Real World Range

Real World Range

What freeway range can I expect with my S85 100% changed driving 80mph & using AC? I'm traveling from San Diego to San Luis Obispo & am looking for real numbers. Thank you.

stevenmaifert | September 12, 2013

When are you leaving? I want to stay off the road.

bonaire | September 12, 2013

Scientific approach or the (when in doubt, check it out)...

Set the AC ON.
Take it for a 20 mile sustained 80mph drive on a local highway.
How many miles were used from the range? Did you get any tickets? Were you nice to the officer(s)?


Extrapolate from there how many real miles you can get from a range charge.

Let's say you go 20 miles and use 8 kWh at 80mph. Then an 85 kWh pack will probably give you just under 200 miles @ 80 mph. That kind of math is somewhat easy to do by doing at the speed you need for a shorter run and multiplying out. Always figure in any extra time chatting with CHiPs. | September 12, 2013

You can also do some math the other way. Do a range charge and take you milage and multiply by 300 to give you an idea of how many electron you have in the tank.

Go for a short drive on the freeway at you desired speed, etc, then check the "trips" screen and see what you average. Take the "average" energy number and divide it back into number you got from the first step. That should give you a good idea of range for your driving style and your battery.


DTsea | September 12, 2013

go to

put in start and end points, and under advanced tab add speed factor (1.0 means at speed limit, 1.1 means 10% faster, etc). temperature. 85 or 60.

it will tell you exactly how many kWh you will use. It is pretty accurate.

It factors in terrain and speed limits on the route. very cool.

i put it in assuming 68F cabin temperature, 400 lb payload, 90F outside, and it says you would need 120 kWh of power to do the trip.

with 200 lb payload, 72F cabin, drive speed limit, 75F outside, would need 112 kWh.

cwmenne | September 12, 2013

Too much variation due to winds and terrain elevation changes to be exact, but I live in MN where it is relatively flat (we do have hills though) and I tend to drive 70-75mph on the freeway and find it easy to get at least EPA rated range, usually 5-10% better if it is all freeway. I have an S60 with 19" wheels. The hills and the wind can make a significant difference though, so be sure to factor that in. In my opinion, unless you have the 21" wheels, plan on 10% less than rated range and you'll have more than enough battery.

romainiacWV | September 12, 2013

I'd say about 200 mi. That is what I seem to average when traveling similar speeds in my region. I have rolling hills but not the severe mountain climbs you can get on highways out west. But as others have stated, you must consider terrain and conditions in that figure. When in doubt, slow down. Use the tripplanners as well. There is a German one as well, volkerize EV trip planning and you should find a a couple sites. Always check your route and have emergency charging plans should things go awry. However, in my limited experience I have found the range figures to be as promised provided you keep a reasonable speed and accel

lbjack | September 12, 2013

I'm afraid if you want "real number," then you need to give real a number. You will NOT be driving 80 mph from Santa Barbara to San Luis. Nor from Ventura to Santa Barbara, unless you want to play games with CHP.

80 mph is a doable speed but only on open freeway or HOV lane, with the traffic flow. Your timing must be right for this to happen on the 5, the 405 and the 101 freeway. Good luck with that.

You make a Supercharger stop at Tesla in Hawthorne, where Elon works. If you still manage to come up short, then you can take another charge at Buellton, about 63 miles south of San Luis.

The trip really should be no sweat at a realistic speed and SC stop.