Quality Control still a problem

Quality Control still a problem

This is my first post and have been viewing the forms for awhile, I do own a Model S P100D and we just recently picked up a Model X 100D. I wanted to get your opinions as we found many fundamental flaws on the Model X. Some of them surprising considering I waited for the factory to improve their QC.
Hi Jon and Doug,


Driver side Rear quarter panel - I found 1/4 inch cracks where it is joined at the rear pillar/lift gate and it was covered with what I was told Urethane (looks like Silicon glue), This may be visual, but totally unacceptable as it's only a temporary fix as I was told by a certified Tesla paint shop. (see pics). I noticed there was Silicon residue that was wiped down from the crack when the Lift gate is opened. One pic represents the other side that has no visual cracks, no silicon and Joint seal is painted correctly.

Lift Gate - top of the edges has thinning paint to the point of visually seeing a blue line (primer) under the clear coat

Rear Spoiler - symmetrical marks on the rear edge like they were placed on a drying fixture during the curing process

Hood - symmetrical marks at the leading edge of the hood, very similar to the rear spoiler defects

Joint seal cracks on the FWD Pillar - (terrible joint finish) cracks through the paint at the bottom pillar of the FWD (see pic)

Paint swirl on driver side rear fender, needs paint correction, 2 inch circular pattern (I had the detailer correct it)

As it is, 4 major panels and FWD pillars would have to get re-painted. I measured the paint on all the panels and they are consistent, what I don't want is a 3rd party paint job with paint variation on already painted panels. So it will be interesting how this gets resolved.

There are other issues documented with the SC (these problems do not exist on the loaner and other X's I inspected):

Small dent (wave) above driver door handle that needs to get popped out
Driver door handle not is higher than the other and needs replacement
Driver side chrome frame next to side view mirror clip fell out near mirror the first day I came home, Chrome is now loose
Black lower panel strips on the doors not aligned and are on high side, you can see a gap (color of the paint) at the bottom
Rear bottom bumper valance piece not snap in aligned
Back seat rear backs bent at bottom
License plate screws incorrect, Service center provided new ones
2nd row seat driver side stitching is terrible, other X's look fine
Fan noise when car is idle in dashboard, no climate fans are on
Front passenger knocking noise heard in door panel or suspension area at low speed
Front hood misaligned, it was adjusted at Delivery center, but not perfect
Missing tow assembly, on order
Cars pulls to the right, needs wheel alignment
Passenger fog light not aligned, and I understand it's a fixed assembly
Driver side A pillar is not aligned to the top of the FWD when close, its more than 2mm
Drive side FWD alignment to rear quarter panel not aligned
FWD inside panels not completely snapped in correctly, I had to fix one side, but still needs work on both sides
FWD inside pillars have scratches on the inside as if the FWD are rubbing against the paint/clear, needs to be painted
Metal screen on front dash has a blemish on the left corner inside cabin

I know the service center has communicated with the engineers at Tesla and the problems can be corrected, but I feel that I received a rejected shell at the factory and was quickly assembled to meet the quarterly revenue numbers. This was also not a custom order. In the mean time, I was provided a Model X P100D loaner and as I compared my list to the loaner and at least 12 other Model X's, there are no problems that I can find.

In the end, I was not made whole and Tesla received there full payment.

w_catabay | January 10, 2018

Help and look forward to forum feedback

lilbean | January 10, 2018

The glue is from the adhesive from the plastic protective sheets used during transport.
The joint cracks on the pillar are on all of them.
The scratches from the FWD door closing are “normal”.
The robot missed a few spots during the painting.
The piece that isn’t snapped needs some double stick tape.

w_catabay | January 11, 2018

Well if I could post some pics, you would be surprised. I've inspected many X's including the loaner I have and there are no issues to be found compared to my list. As it is, Telsa has taken the vehicle back to the Factory in Fremont for engineering inspection and rework to the mis-aligned panels, panel cracks in the rear quarter panel, and car, really!

lilbean | January 11, 2018

I've got my own collection of pictures. :)

Ohmster | January 11, 2018

Oh no, do I dare say ‘beanography’?

lilbean | January 11, 2018


shayne | January 11, 2018

I just received my Model X P100D right after Chrismas. There are a few minor issues that are going to be sorted out in service, but nothing like what you are detailing:

2nd-row console has wrong trim (wood grain, rest of the trim is carbon fiber LOL)
Passenger front door has a defect in the fake leather.

So far those are the only two issues I have seen. I will go over the car thoroughly before my service appointment to make sure I didn't miss anything. Kind of hard when the weather has been so crappy.

