Reactions from the Model X event

Reactions from the Model X event

Aside from the late start of the event, I was impressed with the features and look of the Model X. I was particularly interested in the focus on air quality inside the car. For me this indicates that Tesla is willing to pursue features that customers may not be aware the want. I imagine the focus on safety and health will be the hallmark of the car.

Post your reactions.

ernie | September 30, 2015

Like the look of the front end...even in white as opposed to naysayers on the "other" forum.
Safety over the top.
Seating...still a little fuzzy
Doors outstanding.
Air quality will be a welcome feature, a little more spendy to keep up with filter changes.
Overall look much better than I thought it would be.
Reservation stands.

There is still no excuse for not starting on time. Makes them look amateurish and more features such as inside shots would have been appreciated. So, no "aside" for continues to rankle.

TonyInNH | September 30, 2015

I was really hoping for the full release of the specs at this point rather than the handful on the Model X page. As an example there have been rumors that the X will have a single 60A charger and not support a second. I would have liked verification on that and other things.

As for the tardiness, that's the second time in a row an event has been considerably delayed, really no excuse for it.

Though I did not attend the event I understand it was overcrowded, which is only exacerbated by the long delay.

diegoPasadena | September 30, 2015

I, too like the new front end and am hoping for that concept to carry over to the Model 3. The nose cone of the Model S hints at the ICE's grill and might have been a smart thing to include, because it made the car's design less "shocking" to a visually conservative market.
Now, three years into the Model S's life, Tesla has established itself as its own force, and I think we no longer need those nods to tradition but can move forward. The Model X nose does that quite elegantly.

hdgmedic | September 30, 2015

I'm just glad the forum is back up. It was offline for near 18 hours. It began right at the (proposed) start of the reveal event. Weird timing.....

sra | September 30, 2015

I expect we will have full specs shortly.

carlk | September 30, 2015

If you want a spaceship Elon certainly did not deliver. Otherwise this is by far the best and coolest SUV on the planet. It's not just my fanboy reaction but pretty much everyone of the dozen or so aricles on the internet or newspaper say. I'm more than happy with it and the reservation certainly stands.

BTW few, if any, in those first impression reviews even mentioned 2nd row seat or the nose cone which if you read this forum may appear to be the only reasons people buy or not buy an SUV. Everyone is talking about the foremost the performance and also the comfort and incorporated technologies. Things we took for granted but are actually more important reasons why people like this car.

Captain_Zap | September 30, 2015

I hope they don't carry over the look of the front end to the Model 3. I think they can do much better. I don't find it attractive. It probably will not need to carry it over because the front end won't have to be so tall.

I wish they kept the distinctive DRLs of the Model S. I thought that was going to be like a trademark.

I expected a much more attractive front end, but it is a crossover/SUV and harder to work with.

I like the biohazard button. Nice touch.

I understand the significance of the self opening front door for those that have kids or packages to manage but, it seems a bit over the top.

The doors are awesome.

hcwhy | September 30, 2015

I wonder if the rear seats have retractable armrests. Anyone know?

Tropopause | September 30, 2015


Captain Zap, I do see DRL' S on the X. Do you mean they are of a different design then model S?

logicalthinker | September 30, 2015

Admittedly IDK why they were not coordinated to start on time. I even saw a twittered pic of them still setting up the stage when people came in.

I wouldn't be all angry like some people, but conversely I really think the world's best company ought to start on time.

Remnant | September 30, 2015

@ Captain_Zap (September 30, 2015)

<< I like the biohazard button. >>

However, does it mean the cabin becomes airtight?

It should, I reckon, because if the first gulp of infected air doesn't kill you, the second just might.

logicalthinker | September 30, 2015

Personally I think the Model X looks FAR better with its front end so crisp and clean.
The panoramic windshield is amazing.
The falcon doors are mindblowing.

logicalthinker | September 30, 2015

I think the cabin is airtight except for the massive huge air filter...

sra | September 30, 2015

3rd row seats can fold down. Can 2nd row be moved forward to get more rom for bulky things?

Tropopause | September 30, 2015

The cabin cannot be completely airtight. As with airplanes, there must be an outflow valve however positive pressure prevents anything from trickling in through crevices.

Remnant | September 30, 2015

I noticed a middle rearview mirror, on the windshield.

With two side rearview mirrors, and a middle rearview camera, the inside mirror is clearly redundant and even disruptive.

