Ranger questions

Ranger questions

I'm a little confused about how the Rangers work.

Example 1: Let's say I have no service plan whatsoever, and no intention to pay for any annual service, but the car needs a warranty repair. (A creaky roof or door handles that don't work, say.) Will a ranger come and get it? For free, or only if I pay $100, or not at all?

Example 2: Now let's say I am willing to pay $600/year for service, but do not sign up for an actual plan. Same question: will Rangers come for warranty issues? Or will they come just to do the annual service itself (I assume plus a $100 charge)?

Example 3: Let's say I get a prepaid annual service plan, with prepaid ranger service. Will a Ranger come if it's a warranty issue, and not an annual service appointment? And will that be free since I prepaid the ranger service? In other words, any time there's anything wrong with the car whatsoever, or if it needs to go into service for any reason, if I get the prepaid service plan with prepaid ranger service, will they come to get it for free?

Last question: is any of this affected by how close my car is to a service station at the time it needs service? I ask because in one location I'll mostly keep the car, I'm relatively close to a service station, but both my wife and I work and realistically would have a very hard time taking it for service, ever. Whereas, in another likely spot I'll visit often, I'm probably 150 miles from a service station. Will rangers come in either instance?

Actual last question: What does any of this have to do with emergency roadside assistance? If the car just stops functioning mid road-trip?

Thanks for your help!

noel.smyth | May 15, 2013

I have the standard service plan (not ranger service) and today I had a ranger come to my work for a warranty fix... very nice service... well done

David Trushin | May 15, 2013

Let me take a stab at this and others can comment.

if you have a ranger come to service your car at your home and do not have the service plan including ranger visits, it will be $100 added on, whether the call is warranty or not. If you choose to not pay the 100 they will come and take your undriveable car to the service center, but that is not a ranger call. Nall work can be done by a ranger. I don't know if this is distance from the service center related.

Roadside service is different and is provided as part of the maintenance plan for free.