widespread way, if not nothing but regulatory constraints. Sure there’s bensome token, limited availability to satisfy the “I told you so” crowd. But I don’t think many folks fully realize the tremendous hurdles approval takes .

When I see the limitations taking place in the simplest, comparatively rudimentary functions that are parking obstacles, sommon andvactivation at this late date represents it does nothing to inspire confdence in the manifold, emincredibly complex productions these functions demand.

I could be wrong and I hope I am. But I’m seeingborecious little offerings these kind, hopeful words these then offerings represent.

al | March 18, 2019

My last car I purchased a 2003 Dodge Ram Diesel in 2005 with 40k miles. It retired itself August 2018 with over 400k miles on it. I don't buy new.. This time I did after following this company for years and finally longing for the 35k version. I bought last August delivery in September 2018 and seeing all the updates and changes in the short period of time of ownership, I bought FSD last night for the bargain price of 2K. No doubt, I will keep this car for a long time and might be my last, so I have belief that Tesla will continue to change and evolve and I want my car changing as well. Well worth the donation if that is what it is... But I doubt it. I will see lots of new features in my term of ownership.

Al in South Louisiana
2018 Black LRW 19" AP & FSD 8500 + miles

82bert | March 18, 2019

You nailed it, Al.

syung61 | March 18, 2019

@J Brinkley, simply login to your Tesla account -> Manage -> View Details -> Options. You will see FSD listed.

Enhanced Autopilot
Full Self-Driving Capability
Premium Interior

TeslAnh | March 18, 2019

I purchased AP & FSD two weeks ago and my vehicle details page still doesn't show the options. I've email customer support to ask if my account can be updated or to receive an invoice for the purchase. It'd be good to have record for insurance purpose in case the car is totaled.

spuzzz123 | March 18, 2019

@TeslAnh make sure they charged your credit card otherwise your transaction may be lost in transit. You still have today to complete the purchase at that discount, so keep an eye on that.

TeslAnh | March 18, 2019

@spuzzz, yeah it was charged to the credit card and I've been using it. Just wanted to get an invoice or some kind of account record for insurance purposes. Thanks.

spuzzz123 | March 18, 2019

Ok good. None of us seem to have got any emails with confirmation, but most everyone can see the new product in their account details here on the website. That's why I was concerned about yours. But if they charged you and you can see it in your car, obviously they must have got it!

mineckside | March 18, 2019

Al you echoed my sentiments exactly....never bought new either, retired 2003 MDX with almost 280k on there Nov 2018 and replaced with M3 obsidian black, AWD, 19’ rims with EAP and then just pulled the trigger on the $2k FSD..yay! this car is gonna be with me for a while and therefore I expect (Not Hope) it will change and evolve!
Amen, so let it be Elon.

Vic Tesla3 | March 18, 2019

I'm in the same situation as some of the others here. I purchased the AP & FSD last Thursday (3/14/19), but have not seen the software update yet. No email confirmation, but my credit card did get charged. The option to purchase autopilot is gone and autopilot overview is in my learning. When I go to manage my Model 3 and options, neither are listed there yet. I'm trying to be patient since the confirmation page said it would update in about 3 days. Anyone else that purchased late last week and got the update already?

ddorbuck | March 18, 2019

Does anyone know if the purchase of FSD now today or in the past week or so automatically add you to the software beta software update early releases that was mentioned a few weeks ago or was that only for people who purchased FSD prior to the pricing changes?

mmclean708 | March 18, 2019

@mikehen08, thanks, found it! And today is the 18th...830 PM est to be exact, price to add fsd is 2,000, so I guess we have more time to decide.

RES IPSA | March 18, 2019

@Vic... I bought FSD last Friday, and it showed up on my car this afternoon. I bet you get it over the next 24 hours.

RES IPSA | March 18, 2019

My understanding is the prices go up tonight at midnight... Buy it now if you want it!

RES IPSA | March 18, 2019

@Ddor... N difference if buy FSD today or a year ago. You will get the same benefits with the exception that those who bought before a few week ago get admission to the Early Adopters (???) Program. Not a real benefit to me since I can wait for updates and other features to be released.

raffidesigns | March 18, 2019

@Ddorbuck The Early Access Program is for those who bought FSD at the price before the discount.

jeremymoore11 | March 18, 2019

I bought FSD Thursday nite, didn't show up til this afternoon, 5 minutes after I got off the phone asking about it...
Anyone know what the process/timing is for the hardware upgrade?

BlackMagic | March 18, 2019

Bought the FSD upgrade to EAP on 3/15 but have not yet seen the update on the car yet. Chatted with CS and they said 3-5 business days. I do see FSD on the details of my 2018 Model 3 AWD in my account. CS said FSD will work with the current HW for the current features that are developed now (recognizing stop signs/speed limit signs). They also said no official word has come out about the HW upgrade yet so he not tell me if I was going to get a free HW upgrade or not. Perhaps when those features need an upgrade they will upgrade it.