Is it required, by any chance?

carlgo | September 30, 2015

Not exactly the Steve Jobs/Apple presentation! It really isn't charming anymore. An hour late without explanation on the web site is just bad.

Love the looks of the car, much nicer than the mules, even from the rear quarter. You know what they say about photographing or painting animals: never from the rear (human starlet types are a different kind of animal).

Like the look of the front. I think it will look even better on the street in the company of other cars. My prediction is that grills, now emphasized, will be minimized even on ICE cars. Makes Audis and other copiers of the gigantic grill look seem old fashioned to me now.

Really needs front falcon doors as well.

Will have to drive it to see if the ginormous windshield was really necessary.

Really is a fantastic car, now perhaps the best you can buy.

grant10k | September 30, 2015

@Remnant "With two side rearview mirrors, and a middle rearview camera, the inside mirror is clearly redundant and even disruptive.

Is it required, by any chance?"

It is, because the rear view camera doesn't count, and it's not turned on all the time.

Plus the mirror inside the car is good for seeing passengers and stuff in the back.

Thirdly, I think that's where the front view camera is.

David N | September 30, 2015

Reaction, Just my observation,

Safety….. #1….if indeed it is the only SUV to get 5 Star ratings in all categories, that itself will be a huge selling point for anyone interested in their safety and their families safety. I'm glad they showed a picture of crash results for comparison purposes. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
Hopefully the Autopiot functions as promised ad hopefully better than other competitors. We'll see.

Performance….#1…. no other SUV even comes close.

Out of this world roof…..#1…… all other manufacturers are left scratching their heads.

Air Quality inside. …….#1…….mind blowing. It probably means more to those in smog filled areas than those in other areas. But none the less, it is leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else. To be honest, I've never heard of a manufacturer emphasizing this aspect. Time will tell if it is a non-issue or if it is a genuine concern.

Braking……#1…….should best every other SUV out there.

Handling….#1…….again, should beat every other SUV out there.

Acceleration….#1……..nothing needs to be said here. Again, other manufacturers probably have no clue how to address this.

Appearance………nice, but there other other nice looking SUV's. Totally subjective to each individual. But Tesla did do a nice job. Does have a touch of futuristic to it.

Falcon Doors……….definetly way cool. practical? not sure yet. The doors might be fine for the 2nd and 3rd row passengers, but if parked very close, how are the front occupants supposed to get out?, remember, they have "regular" doors.

Auto open drivers door……..not sure the purpose in this. Seems like a gimmick.

Towing……….a must have option

Seats…………..lets let actual owners use determine this.

Overall………… should be a real winner.

Congratulations to Elon and the Tesla team.

hcwhy | September 30, 2015

I find the rearview camera a bit nauseating when I'm going forward. I'd miss the rearview mirror a lot.

NumberOne | September 30, 2015

As far as the clean air feature I think it is great. Most people do not live in Wyoming or the Dakotas etc. Just a simple fact. Cities are where more people live and where pollution is worse, and where Bio Defense Mode might actually help you.

Nic727 | September 30, 2015

Personnaly, I'm not a fan of SUV or big car/van in general, but I have to say that the Model X look awesome.

Good job Tesla ;)

NumberOne | September 30, 2015

Also, regarding the air quality inside. Ever got stuck behind a vehicle spewing out thick black crud that you breath in, or drive pas something smelling really bad? This should be a thing of the past now!

socalsam | September 30, 2015

Frankly the event was a fail in my opinion.

-Not because they started late- they should not have and really is no excuse for starting late.

-Not because Elon was unprepared and a horrible public speaker- lets face it - he sucked and was fumbling and mumbling. But he is Elon and there is a certain charm to his presentation style so people will forgive him for the stuttering and lack of preparedness.

-Not because the whole event was orchestrated poorly- the car just rolls out while he is in mid sentence and he has to walk over and close the door- wtf??

The event was a fail because people have just a little better information about the car today than they did before the event.

Do you know what your car will cost? Do you know what options you can get? Do you know when your car will be delivered? Its almost October and there is still no design studio live!

The fact that they rolled out 5 cars to insiders shows how far they are behind schedule and it leads to me believe that my reservation # of 12xxx has no chance in getting a car in the next 12 months. The only reason that deliveries were done on stage to venture capitalists and people like Sergey Brin is so that they can claim to have kept their timeline of 3rd quarter deliveries.

