Reading speed limit signs after 2020.24.6.1?

Reading speed limit signs after 2020.24.6.1?

I noticed right after the update that two places that the car always had the wrong speed limit are now correct. There was nothing in the notes regarding reading speed limit signs, but we also didn't get a GPS map update this time, so I wasn't expecting it. Anybody experience anything similar?

Joshan | June 29, 2020

I thought the same when I saw some fixes, but quickly pass a sign and the car continued to have the wrong speed. Dashed my hopes.

bjrosen | June 29, 2020

Not in this release. I passed a sign with a different limit and it didn't update.

M3phan | June 29, 2020

Same here. The 55 mph stretch near my house still shows 40 in car.

statguy | June 29, 2020

I noticed it in one spot today where it always drops from 45 to 40 (which is wrong). I just figured it was a GPS update, but it would be awesome if it was reading signs. Just curious, how do you know that there wasn't a GPS update in 2020.24.6.1?

Microterf | June 29, 2020

I should rephrase that. I dont know there was a GPS update, but there wasn't one stated, and there wasn't a map update like what we got right before they rolled out the stopping at stop lights and stop signs

jwins | June 29, 2020

I noticed this today, too, where the drop from 50 to 40 was never shown. I even decided today to file a bug report about this -- only to discover after I finished the bug report that the screen indeed now showed 40mph. I'm guessing it's a GPS update, but reading signs would be cool.

EVRider | June 29, 2020

@Microterf: Navigation updates usually happen without your knowledge if the car has WiFi access. The recent build that mentioned navigation improvements in the release notes was more than just a navigation update.

No sign reading yet, but it's coming...

roger.klurfeld | June 30, 2020

There was a GPS update in 2020.12: We have updated your car’s GPS to improve its stability and tracking. Please note that with this update, the GPS in your car will temporarily recalibrate once after the update, which might cause a few minutes delay in where updating your car's position is displayed on the map.