Ranger service plan no longer available for purchase

Ranger service plan no longer available for purchase

Per the new Tesla services page, ranger service is no longer available for purchase. You can still buy the extended service plans, but no longer can include ranger service. I wonder why?

LEvans | May 2, 2014

It was likely costing them too much time and expense...

When I buy a MS, I plan to take it in for service only every 2 years. I only put 10-12K miles a year and I don't think I need the annual inspection unless alignment is needed. Are the Model S vehicles more prone to alignment issues than your typical Mercedes?

I think the $600 every 2 years makes sense but given how little servicing is needed I'm not sure if the annual service makes sense at that price point. That's about how much it costs to service my E550 on some years and it has far more moving parts -- and some years the annual service cost is only about $300 when the "smaller" service is needed.

kamingcheng | May 2, 2014

The paragraph above the table says:
"Tesla is putting in place a valet service, so that your car is seamlessly picked up and replaced with a loaner and then returned as soon as we are done. There is no additional charge for this."

Apparently Ranger servicer is being folded into "regular" service, at no extra cost.

From Tesla's standpoint, regular and ranger might have similar costs. With "regular," Tesla needs to maintain a fleet of loaner vehicles, not the case with ranger.

brucect | May 2, 2014

Service is definitely needed more than once every 2 years. I think we all thought that would be the case, but it's not reality. Tires need to rotated every 5-6K miles at a minimum. Also, I purchased my car 2013. When I took it in for first service at 8K miles there were at least 10 upgrades that were performed in addition to tire rotation. Components were replaced that weren't even broken. Theoretically you do not need the service plan to make a warranty claim but technically I had no complaints and these were not warranty claims. This is a new vehicle concept. They are still working out the kinks. Going 2 years w/out anyone who is an expert on this tech looking at it seems risky to me. I wouldn't wait for a recall.

Brian H | May 2, 2014

Maybe TM is hitting a wall in getting enough qualified people to hire and train for the role! And when the E-Wave hits, the problem goes exponential.

jai9001 | May 2, 2014

I'm 310 miles from nearest service center.

They recently changed my annual service from ranger to pick up.
They are picking my car up, driving it to St. Louis, performing service, and then driving it back. I think its become too hard to perform most service calls locally. I'm happy with this change in strategy, despite being without the car for 3 days.

Captain_Zap | May 2, 2014

The ranger service was in place to take care of those that were thousands of miles from service center. Now that there are more service centers, there isn't as much of a need. We live close to a service center and we have ranger service. We got the ranger service just to subsidize the remote Tesla owner service.

Tesla appears to have outgrown the need for rangers.

NKYTA | May 2, 2014

@Zap, I think you nailed it...but I bet Rangers were a big expense, too.

AmpedRealtor | May 2, 2014

But owners paid extra for ranger service. Are those owners still entitled to ranger service, and if not, what happens to the extra money those owners paid for a service that has been discontinued?

Also, if you live 300 miles away from the nearest service center, do they at least flatbed your car back and forth, or do they physically drive your car those miles? Seems like a lot of potential for accident, rock damage, and not to mention the 600 round trip miles.

Has anyone with pre-paid ranger service been updated regarding this change, and what Tesla will do for the additional money that you paid for this service?

J.T. | May 2, 2014

@NKYTA It's an incredible waste of manpower to have a highly trained technician drive 3 hours to make an hour repair and then drive 3 hours back. I want that guy fixing cars, not driving a truck.

PhillyMomof4 | May 2, 2014

@Amped, my query exactly.

jai9001 | May 2, 2014


Tesla flatbeds your car to the service center. They have their own trucks to handle this type of service.

I imagine that some service centers (St. Louis in particular) have many remote clients and do this regularly. Probably less common in California. Remember there are no service centers in many states in the southeast.

NKYTA | May 2, 2014

@JT, yep! And even worse if he had to drive to an airport, board a plane, fly for an hour or two and then drive to the customers house.