The car is a nice looking car- I think it looks best in black. The falcon doors are cool. The front end is weird but I can live it it. The power is great. But unfortunately for people like me, we have to move on. The launch event did nothing to give me more information on whether I can expect a car anytime soon and I just don't have the luxury of waiting anymore.

Very disappointed in their delivery schedule. They are 2 years delayed (the X was first introduced in 2013) and it doesn't look like they are ready to ramp up production anytime soon. Sad that it was such a wasted opportunity for them.

Tesla should take a lesson from Apple. Do an event - be on time - showcase a good product and be ready to launch it and delivery soon after.

Andercam | September 30, 2015

+1 socalsam
I agree with everything you said.
I also think they fell short.

It would've been nice to know if the rear windows go down rather than several minutes spent on an air filter. Has anyone seen a picture with the rear windows down?

Frank.B.Smith | September 30, 2015

I wish they would have said what the range is when towing a full sized camper. If the range is so low that it can't make it to the next Super Charger it is not worth it.

rdalcanto | September 30, 2015

Another +1 socalsam. In general, I'm happy with the car, but a lot more information and interior pictures would have been nice. It also goes against Tesla's core mission of sustainable transport if we have to buy a pickup truck, or buy an ICE SUV (as the kool-aid drinkers on the forum keep saying) in addition to (or instead of) the Model X only because the second row doesn't have a hinge which would allow it to fold so that the car would have more UTILITY. I, along with every SUV owner I know, will occasionally fold the second row to carry something big home from the store. That is half the reason we buy large vehicles and not just 2 seater sports cars (the other reason being to carry more people). I predict that Tesla has already realized their major mistake, and will have a folding second row in under 12 months that will outsell the seats they showed last night.

Gayatrikr | September 30, 2015

1992 i saw taxis in tokyo opening the rear passenger door automatically by some mechanism under the driver side dash
Ever since then and especially after the minivans' auto sliding door and suv hatches i always wondered why no one ever came up with automatic front doors ofcourse who else would address that other than the one and only Elon Musk my hats off to this man who has put famed german cars on guard
America stands proud in the automotive industry world today because of Elon Musk

Gayatrikr | September 30, 2015

2013 ms 60
Mx res 17816

davidgeller | September 30, 2015

Waiting for the smaller battery and hoping something closer in price to the low-end Model S is available before xmas (I'm #4799 or something like that). Though, after looking at the doors and other elements, like the windshield, this is clearly not the family mover I thought it would be and fear we may never see relatively decent pricing. It's more like a four-door luxo mover for parents ferrying their kids to equestrian camp and boarding school. Beautiful car, but not sure it's going to justify $30K more than the next best option from Volvo or Audi.

Regarding the Falcon Wing doors - the demo was fantastic. I now have hope that they'll work in our small garage. Impressive engineering. Hope they're well made and reliable. | September 30, 2015

@hcwhy "retractable armrests?" No.

@socalsam - "Two years late?" - The 2013 prototype was just that, a prototype. Tesla never said it was going to deliver cars immediately when they showed the prototype. Every car company puts out prototypes, and it typically takes 3 years to get it to production and out to buyers.

Was the event perfect, no, but it was fun and entertaining. I'd much rather have an event like Teslas that wasn't run through 10 focus groups and committees until it's left with a bunch of useless marketing fluff. Does any other car company invite buyers to such a rollout? These kind of rollouts are usually reserved for the press and no one else.

socalsam | September 30, 2015


I appreciate the spin on the fact that you don't think they are late in delivering the car but the car was unveiled on February 9, 2012. Initial deliveries were promised for early 2014. Its now late 2015 and other than Elon Musk and his 5 friends, no other deliveries have been made and it doesnt appear that deliveries will occur anytime soon.

So no- not quite 2 years but close enough. Ive had my deposit hoping for a car for over a year. Many others have been waiting longer.

Spin it however you want- they delivered a grand total of 5 cars before their deadline of end of Q3. I could care less what other car companies do. I had put my money and faith in getting a car as promised by Tesla and it doesnt appear to be happening. Im not complaining as Ill just have to get something else but my post was in response to the question about my reaction to the Tesla event.

The event was a fail. I don't know how anyone else can see it any other way because the idea of a launch event is to actually launch the car. Dont know anyone on this forum that has actually gotten theirs. Have you?

dsulman | September 30, 2015

+1 true.

Tesla touting an SUV with a hitch, should come out with something cool.. Like partner up with a company that creates a Tesla like full-size camper..

