quite a week…

quite a week…

1. tesla makes a GAAP & non-GAAP profit
2. not making the 40's
3. 40 reservation holders get 60's software limited
4. all Model S have SC hardware - option is really just a software enable
5. there is now a leasing program
6. center console shows up on the options list
7. Performance package for $6500 (stiff suspensive and wider rear tires)

hmmmm - it keeps getting interesting - but there is a wiff of struggle…

olanmills | April 2, 2013

I wish they would let me upgrade to a performance motor and inverter for $6500 (or less preferably). I can dream.

highfalutintodd | April 2, 2013

I would say that starting up a brand new car company qualifies as a "struggle," yes.

EJH | April 2, 2013

In my opinion, the 40's never did make sense on the car. They were ferocious value, but were not likely to be something that you would be happy to buy and hold.
Leasing and financing programs have always produced more revenue for the manufacturer than the revenue FROM the manufacturing, and therefore, if you can afford to, it makes sense to participate in the financing.
For a young company, Tesla is growing up quickly.
(Word of caution: Beware of Bankers)

torst1 | April 2, 2013

7. Performance package for $6500 (stiffer suspension and wider rear tires)

When I go to "MyTesla" I see that I have the option to add this performance package. And if I do add it the red mark on the active air suspension turns grey.

So what does that mean? Can I have Performance package with the active air suspension or will the Performance package mean I do not have active air suspension?

There are lots of ways to insure stiffer suspension and less body rolls. One way is to tighten up all linkage in suspension - often done by adding those small suspension bushes made from Polyurethane rather then those standard soft rubber ones that often ship with a car.

Polyurethane Bushes

I struggle to understand if this Performance Package is like a complete set of coilovers, or if Tesla will tighten the active air suspension? While I enjoy speeding blitzing fast at curvy roads as much as the next guy I also learned to value everyday comfort - and I thought I was making the right choice by choosing active air suspension - cause those will let med choose a mode that suits my mood or driving style.

Seeing this performance package I am not sure what to go for.
Maybe if someone understand what Tesla means by "Performance package" you could explain this to me - like you would explain it to a 4 year old child.

torst1 | April 2, 2013

Btw I don't see no center console as an option for the 85P? If there is one where is it hidden?

negarholger | April 2, 2013

CC is there as an option - coming soon. No price yet

DouglasR | April 2, 2013

Active Air Suspension has always been included with the Performance model. I don't see why this would change with the Performance Plus.

Lou in SoCal | April 3, 2013

I may be wrong but I don't believe the 40kwh's will get the supercharger hardware. I thought I heard that only the 60kwh's will.

tylerhen | April 3, 2013

40s are 60s, therefore they get supercharger hardware

L8MDL | April 3, 2013

Given the discussions in this thread, it is clear that Tesla has a great deal of work ahead to communicate with customers just what the h++l they are selling. If commenters on this board are confused, what does that say about the general public? And then they say you can buy one for $500/month, which really turns into over $1000 when the numbers are crunched, unless of course you can write the S off as a business expense and drive about a thousand miles a week, earning over $100 an hour (and who with that profile would need any help with s purchase?). No wonder the stock is down 7% today.

Brian H | April 3, 2013

Re the stock:
Ever heard the adage 'buy on rumor, sell on news'? The expectation that drives prices up is always deflated a bit as some speculations are disappointed and by profit-taking.