LEvans | May 2, 2014

@brucect: I certainly see the need to rotate tires. I still think $600 each year is too much to maintain an EV. It should not cost more to maintain a Model S than it does to maintain my E550. I will likely just do the service visits every 2 years and then just do the tire rotations separately... I can change the wipers and cabin filter on my own as I do with my Mercedes. My only concern then would be alignment.

How much does Tesla charge just to check/do the alignment?

Mathew98 | May 2, 2014

TM charges $350 for alignments.

You can take the car to any reputable tire shops to rotate the tires for 50 bucks or less.

That annual service ($600) includes inspection, install service bulletins, replace hardware as necessary, and a peace of mind that someone knowledgeable will be taking care of your $100K baby.

AmpedRealtor | May 2, 2014

Annual service also includes battery coolant, brake fluid and air filter changes at regular intervals. Annual service also includes tire rotation, balancing, and a 4-wheel alignment. There is no need to pay extra for an alignment if you are paying for annual service.

Back to my question posted above... Some owners paid extra for ranger service, what happens to them?

Captain_Zap | May 2, 2014

@AR - I do not see any changes for the existing ranger service subscribers.

It just appears that they are no longer taking new subscribers.

hfcolvin | May 2, 2014

I have ranger plan and live about 125 miles from the service center. My first service, last summer, was done in my driveway. The 2 times since, including the annual service, involved a loaner delivery and car taken way to the service center. One of the services was for 12v battery replacement, so I was surprised they took it away, but used that opportunity to get the tires rotated.

I assumed the loaner/takeaway was the new standard for the Ranger program. I'm curious if those without the ranger plan get this same service. I think when the valet program was started, there was a limit of 50 miles on the loaner delivery.

mdemetri | May 2, 2014

I have the 4+4 plan with ranger service $100 per visit (i.e. extra charge for the ranger service and not the unlimited ranger plan). I just checked the agreement, which still lists this, so I still can get ranger service for $100. It just looks that in the new plans, ranger service is no longer provided even for $100.

newscutter | May 2, 2014

My car should enter production in the next 2 weeks. I still see the original plans under MyTesla (so I guess still buy in?)

Thing is--- without knowing what it means, I don't want to buy into a plan and find out after the fact that Ranger is now "standard".

Nearest Service Center is about 4 hours drive from my house, so this weighs a little heavily, not knowing what this means.

Sudre_ | May 2, 2014

jai9001 you should not be without a car for 3 days. They should be providing a loaner. I just had my car looked at and they brought me a loaner for the day. The St. Louis service center said they had plenty of loaners so it wasn't a problem.

oildeathspiral | May 2, 2014

"Optional Ranger Service" is listed as a $100 per visit option for each plan.

What has changed?

mdemetri | May 2, 2014

oildeathspiral - they have added another column that was not there this morning. The new column is "OPTIONAL RANGER SERVICE". This column was not there this morning.

Thus, all they have done is eliminate the unlimited ranger service. Not a bid deal, IMHO.

oildeathspiral | May 2, 2014

Thanks mdemetri. Perhaps it was added due to concerns raised on this thread and to serve as an example of Tesla's responsiveness. ;-)

AmpedRealtor | May 2, 2014

That's positive thinking!

PhillyMomof4 | May 3, 2014

@oildeathspiral, I agree with you that Tesla had to add it due to our growing concern.

tga | May 3, 2014

I still don't get the whole ranger service vs valet service thing.

I thought there was an upper limit on the number of miles from a service center to get valet service (I've heard 50), but jai9001 is getting valet service at 310 miles.

So is there a situation where valet service doesn't cut it and you need ranger service? If not, what is the point to paying for it? Just to keep _your_ car vs a loaner (which, apparently, may not be a Tesla)?

I wish Tesla would get their act together and clearly spell this out on the site.