What does it have:
1. solar panel capable, to charge your car on the go.
2. battery pack, to assist with the longer range and weight issue.
3. maybe electric motors on the wheels.
4. Other kewl options that blow everyone's mind.
5. there is a market for it.

Presentation was great, however they need to be better prepared on the important details... Like pricing, just to name one... There are others...

Everyone should remember that Tesla is a new company and with the products that they are releasing to market (which are leaders in their classes), they can only get better.

Give them some time, they will work out the kinks...

Gayatrikr | September 30, 2015

Dsulman grt idea

jacksiart | September 30, 2015

We went to the D event in Hawthorne last year hoping we would hear something about the X. We had to wait hours before the event started and we were disappointed that we heard nothing about the X then.

Fast forward to last nights event and it looked like a repeat with the delayed start and false starts regarding who was invited, opening it up at the (almost) last minute and then closing it down again with no regard for the loyal folks that laid down serious money a very long time ago. We were so glad we didn't travel to Fremont.

I've seen this movie before, very smart (maybe genius) technology engineers thinking they don't need Marketing or advertising to sell their product. They seem to think everyone will "get" what they get. (I have been a technology early adopter since the 1970's). Yes, the car looks to be much better than it needs to be - even revolutionary. But it is just common decency to treat your customers with respect and to communicate to them the product basics (i.e., Price, Availability, Features, etc.)

TonyInNH | September 30, 2015

It would have been nice if they addressed the discrepancies from earlier reports, such as OPTIONAL 3rd row seats, 2nd row fold down seats, and multiple battery options. I have a reservation # in the low 9000's which probably puts me at 1st quarter 2016 and I'm hoping they give some indication of options by then. I'd hate to pull the plug on a purchase only to find out later that I could have saved a few grand.

Gayatrikr | September 30, 2015

I custom ordered a suburban 11/16/2010 got the vehicle 1/3/2011
Inbetween had a customer service number to call and check the status which they might as well have not had as it was pointless conversation
The website status check albeit there was equally useless
This from a model that has been churning it out for 75 straight years
The dealer didnt have a clue either
Gm has been around for how long and they dont have their act together
Or probably dont wish to
The dealer has been around for over a decade
In all this an important factor of the tesla business model is nail biting suspense building
I go to disney year after year and wonder why they cant solve their never queue

Gayatrikr | September 30, 2015

...never *ending* queue....

socalsam | September 30, 2015

"Give them some time, they will work out the kinks..."

I keep reading the above line in one form or another over and over again- that Tesla is young, they are inexperienced so that they should be given a pass on incompetence.

Sorry guys- you need to stop doing that. If Tesla was giving their products at a discount then the above would have merit. They are not. They are charging a premium for their products and they should be held to the same standard as a mature company.

Its not an excuse to say they are young so they can delay the start by an hour.

Its not an excuse to say they are new so they can be years delayed in launching their car.

They held over 100 million in deposits with no interest, no consideration for the people- they need to perform.

rossRallen | September 30, 2015

I was there. It was an organizational disaster. Stood in crowded lines and in the "reception area" with 2,500 others (my guess) from 6:15 until 8:50 when Elon started speaking. I peeked around the curtain and he was rehearsing at about 7:15. Crowd management was awful, parking in the original lots in A St. was chaotic: we were let in at 6:10 and stuck in the car while 100's who had been bussed from remote lots walked in ahead. The reception area was hot, noisy, and full of pounding music. Then, at 8:30 (30 minutes late), a bum's rush to the presentation area for more packed-in pleasure. No one in charge of crowd or traffic knew anything. If I had known how disorganized and chaotic it would be, I wouldn't have gone. The event on the Internet was so much better. Some people were watching the video stream on their phones because they couldn't see over the crowd.

We were packed so tightly that I couldn't clap without raising my hands above my head. So, I smiled a lot and yelled "woo-hoo!" at appropriate times.

The terrible event and time management makes me wonder if Tesla devotes any resources to giving attendees a good experience. 2,500 people kept waiting for hours. (There was a hosted bar.). They could have had a VIP reception for SigX holders; there could have been less people and more interaction. All things considered, it was like Black Friday at Walmart.

So, I got within 100' of Elon's X and then said "OK, we're outta here!" They announced that there were too many people on the stage looking at the X for safety. Never inspected or test drove an X: the lines at 9:30 for that were—after all that had gone before—just too much for this old rooster. I hoped that @ken would preservere. I failed you in my mission to discover and document.

