Range decrease if carrying an automobile camper

Range decrease if carrying an automobile camper

I’m wondering how the range of a model S will be decrease if model S is carrying an automobile camper. Has anyone experience with that ?
Will the supercharger distance in Europe allow to travel with a automobile camper. This may be interesting specially for Dutch people.

Timo | January 24, 2014

Model S is not designed to tow anything. You can't get a model with towing hook.

Model X might have one. Or not.

Frank.B.Smith | January 26, 2014

Is it possible mauer is referring to a clam shell container that goes on the car roof for carrying camping gear?

With the rear seats folder down is there enough room to sleep in the back of a MS? I know some other hatchbacks offered tent like add-ons that converted the open hatch into a tent.

grega | January 26, 2014

Someone recently said they were travelling around the country, and occasionally stopped at caravan parks - they folded down the back seats and slept comfortably in the back of the car while the car charged overnight. .

There was also a picture referenced to TMC on this site a few months ago with a tent that the owners had found that was reasonably easy to attach to the back of their Tesla. The back door was up and held up one side of the tent. The seats folded down became their bed.

Ahh found it:

Brian H | January 26, 2014

Ya, the Tentsla!

Timo | January 27, 2014

With EV you can keep car running with that setup. I wouldn't recommend trying that same with ICE.

D*mn, I was thinking getting GenIII (smaller car is more convenient to my daily use), but seeing that I'm again considering Model S. I would love to make a road trip with camping gear.

caolivieri | January 27, 2014

Here is one example:

Timo, Most cars are not designed to tow, doesn't stop people from doing it. I have seen many cars that should not have a hitch pulling medium trailers with 2 motorcycles or similar sized cargo. I wouldn't do it with a car that has an automatic transmission but given the Model S' power and single gear transmission, there is no problem.

Timo | January 27, 2014

You need that towing hook installed. Not a job for joe average. I'm also not sure how Model S aluminum frame handles that extra drag, so I would hesitate installing it. Strain might not be obvious immediately.

mauer | January 28, 2014

I personally do not plan to use a hook. I just was wondering if the extra consumption is taken into account to determine the grid density of Superchargers. This will be really important for Dutch people. In the Netherlands approx. each third car have a towing hook. Dutch people would be disappointed if they could not use their Tesla for going on holydays with their campers. Means no compromise at all! The Tesla density in the Netherlands is pretty high. Maybe we’ll got to see some Dutch Teslas carrying a camper across Europe this summer 

Timo | January 28, 2014

Weight of the camper (caravan for US) is not an big issue (Model S weigh about two tons itself), but I have yet to see camper that is aerodynamic or small (frontal area is part of the equation) so aerodynamic drag of those is significant. If I would have to guestimate, I would say that your range drops to about half of what it would be without camper at 80km/h. So about 150 miles +-25 miles.

(note, this is pure guess from my part, no data to back it up).

just an allusion | January 30, 2014


That is just effing AWESOME!!!

It'll be even easier once the Model X is rolled out, if not eliminate the need for a "tentsla" altogether, but you've gotta give people the nod for boundless ingenuity...Just awesome!!