Range reduction over 6 months

Range reduction over 6 months

I know the battery capacity is lower in cold weather but I don't think that is the whole story. I'm here in the bay area of California. Overnight temps have been dipping into the 40's and the occasional 30's but for the most part lately we've seen 50's. My 80% charge is now down to 230 miles. When I first got the car it would hit 248 every time. I've got about 5k miles on the car. I did a full charge about a month ago and got 305 miles. I didn't think that was too bad. Now if the math holds, 230 miles @80% means my full charge would be 287.5 - that is concerning!

Can someone from the bay area that charges their Model 3 at night tell me what they are getting for their charging?

gmr6415 | January 12, 2019

It could simply be calibration. Run it down to 5% and then full charge a couple times in a row. It should recalibrate.

007bond | January 12, 2019

Agreed no matter where you are if you always charge to 80% it will get out of calibration. Some say 5% but I have found under 20% good and at least up to 100 once and then if you check the other thread you will find that charging under 90% leads to your issue. Highly debated subject so just do your own research and make your own determination with your car. Personally I can find no valid proven reason to charge to less than 90% and when I have tried lover it throws things off.

M3BlueGeorgia | January 12, 2019

6 months and no range reduction.

However, winter does reduce your effective range, as does high speed cruising and aggressive driving.

shannon.lgrizzly | January 12, 2019

Thanks for the tip. I'll try a couple of deep discharge/charge cycles and see what happens. That was the reason I did a full charge a month ago. I ran it down (I don't remember how far) and then charged to full. Didn't have an effect but this time I'll try it at least twice.

Mike UpNorth | January 12, 2019

Change the display from the miles remaining to a percentage. Problem solved

rxlawdude | January 12, 2019

Over a year and 18,000 miles and no range reduction at all here. SoCal, but been through a hot summer roadtrip and five days in sub-freezing this past New Year's.

steve | January 12, 2019

I live in the Bay Area too and I charge nightly and drive ~70mi./day ~4 days a week commute and I'm getting 279mi charge and have since I bought the car in late Aug. 2018. This video (skip the product pitch) has some info that might be helpful. Btw, I'm at ~7K miles now.

shannon.lgrizzly | January 16, 2019

Charged at the Mother Ship today. Started at 36 miles and finished at 298 (100%). So either I've lost a bit of range or the gauge is still off it's calibration. I'll run it down again and recharge to see what I get.

StatsApp | January 16, 2019

The loss of range is modest but it is steepest at the beginning and then flattens out after ~5k miles.
My model 3 is still too new (less than a month), but here is a graph that shows the loss of range for my Oct. 2018 model S:

SpeedyEV | January 16, 2019

I too live in the Bay Area. My M3 is 6 months with 7K miles. It still charges up to 279mi at the 90% setting.

vmulla | January 16, 2019

Almost a year and 30.5K on the odo, no range loss yet.
It has to be calibration.