Question about panoramic roof and sunshade

Question about panoramic roof and sunshade

New to this forum and don't know if this has been answered already. If so, sorry for repeating it again.
Just curious since the glass roof pretty much goes from front to rear is there some kind of sunshade. And I would think there would be two, one from the rear and one from the front.
The front so driver passenger don't feel the sun on a burning hot day. And a rear one for pets or groceries in the trunk and not have the sun heating them up.

J.T. | April 2, 2016

@Jasper First, welcome to the forum. Second, Tesla does a very good job of not letting us know anything ahead of time. So, though your question is a good one please understand that there's is no one here that could possibly answer it with any accuracy.

jasper7821 | April 2, 2016

Thanks, We'll see in time :)

Obi Wan | April 2, 2016

I believe I heard Elon say that the glass had sun-filtering embedded into its design.

jordanrichard | April 2, 2016

If you will notice in the from above pictures, the roof is heavily tinted, until it gets to the back. In a numerous videos of the test rides, the question of UV protection is brought up and the engineers doing the driving, said that the glass roof is actually 2 layers with a UV protection layer in between.

For those of us with the Pano roof on our MSs, we don't have any problem with heat or worse, sunburns for us "follicle challenged" people. Presumably the Model ≡'s roof will be like the Pano roof in the MS and will block 100% UV rays.

DLM270 | April 2, 2016

Three years with our Model S and the Pano roof has never been a problem with Sun or Heat. Love it and looking forward to the same with the Model 3.

alleyoop | April 2, 2016

I have the same concern with heat and glare from a glass roof.

Here in Florida the sun glare can be distracting inside the vehicle, and while UV glass may block harmful spectrum (and reduce heat) only a really dark tint or physical shade can block the light to the degree necessary for comfortable vision inside the cabin.

I would feel better if I knew there was a physical shade option or that the glass tint was VERY dark.

stevenmaifert | April 2, 2016

Hoping the pano roof will be an option. I really don't want it but can live with it if it's going to be standard on the M3.

tjames557 | April 2, 2016

I would be worried about glare on the 15" screen. I have a suv with pano roof and often close the shade during the day because the glare can be so bad I can't see the NAV. If it is unshaded, I would assume someone at Tesla has thought of this already.

alleyoop | April 2, 2016

A Tesla sunshade (like the one below) might be an option if the tint is not dark enough.

Model S Panoramic Roof Sunshade

rdalcanto | April 2, 2016

My son is getting his car tinted. The tint shop did a demo of regular tint material, versus tint material of the same shade with ceramic in it. With regular tint material you can feel the heat from a heat lamp a few inches away from it. The ceramic tint completes blocks the heat. Absolutely incredible. I've never felt heat through the sunroof on the Model S, and I'm sure the Model 3 glass is even better.

Epoints | June 3, 2017

There are so much heats coming off from the panoramic roof. i can feel temperature difference between my head and rest of the body.... Hot head effect?

@rdalcanto... did you get the tint? does it reflect like the glass?