Brian H | May 3, 2014

Probably TM and the local SC manager try to maximize benefit and customer satisfaction with the available personnel and financial and other resources available at any given time. The philosophy behind the instructions to the new execs in China is instructive: "Spend as much money as possible, as long as you don't waste it."

jai9001 | May 3, 2014


Loaners cannot leave the state of Missouri by law. The cars are registered and owned by Tesla and are not for sale. Very different strategy than other service centers.

I will be getting an Enterprise car for 3 days.

johncrab | May 3, 2014

They did something really smart. As the number of service centers grows, they lowered the overall price of the service contract and made Ranger service a $100 per occurrence option. It just makes more sense to centralize people, equipment, parts, etc., than to put it on the road. A service vehicle can't possibly deal with every eventuality, so as the service network grows, they're adding the valet service for those who can't for whatever reason visit a service center. Makes sense for time and materials efficiency.

Andrew_OH_70D | May 3, 2014

I purchased the Ranger Plan because, at the time, there were no Service Centers in Ohio. The closest Service Center was Chicago, over 5 hours away.

Now there are two Ohio Service Centers, so I really don't need the Ranger service anymore. In fact, when Service offers to come out, I've told them not to bother as I can just drive the car 45 minutes to drop it off. I'd rather they spend their time taking care of new owners.

SongWhistler | May 3, 2014

My model S is due for delivery May 28th. I planned to sign up for "service anywhere" with unlimited Ranger Visits since I live approximately 200 miles from nearest service center (which is in another state, Georgia) -- the availability of pre-paid support from Tesla in case of problems was an important hinge in my decision to buy.

When I encountered problems signing up on the web, I was advised by Ownership in an e-mail 4/30 that "the plan cannot be purchased until you have taken delivery of the vehicle."

So -- while I waited to sign up -- the plan vanished! Poof!

My Customer Rep in GA knew nothing about the change as of today, promises to investigate.

The Owner interpretations on this thread are reassuring in a general way ... But after one read through, I'm still pretty confused ... Would Tesla want to make two 400 mile round trips with flatbed to fix minor issues on the car? (One to pickup, one to return)? Would I have to pay for flat-bedding above a certain mileage? Customer Rep seems to be saying "no," service contract detail sentence on web IN BOLD seems to say yes.

Sorry to inflict all this detail on everybody -- I'm a little nervous about this big-for-me purchase! Hopefully all will be clarified by early in the week ...

Tâm | May 4, 2014


For additional cost, Ranger comes to you whether it is near or far. They can fix it on site or tow it.

Free Valet has a hidden limited radius (50 miles). They don't fix it on site.

Does this clear up any confusion?

romainiacWV | May 4, 2014

I bought the 4+4 unlimited plan Tesla has ferried my car 300 + RT several times. Even for some minor issues at times. Can say the service has been as described. Considering the distance they go to live the car, it's been impressive. Considering an X for the wife. Lack of unlimited plan is concerning. Knowing how many issues I've had with the car in first 10 months, I'd have at least $400-$500 in ranger fees if they were not included. That said, I understand the change. No way you could offer the type of service I have received on a larger scale. Putting $100 on the trip makes the owner have a stake in just how bad they need the repair done and when.

jai9001 | May 4, 2014

Why worry about ranger service when Tesla is willing to flatbed the car and pay for a rental for free?

They have decided that it is a better use of their highly skilled technicians time to be fixing cars and not traveling. They then are probably hiring drivers at a much lower pay rate to drive the cars back and forth to the service center.

In addition, this is a temporary problem until more service centers open. For example, the future Nashville service center is going to siphon off a lot of service required from a distance.

Tâm | May 4, 2014


WEBnNC's concern is in the service contract, when not covered by Ranger, the language is in bold:

"The cost (if any) of transporting Your Vehicle is not included in this Agreement and You are solely responsible for the cost of transporting Your Vehicle to the Tesla Authorized Service Center."