I really hope Tesla comes through for you and fixes the issues with your car or straight replaces your vehicle.

w_catabay | January 11, 2018

I just received the work order from the Spinnaker paint shop (Tesla owned in Fremont) and I was able to speak with someone at the time. Just a couple of notes; a) this is an R&D and training center to teach folks how to repair and paint Telsa's, I was told this is in testing, not on my car b) the defects on the panels will get reworked but the remainder of the panels will have the bulk of the original paint and therefore will be painted over and have a thicker paint thickness, not acceptable as the paint texture and clear coat in the following years will crack and fade differently, I also measured the paint thickness with a paint meter on all panels, c) I asked about the crack in the rear quarter panel and they never seen it on other X's, the fix in my mind will be temporary and it will be a problem after warranty.

Those items on the work order estimates are about $6k in repairs. There is still more paint work and other issues that will run the cost of the repairs higher from my list documented with the SC.

This is going to get interesting over the next few weeks

lilbean | January 11, 2018

Yeah, it's a bummer. Part of my spoiler was unpainted and I didn't want to go through with the repair. I just left it. I didn't want to create more problems. It involved removing the spoiler and re painting the whole thing. I decided to let it be.

Vawlkus | January 12, 2018

You are SO spoiled lilbean. :P

lilbean | January 12, 2018

I know, Vawlkus! :o)
My spoiled spoiler spoiled my spoiled delivery experience.

Tropopause | January 12, 2018

Every car manufacture has imperfect products. The challenge is to pick-and-choose your battles, as lilbean stated. Some minor flaws are better left unattended. Only the owner can decide what’s acceptable.

Ohmster | January 12, 2018

^Agreed.I had an issue with the headliner on one of my Fords. The edge by the windshield was frayed the whole length. Visible only to the dolt (me) that looked straight up at the top from directly under the rear view mirror. They changed it under warranty. New one was exactly the same in that respect, but now I had a headliner with bumps and seams. Looked like crap. Leave be some of the minor stuff that is intrusive to change.....

MelaniaFromBrentwood | January 14, 2018

After having a 2017 S, picked up 2017 X late December. Delivery specialist told me to make a preemptive service visit for inevitable issues. There were a few but they weren't bad:
1. Tiny rock chip in paint which Tesla body shop fixed.
2. Cosmetic defect on a small barely noticeable plastic trim piece.
3. Light in the trunk hatch wasn't connected to wiring.
4. Wipers weren't calibrated and didn't wipe the AP cameras causing auto wipers to wipe nonstop thinking there's still water there.

They fixed all these issues and gave me a much nicer X as a loaner which I was happy to put miles on :) So yes, they're aware of imperfect initial quality, especially when they're pushing out end of quarter deliveries to west coast, but they do fix the car quickly. I've known 2 people who've invoked the lemon law and returned their cars (one immediately, one after a year), but that can happen with any make.

kenny | January 14, 2018

I don't agree with the 'every car manufacturer has issues' excuse. No, they really don't at this scale. There may be some recalls which are a specific systemic issue. What we see is truly a failure in quality control. So far, my experience with sales and service has been fantastic, delivery was very underwhelming. I wish my sales folks could have delivered instead.

My MX was delivered with gouges in the wheels, I believe the delivery guys had some fun in SF before delivering and kissed a curb or two. Then they cleaned the scuff marks off the tire so i didn't notice till I got home. Sales guy ordered a new wheel, no problem. While waiting for it to come in, I made a list of about 12 issues (door alingments, failed firmware updates, seat covering coming off, etc). The service guys fixed everything but missed 2 items. I had them come back and fix before I left. They are just human and missed them.

This is still the best car I've ever owned and i have no regrets, even with the issues. @w_catabay, I hope the service guys take care of your car, not sure I would have them touch the paint but then again, i'm not looking at it everyday. I do know that the misaligned door bothered the h3ll out of me every day until they fixed it, so I get it. They may not be able to just swap cars due to legal requirements around tracking VIN and ownership, I've no idea but it seems like it could be a complex issue.

w_catabay | January 18, 2018

Tesla came through and did a buy back. After several inspections by different folks at the factory, they said, this one got through. So now the decision is do we do it again or just walk away. Our first Tesla Model S P100D they repainted the front bumper and A-pillar, but that was okay with me and we still enjoy the car today, but you heard the old cliche, once burned, twice shy. I just don't want to go through the stress of the delivery center, BS this is normal variation, etc. The sales business process has to change so we get to inspect, test drive, then purchase the vehicle versus the other way around. Also I'm not convinced that Quality Control is fully in place. Thanks for all your inputs....

seadrag76 | February 8, 2018

Catabay, what is the current status? Did you decide?