I thought there might be Tesla employees who could answer questions about the on-board charger, HPWC for an X—if there is one—and other technical issues. Nothing.

Elon deftly sidestepped the middle row seat issue, so I'll be interested if @ken or anyone reports.

I did get a souvenir X print with design sketches. I'll frame it.

I went with high expectations and left tired and frustrated. No disappointment with what Tesla achieved in the X, just enough of the crowds and noise. Nice to see Elon in person, even from 100'.

FelixMendeldog | September 30, 2015

And just how in the hell do you know guys know there was no excuse for starting late?

TonyInNH | September 30, 2015

Simple, because there is none. This is the big leagues and it's not like it's the first time they were really late starting an event.

jdb | September 30, 2015

Actually makes me like Tesla Motors more, though glad I did not attend. Something a little endearing about startup company without huge PR presence flubbing presentation, even though in my opinion world class vehicle as to which I intend to complete purchase as soon as invited to configure (production reservation somewhere in 600's). Have had enough of slick public relation events by major auto makers with awful products. Am sure VW put on great events when introducing their clean diesel cars.

socalsam | September 30, 2015


To me, Tesla is as slick as they come with marketing. Have you read Elons tweets? "The end of range anxiety" - thats about as slick as you can make it.

"The second row seats are a sculptural work of art" really? They appear to be seats in a n SUV that don't fold down.

Im sorry- they put on a very "slick" event which was poorly executed. What would have been endearing to me would be to make the design studio live so people can actually see if they want to buy the car based on options and pricing.

the fact that we are into October almost and no one knows when their car will be coming and what options they can get is as slick as it gets cause Tesla still has hundreds of millions in deposits.

ageorge97 | September 30, 2015

Confirmed my sig res. The X looks great to me.

VAF | September 30, 2015

I haven't really been following the entire Model X saga so my knowledge of the X is limited. Based on the original pic on the website and some of the photos of the prototype, I really wasn't expecting to have anything but a neutral reaction. As a side note, I'm new to the Tesla family and have had a P85D since February and love it. However, after watching the presentation, I was fairly impressed. The thought of having a Model S on steroids that can handle the horrible freeways and potholes of southern CA is really appealing. My lease is up in just over 2 years and initially I thought I was just going to buy out my S. I may have a change of heart. It will be fun to see how the car evolves over the next 2 years.

ageorge97 | September 30, 2015

socalsam, honestly you seem like a whinny Millennial who has been helicoptered your whole life. Yes it's a startup yes, the event started late and the cars are late. But guess what it looks like a great car just like my S ( and who knew about that) but there is risk (gee who knew) Musk effectively risked his whole nut on this stuff. Go buy a Ford which you can count on letting you down man.

PhillyGal | September 30, 2015

I wasn't a fan of the front end at all.
Was also pissed that I set napped from 10-11 EST, then wasted 30 minutes awake before giving up and going to bed.

And I was really sad that only 90 kwh was mentioned but Elon since tweeted about less expensive versions.

But the rest? Fantastic!

* Air filters
** Windshield
** Side collision assistance (avoidance?)
** Easy/stylish bike/ski rack
*** Door execution
*** Speed and range specs

socalsam | September 30, 2015


thanks for the nice post. appreciate your kind comments.

AlMc | September 30, 2015

I flew in from the east coast last night to attend the event. TM had time to plan the event and execute excuse for not starting on time.

My impression of the presentation was good. I wish there were more details about the some of the functions ( ex.:what level of AD would it come out with and would it be prewired for upgrades as they became available...unlike the S)and specifications (linear rear storage space). The safety and performance of this vehicle is second to none.

While I was 99% convinced that what we all knew to be true about the second row seats (they do not fold) the 1% in me wanted a 'wow' moment that they did. Another gentleman and I measured the length of the 'flat storage' area with the second seat in it normal position...50" and with the second row pulled forward (an thus unuseable) of 60".

In my household this was to be my wife's vehicle to replace a RR Sport.

This will be the best SUV available for many people but not for us. It moves people safely and quickly. But it lacks the utility she needs.

To many it will seem trite that we will cancel our SigX reservation that we have held for over two years because of this lack of utility. To my wife, the prototype utility shown was better than the production model.

In our family the S was a no compromise sedan. In our family their is a compromise of function for form.