Reactions from Model S Beta?

Reactions from Model S Beta?

I'm interested in reactions from ONLY those who have had first hand experience with the Beta vehicle (in person). Here's my story, and a related one, that sort of explains my reason for asking:

As I'd mentioned in another post I had been excited about this car for some time. However, what I may not have mentioned was that I was somewhat on the fence. That was until a good friend, and reservation holder, invited me to go with him to the Model S beta event at the factory in October. This journey is what made up my mind that I absolutely had to have this car. Shortly after they showed the car at a local Tesla dealer, and I took my wife and daughter, and they were equally excited about it as I was. So this is where it gets interesting...

The reservation holder I went with was not as impressed as I was. He rode in the rear seat, and I was in the front passenger. He commented that the fit and finish was not up to par, and that this car would never be competitive against BMW (he's a rather big fan). I explained that this was a Beta vehicle, not a production car, and was going to be a bit rough. This didn't sway him. In fact in a later conversation his wife mentioned seeing the car at the dealer and had the same unimpressed feeling her husband did, and proceeded to try to talk me into a BMW (not interested, thank you).

My concern is this. For people outside of any industry where they might have first hand experience with "beta" products, what they are, and what they can look like compared to the final production release, this may be confusing for some.

Your thoughts?

Robert.Boston | January 10, 2012

@kafahsholtz: Good points. There's a summary of these calcs that was put together here:

You can do customize calculations here:

gjunky | January 11, 2012

I saw the red beta at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas yesterday. The car was at the NVIDIA booth to showcase the use of a Tegra chip. There was some interview going on in the car and didn't get to sit in it (I went to the Oct 1st event so it wasn't such a big deal).

People were asking if this was a Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 chip. The answer was that it was currently a Tegra 2 and that they couldn't comment on the future.

There were at least three people from TM there. I talked with one of them and let him know I was a reservation holder. He was from the marketing department but wasn't the most helpful individual and didn't seem to care much about comments on this forum about the center console and other interior issues.

He stated that the car (not just the interior) was 90+% complete and that very few changes, if any were to be expected in the production version.

As other people have commented, the interior of this beta seemed to have been put together in a hurry. It is a beta and this is fine with me. I am merely pointing out that you could see stuff glued in there and that there was still a big keyed red switch on the driver side which I assume was a master kill switch.

I took some pictures with my phone but they are probably not worth posting because it was hard to get a good view with the crowd there.
BTW: There was also an electric DeLorean at the NRG booth.

Discoducky | January 11, 2012

@gjunky, Tegra 3 it is. An answer like that almost always means that it's in the works but the company doing the integrating wants to announce it themselves once they've had time to integrate and test.

Thanks for the great news!