w_catabay | February 8, 2018

Well in good will, as I decided what I wanted to do, they provided me a new 2018 X P100D that had 9 miles with plastic wrap on some parts of the X, it was fresh off the truck. I was able to inspect it, drive 1700 miles and found no significant issues. The only difference in onfiguration was UW with dark ash trim vs black with CF trim. It was like it came from a different factory, so I bought it....very happy with the results and support from Tesla.

mreddy1 | June 30, 2018

We got our Model S 75D at the end of March 2018. I completely agree that quality control is still lacking at Tesla. The sophisticated technology is fabulous and the company has done exceptional things. However, in the end we are all customers who paid for a supposedly high quality product. Those who have encountered problems should continue to speak up and hopefully Tesla will get it together in the end. Among the 8 new "regular cars" my husband and I have owned in the past 20 years, never were there problems that would warrant a visit back to the service department within 1-2 months of ownership.

bjaminaltman | July 1, 2018

Just got our Midnight X100d. Wife loves it. I'm not a car guy but looks pretty darn good. Like my S100d better in terms of driving. Kids love the X seats with rear console. No issues other than rain into seats when opening rear doors. Heard about that in past. Fixable? Supposed to have Ranger service come our way. We'll see. Got the feeling folks at Tesla are stressed to the make it/break it point. Communication prior to delivery non existent with my contact having been 'let go'. Growing pains until Tesla becomes profitable I guess. Regardless of how much money is to be made, Musk works like a dog. He is a man on a mission that I believe in.

davidahn | July 1, 2018

Just to help put things in perspective:

1. Tesla is a BABY automobile manufacturer, producing the Roadster in 2008 (Benz started in 1886., They have gone from zero to high end immediately. Explosive growth is a good problem to have, but it IS a problem. You try building a a healthy corporate culture while growing exponentially and reinventing the automobile and the battery, and inventing self-driving cars.

2. The more complex the vehicle, the more potential points of failure. Remember when mechanics hated working on cars with electronics built in? Multiply that by 1000.

3. My MS is on balance BY FAR the best car I've ever owned (out of 10 so far) despite its occasional QC issues and practical issues like storage. I hope my MX will supersede my MS. It certainly does a whole lot more than my 2015 MS, but I do worry about potential problems.

MaxEV | July 2, 2018

I picked up my silver Model X on June 27th, 2018, and wanted to report that quality control is still an issue.

The Tesla representative asked me to accept the vehicle and hand over my payment check after doing only a brief inspection of the exterior of the vehicle. You would think they would at least open the doors and allow you to look inside. By the way, unlike all the videos I see online, my delivery was done outdoors.

The car has panel gap/alignment issues which I intend to live with. There was tape adhesive left on the chrome trim in a few places which they were able to correct on the spot. There was also some kind of white sealant or something left inside the charging port door which they were also able to wipe off. There was a dark paint stain on the left quarter panel which they were able to buff out until it is barely noticeable.

At the end of delivery, I went to drive the car off the lot and the driver's door window wouldn't stay up. Upon closing, the window would immediately lower itself half way down. The technician re-calibrated the window by partially opening it while blocking it from fully closing with his arm and it seems to work ok now.

The day after delivery, it rained and I turned on the windshield wipers. If I run them on high, it looks like the left wiper is (almost?) going off the left side of the windshield. Thus, to prevent the wiper from self destructing I'm running it on low until I have a chance to have it serviced.

The left falcon wing door failed to open properly yesterday in a wide open parking lot so I'm keeping an eye on it.

I will say that the car is a pleasure to drive and we are having fun with it anyway.

jjgunn | July 2, 2018

Definitely work with the Service Center to get these issues resolved.

I guess I'm pretty lucky - I didn't experience any of this

liftsrock | July 3, 2018

I took delivery of new MX 75D Pearl White with premium black interior and carbon fiber trim. Have not yet found anything wrong with the car . . . it appears to be perfect. I did not use a checklist to go over every inch of the car at the time of delivery but when each time I park it in my driveway I look around it at different areas for paint or panel alignment defects and have not found anything visible. I do not measure any panel gaps with a gauge and if I did, I might find some inconsistencies but nothing is obvious. Super happy with the car!

MaxEV | July 3, 2018

It is great to hear that some folks are receiving Model X's without significant issues.

I took another look at my Model X today. As it turns out, I think the left windshield wiper travel is probably ok. While on high, the left windshield wiper travels to the left a bit outside the visible area of the windshield (when viewed from the inside). However, the windshield has about a 2" black border and the wiper is probably landing in the border area. Thus, I think it is ok.

