I've read about a lot of quality control issues on the 3, similar to what happened with the S. Curious what Tesla normally does in these cases. Meaning, are people going back to Tesla and saying that a door panel isn't aligned, and they are fixing it? What's the level of detail where Tesla won't fix it and will just say "sorry, that's how it is"?

carlk | January 1, 2018

lilbean Tesla could spend millions of dollars and put tens or hundreds of engineers to work on panel alignment and slow down other area like autopilot development or battery improvement. They could certainly make cars with greatest fit and finish you've seen but in the mean time they will not be as great as they are in other more important aspects of the car. Tesla has different priority than those fit and finish crazed companies that do NOT make as great cars. So you could be right if you meant negative correlation.

Darryl | January 1, 2018

Tesla fixes cosmetic issues which are discovered and noted at delivery. If you find cosmetic issues after delivery it is very possible they won’t fix them.

rxlawdude | January 1, 2018

Just one data point, the only exterior issue with ours was a tiny scratch in the paint under the left taillight lens. Panel alignment, door closing, and other fit-and-finish items were all a-OK. Better than my MS delivery in 2015.

Our one nit is the windshield glass having tons of what look like the kind of specks you see after driving through a sandstorm. These are only noticeable when driving in the sun's direction. These seem to also affect the side windows. What's odd is that you cannot actually feel any surface imperfection as you would with pits.

I emailed pics of the windshield glass to my Delivery Host and he seems to think it's "overspray." This makes a lot of sense, as there is a place on the windshield where some kind of masking prevented the defects in a small area of the driver's side.

But if it's "overspray," I would expect that (a) it would be palpable on the surface of the glass, and (b) it could be removed with physical scrubbing. Neither seem to apply here.

But overall, the M3 is a solid little machine and the lack of any significant issues exceeded my expectations. There are a couple of minor rattles/buzzes over rough roads, but not any more than in my S 70D.

Carl Thompson | January 2, 2018


So what you're saying is that Tesla _could_ make cars with better fit and finish if they wanted to but they choose not to because it's not important?

lilbean | January 2, 2018

Haha @Carl Thompson. It sounds like @carlk is admitting the fit and finish isn’t great, the panel alignment is off and that’s how they chose to prioritize quality.

randy.wilkey | January 3, 2018

My M3 delivered 12/30 had no discernible quality problems.

RedPillSucks | January 3, 2018

I think "FREE ENERGY" is a troll.
Consumer reports rates the model S in the "Recommended" stage. Something they wouldn't do if there were tremendous quality issues. I know the X still suffers from issues with the doors, but that's where the majority of the complaints are. Teslas quality has improved dramatically. I'm thinking that the model 3 will be much better as the car is simpler to assemble.

Coastal Cruiser. | January 3, 2018

rxlawdude said: "...But if it's "overspray," I would expect that (a) it would be palpable on the surface of the glass, and (b) it could be removed with physical scrubbing. Neither seem to apply here."

By any chance have you run a single edge razor blade over an area with the specks? I've done this many times to remove crud that otherwise does not want to remove. Hold the blade slightly raised from the glass and make several passes. it will not scratch the glass.

rxlawdude | January 3, 2018

@CC, we're trying a couple of things. Bottom line is this should not be present in a new vehicle regardless of what it is.

But we are definitely thinking it's not a glass defect per se.

carlk | January 3, 2018

Carl Thompson & lilbean No. Everything is relative. I'm very satisfied with fit and finish of my Tesla. I'm only speak for you whiners who always want more.

carlk | January 3, 2018

Oh one whiner has never even owned a Tesla. That certainly qualifies him as a troll.

lilbean | January 3, 2018

From you, that's a compliment. There is a reason people call you a fanboy. I have another name for you though.

carlk | January 3, 2018

Yes that's a compliment too,

Hi_Tech | January 3, 2018

Did quick search today and found that there have been over 50 million auto recalls a year for they last year's in the US. These are real concerning issues. I'd rather have Tesla spend the time to get the product right. That, in my opinion, is doing right for their customers.

carlk | January 3, 2018

Yes I wonder if any of those recalls are for uneven panel gaps. Talk about getting the priority right.

lilbean | January 3, 2018

I guess having doors and panels aligned so that the door can open and close properly is too much to ask. (Regarding Model X) Quality!

carlk | January 3, 2018

The subject is fit and finish. Stop your strawman argument will you?