Question about collision avoidance

Question about collision avoidance

So all models come with emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring. I've read a bunch of stories and saw a bunch of videos showing a Tesla taking control of your vehicle and automatically maneuvering to avoid a collision. Since the Autopilot description on the order page says all cars come standard with collision WARNING, does that mean I have to buy the Autopilot upgrade to actually get collision AVOIDANCE? Will I still get collision avoidance if I don't purchase the upgrade? The wording isn't clear to me and makes it seem like I only get collision warning where it only beeps if you're about to get hit, but not actually maneuver out of the way for you.

Anybody able to clarify?


Earl and Nagin ... | March 5, 2019

I wouldn't count on any of it presently. There's still development, tuning, and learning before either system is really ready to avoid reliably. I suspect that is why they say WARNING and don't promise AVOIDANCE even if it might do so sometimes. The other day, a truck beside me started coming over into my lane while I was on Autopilot. The car suddenly braked and moved over so I'm sure the technology is moving toward AVOIDANCE, it will just take time before its something other than a backup. In the mean time, I was already taking control to get us out of the situation.

EVRider | March 5, 2019

Despite what @Earl said above, Collision Avoidance Assist is a standard feature in all new Tesla vehicles. You can read about it in the owner's manual.

sutrebla | March 5, 2019

Ok, great to hear there's collision avoidance without upgrading to Autopilot.

Thanks for the responses! | March 5, 2019

In general, Tesla is including all safety related features in all cars as they are made available. They have even added new safety features to older cars, if they have the hardware to support it. For example, Side collision avoidance was added to al HW2 cars even if the owner didn't purchase EAP or FSD.

Tesla (and other automakers) use terms like avoidance and not prevention. What it means is it will attempt to help, but may not work in every case - so you should still be vigilant. I have seen these features work on my car and it is far better than cars of yore.

Bloob | March 9, 2019

Has anyone played around with the different warning levels? (early, late) | March 9, 2019

I use early warning myself. Never had a false alert and a couple of real alerts. Not sure I see any reason for late unless you like to tailgate others.