Quick question on Deposits

Quick question on Deposits

Good day!

I placed an order for my first tesla and had a quick question on the deposit, hopefully you guys can shed some light on it.

When I placed my order on the car, I put a 5k for the deposit. I misplaced the breakdown I got from the rep when I made the order, so I just wanted to ask you guys if the deposit was already computed in when I did the calculations on the design studio or not. From what I understand is that it's only refundable if you decide to cancel, but I wasn't sure if it was counted as a downpayment (along with the tax credits). The configuration I made showed 1421$/month on the design studio. I was wondering if the monthly will go down because of the deposit ( Not including the sales/registration tax as well as financing rates).

I'm a little new to this and honestly it's the first car I decided to buy since I moved here. So sorry in advance for the stupid question.
Thank you in advance!

herkimer | May 1, 2013

Your deposit applies to the purchase of your car, yes. If you cancel before you sign the purchase agreement, your deposit is fully refundable. If you cancel after your car goes into production, you will probably lose your deposit.

Brian H | May 1, 2013

The deposit is not pre-deducted on the screen price. It counts as part of your payment.

mkidding | May 2, 2013

notice that the monthly payment is based on a 10% down, which your 5k deposit would contribute to :)

Brian H | May 2, 2013

Usually more than half.