Randomly appearing/disappearing speaker icon

Randomly appearing/disappearing speaker icon

It may have been there before but I just noticed it today, for the first time.


However, last night I updated to 2018.36.2 and now there is a new icon that (seemingly) randomly appears on the screen directly below the AP icon.  I can tap the icon and and X goes over it to indicate muted and tap it again to turn off the mute.  I was not using Nav at the time so not sure what it does, but taping it had no impact on the stereo or its volume.


Here is a picture of it >


Anyone else noticed this icon or know what it is all about?  Like I said it has just randomly appeared and vanished a few times today.

Autom≡lon | September 21, 2018

It's the parking assist audible chime indicator. Toggling the icon will mute/unmute the chime.

charles.a.braun | September 21, 2018

Interesting. Thanks for the info. For the record I have only used PA 2 or 3 times as I find that it is much too slow and I can park myself in a quarter of the time. Plus I was driving, though stopped when it came up on the screen. There were also no parking spots observed while the icon was present as we can see by there being no (P) on the screen as the same time as the speaker icon.

CharleyBC | September 21, 2018

@charles.a.braun, I have 36.2 scheduled to install tonight, so I'm admittedly guessing, and adding to what Automelon wrote. While you don't have the P in your photo, you do have a grey squiggly line in front of your bumper. Our car makes increasingly urgent chimes as it gets closer to objects. (This happens most often when tucking the car into the garage, and the grey lines turn yellow and red with increasing proximity.) So my guess is the new speaker icon lets you turn such chimes off and on.