I did discover another very minor issue. There are a few inches of plastic wrap stuck between the right, rear seat bottom and the interior wall of the vehicle. I tried pulling it out but I can't get my fingers in there and there is not much plastic wrap to get a hold of (as if someone already tried to pull it out). This is with the 5 seater Model X so I don't think the seat bottom moves. I was thinking of using a piece of string to try to "floss" it out unless anyone has any other ideas. Alternatively, perhaps I will let Tesla deal with it.

I emailed my Model X issue list to my Tesla delivery team around 4 hours ago and got an auto response message saying to expect delayed response times "Due to the excitingly high volume of vehicle deliveries."

davidahn | July 7, 2018

@MaxEV, my 2015 MS’s driver’s side wiper did not even come close to the left edge of the windshield, so if your MX is covering the entire visible windshield, I’d be happy about that. :)

Re: protective plastic removal, try some fine Kelly clamps if you know a doctor or dentist.

MaxEV | July 8, 2018

@davidahn, yes it looks like I'm going to have very full wiper coverage and per my prior post I think the wipers are probably actually fine. Thanks for the suggestion regarding Kelly clamps to remove the plastic wedged in on the side of the rear seat. I didn't have any handy though so I ended up using a Bissell nozzle cleaning tool (which basically looks like a small, plastic slim jim). However, the key to removing the seat plastic turned out to be the fact that it was taped in place under the seat. Once I removed the tape from the bottom of the seat, the plastic came off easily.

When I got in my Model X today, an "air suspension requires service" message came on for 30 seconds or so. Then it went away so I'm not sure what to make of that. If it stays on, I assume I need to have it serviced.

After I hand washed the Model X today, the driver's side window is having the same problem I experienced on delivery day again. That is, it closes and then re-opens half way. I found if I fiddle with it enough I can get the window to close but it looks like I'm going to have to have it serviced.

Redmiata98 | July 9, 2018

There is a way that you can reset the window yourself. I”ll see if I can find it, surprsed they didn’t explain the proc3dure to you at th3 Service Center when it first happened.

Redmiata98 | July 9, 2018

There is a way that you can reset the window yourself. I”ll see if I can find it, surprsed they didn’t explain the proc3dure to you at th3 Service Center when it first happened.

Redmiata98 | July 9, 2018

Found it
With the car doors closed inch the window up (pulling halfway on the window switch) until you hear the window motor strain at the top. Then pull the switch all the way up and count to 10. Rinse, wash, and repeat for additional windows. This might also be helpful if you are hearing wind noise.

jbdvm1988 | July 13, 2018

Got my “X” in December. The rear drive unit failed with less than 1000 miles and 3 months later the A/C and battery cooling system is failing. Looks like another flatbed trip to Chicago. The SC people are great but I wish I didn’t need to interact with them so frequently. Glad Musk is developing “ sustainable” transportation because is certainly isn’t reliable transportation in my experience

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quintman99 | March 13, 2019

I am considering buying an X but after looking at the reviews and issues, I'm quite concerned. I was looking at the S and I am leaning back that way. Can anyone share their experiences if they have owned both the S and the X. From a quality and ride perspective, where does the X stand compared to the S. What ever help you can lend would be appreciated.

Redmiata98 | March 14, 2019

I traded in my S for an X and was concerned about the potential difference in handling, figuring an SUV would be top heavy in turns and sluggish because of its weight. BOY WAS I WRONG!
The X handles better than the S, with the sole exception being the extra space it needs for turning. It is VERY stable in turns due to the low center of gravity also. Sluggish is not a word I associate now with my X. It is very responsive. It also has more pax room and just a bit less cargo room. The X is wider than the S and is a tight fit for my one car garage but so far Summon has extricated it without any garage door frame rubbings.
Make sure you take both out for a test drive before buying because you will react differently than I do. I traded in my Miata and a Supercharged JagXF so my driving requirements are based on fast, responsive vehicles. Also, I had premium sound in both and it is better in the X.

scotteeboy71 | March 17, 2019

I've owned a model S (2016) and now a 2018 Model X. X is great.. and I don't regret the purchase. But I will say the S had less trouble. It's a less complicated vehicle. I don't recall having any major issues with the S for the 3 years I had it. The X, on the other hand has been in service a number of times. Since I got it in August of 2018 I've had the MCU replaced, the Cluster replaced, the drivers side door regulator replaced, another part in the door replaced, the B pillar seat belt replaced (clearing up a noise issue), and a few other minor thing. Currently, I'm having some drivers side door rattle issues (just put another post up on this) following some repair work. So yeah, it's been a bit of the pain. That said, I've had NO problems with the falcon wing doors honestly or the tail gate, etc. I still like the X better than the S. I'm just hoping to get all of the issues worked out soon. I also have a Model 3. That vehicle had the radar fail requiring some replacement parts. So, with Tesla you gotta know what your getting yourself into in general.