RC Model 3 charity auction.

RC Model 3 charity auction.

As some of you mar have seen I have created a Tesla Model 3 body designed to fit on a high end hobby type RC car chassie. I have received a good deal of interest in this body at my local RC car race track over the last few months and when combined with the intense interest in the full sized Model 3 this got me thinking: would it be possible to put together a charity auction with one of these RC cars as a prize? Here's what I envision: a ready to race chassis with all required accessories such as controller, batteries and charger included and mated to one of my Model 3 bodies which not only includes working head/tail lights but has also been autographed by Elon Musk and many of the top engineers and/or directors responsible for making the full sized Model 3 a reality.

While I have done charity work similar to this before and have a pretty good handle on how to run it I am hoping someone can give me some guidance on how to get in touch with the right people at Tesla to get permission to auction off the Model 3 body (which is based their intellectual property) with chassis and to get said body autographed.

I see a real opportunity with this project to do some good for someone In need and couldn't live with my self if I didn't act. If there's anyone out there who knows who I should contact please let me know. I thank you in advance!


BigBird271 | June 6, 2017

I forgot to mention that all proceeds will go to the Autism Speaks foundation.

El Mirio | June 6, 2017

Great Idea!

Not sure how responsive their standard contact channels are (i.e. Marking Dept), if regular channels stall i would try to engage the folks which did the Kids Model S, they already have a communication channel open.

Maybe they would even want to participate and offer up a Kids Model S for auction.