In practice, there is a blurry line in towing between Free Valet and Paid Ranger.

However, the official language has the option to charge you towing if you don't pay for Ranger.

Bighorn | May 4, 2014

If there's a warranty concern, there is no charge for a ranger visit. Ranger coverage is for service visits, which are compromised by the fact that they can't lift the car at your house. How this may have changed with this policy amendment is anybody's guess.

J.T. | May 4, 2014

One thing you can be certain of, we will find out soon.

SongWhistler | May 4, 2014

Thanks, Tam. My customer rep has been quick to get back to me in the past -- so I hope to know more soon. I've been impressed with what people say on here and TMC about how responsive Tesla has been in fixing any problems. But I've wondered if they could keep it up as more and more of these cars get on the road.

I'm still very sold on the Model S -- getting it will be my retirement event -- I'm planning a party & offering test drives that include a long, straight Interstate on-ramp! (Model S is still very rare up here in the mountains of Western NC).

Maybe I have to realize, if I drive it 200 miles to the service center a few times -- how bad can that really be? I will have the time. People love driving these cars.

David70 | May 4, 2014

I just had a ranger (he didn't call himself that) visit yesterday for the first time. He replaced the door handle (and assembly) on the front passenger door. He said it was the first time he'd seen such a failure in the newer model handles. The door would pop open (only out a few inches) as soon as the handles presented.

They (he and his partner) came from Bellevue to Cheney & Spokane. They were making a couple of deliveries (one of which was returning a car from its annual service) and fixing fixing my door handle problem. For the flatbed truck it involved a round trip of over 500 miles.

For my annual service, I'll drive to Bellevue though.

PhillyMomof4 | May 5, 2014

@WEBnNC, where in western NC are you? I go to Burnsville (30 miles NE of Asheville) every summer.

SongWhistler | May 6, 2014

PhillyM -- North Asheville -- probably within 5-10 minutes of your route!

I'm hoping to have my HPWC installed in maybe 3-4 weeks -- requires some rewiring & a new panel. You'd be welcome to use it, or just know about it for for an emergency backup charge. NEMA 14-50 going in next week...

People here who know cars are bowled over that I'm getting the Model S -- only a few have seen one. Meanwhile I'm in the nail-biting "did I make a sane decision" waiting-for-delivery phase. It would be great to meet a real Tesla owner! E mail me if you'd like to grab a cup of coffee on your way by --

rick | May 6, 2014

I confirmed today with LV Service Center the unlimited prepaid ranger visits is no longer being sold. Those who have it, like me who bought 8 years of unlimited, still have it and will continue to have it for the life of the contract purchased. Ranger service is still available to those that want it for $100 per visit, no unlimited.

rogershomework | November 6, 2014

Ranger service is still available to those that want it for $100 per visit, no unlimited.

What does the "no unlimited" mean? You can only use it so many times per year?

Captain_Zap | November 6, 2014

Unlimited Ranger service used to mean unlimited miles away from the Service Center for the Model S. Roadsters had to pay for miles in the past and they wanted to make that distinction. Sometimes Roadster owners in far away places would schedule their visits for the same time and they would all pitch in on the miles.

Also, it meant unlimited service visits at your home if the work could be done at your house. There are just too many cars now.

Captain_Zap | November 6, 2014

I think that they are trying to make it clear that the ranger service is per visit.

rjp | December 29, 2014

A little late to the party here, but for @WBnNC and any other owners with HPWC's who are willing to share them, please consider adding them to the Plugshare map at so we can all find them when planning road trips; especially in places like this which are pretty far from the nearest Supercharger.

Brian H | December 30, 2014

Fascinating issue: how much detour driving must you avoid to make it worthwhile to use an L2 instead of an L3 or SC? In some cases it's the only option, but there are a large # and % where you choose between waiting and driving, sometimes with a time penalty one way or the other.