Questions about my purchase

Questions about my purchase

Hello Experts,

I put in an order for Tesla Model S in California today. Would like to know answers to following questions :

a. I am not able to decide between 60 and 85 models. Obviously 85 is 10k expensive.. but any other suggestion on why should i buy 85 ( more miles). I don't commute too far on daily basis.

b. Will i be able to get $2500 refund from State of California ?

c. I am told that I will get delivery by end of year. Long waiting - any inputs from people who ordered recently.

I have till October 5th to change order.

Excited owner.

jbunn | September 22, 2013

On an 85, you might get it in a month or so once you finalize.

So you want supercharging for sure. California is a very good place to be.

I sized my car by taking my daily round trip commute, doubling it, then adding 20% as my bare minimum. Wanted to be able to make the drive if I forgot to charge. I picked the 60 because I had a 70 mile daily commute. If you are close, get the larger model. You'll find reasons to drive.

negarholger | September 22, 2013

Get the 85 kWh battery
When I ordered my car CA had no money for the incentive... got the check 4 weeks after the application
Enjoy the anticipation - wait just makes it sweeter. I waited 4 months and that was 6 months earlier then expected. My car is not perfect, but by far the best car I have ever owned or ever driven in my life.

Captain_Zap | September 22, 2013


I have been reading that the wait times are getting a tad bit longer now. You might add a couple weeks to that estimate. It probably depends on the specific model ordered though.

Araujor20 | September 22, 2013

I ordered the 85 even though I don't have a long commute. I finalized my order the 26 of august 2013.i received a call two weeks ago the my car would be ready on Oct 11 2013.I instead delayed delivery date till Oct 28 2013, which is my birthday. birthday present for myself.

chrigel | September 22, 2013

I couldn't wait six weeks for the delivery of a custom ordered MS and after my test-drive I bought a loaner P85 with 1,500 miles and $6k off sticker.

Should get it in a few days. So I had to wait less than a week.

So excited!

Tâm | September 23, 2013

a. 60 or 85 models: Get 85! It's prudent to get some buffer/reserve more than you need. It's a waste if you live in CA with 9 Superchargers and you don't plan to use them. Don't fly, just drive your 85 kWh Tesla!

b. $2500 CA?

Yes, if you can hurry up!

c. Long wait?

It's variable. Some waited more than 3 years in the beginning, but now, some just wait for a few weeks. In general, the more money you spend, the faster the car comes to its owner.

Good luck!

campsalvage | September 23, 2013

Check out my blog for more thoughts and my experience.

That said I would go 85. The buyer is nice especially if you plan to own in ten years our more since we know don't the longevity of the battery. Having the extra buyer is nice. also only have a short commute, 45 miles roundtrip, however my wife likes to take it on her commute if I am not driving. She can go 100 miles. Sometimes I take it when she gets hone. It's nice not to worry. We also have taken it on many tripods to my without worry. Finally adverse weather does effect range, granted in California you don't have to worry add much.

Brian H | September 23, 2013

Tesla warned the % of cars made for Europe is going to be higher, and so US waits might be as long as 3 months or more. Hasn't happened yet AFAIK, but ...

ddruz | September 23, 2013

@teslasanramon - If you are stretching to get the car you do need to consider whether you really need an 85. Most everyone on the forums will suggest you get an 85 over a 60, but their unspoken assumption is that you can afford it as easy as can be. If that is not the case think carefully.

Living in CA you probably should spring for the supercharging if you get a 60 which makes the difference $8K. But you can buy a lot of options for $8K. And with superchargers in relative abundance in CA and more coming you can probably drive most anywhere you want to go with a 60.

The performance difference between a 60 and a regular 85 is probably too insignificant to figure into your considerations. Your decision is strictly a range vs cost thing.

mrspaghetti | September 23, 2013

@ddruz +1

teslasanramon | September 23, 2013

great points. thanks for bringing clarity.

I am thinking of following. If i take S85 it is only a difference of 5k because supercharger is include (2500) and i may be able to get state benefit of (2500 as well ( funds remaining are very low and if i get S85 earlier). What do you guys think ?

Gizmotoy | September 23, 2013

I put in a reservation in CA for a P85 this weekend and was told production slots are already filling through the first few weeks of December. So, yes, wait times are going up dramatically. Just two weeks ago they were still quoting early to mid November delivery for a regular 85.

My big concern is the CVRP. I would guess the fund will be fully depleted come the end of December. If we take December delivery, what then? I may request January instead and take a 2014 model.

negarholger | September 23, 2013

You need your license plates and registration from the DMV before you can apply... that takes about 4 weeks.

Roamer@AZ USA | September 23, 2013

Go 85. What will do a lot will do a little. Not worth having range anxiety.

Tesla also recommends you not charge the batteries full unless you need to. With the 85 its easier to charge to the lower level and be kind to the batteries.

Also the Super Charger network is based on a 200 mile range. You will need an 85 to get anywhere using the supercharger network.

Roamer@AZ USA | September 23, 2013

From the Owners Manual.

Two charge levels
• By default, Model S
charges to the
level, which provides the
fastest charging time and
maximizes the life of the
Battery by charging it to
less than its full capacity.
• To drive as far as possible,
change the charge level
to MAX RANGE. Although
this setting charges the
Battery to full capacity,
using it frequently reduces Battery life.