Rear Bumper Protection

Rear Bumper Protection

The rear bumper now has a small circular white indentation from someone hitting their car into my black bumper. Probably caused by a license plate mounting screw. I went to the body shop and it will cost $450 to spray paint the bumper! So I opted to buy the Tesla touch up paint kit and hope that does a decent job of hiding the blemish.

I searched Amazon for one of those rear bumper protectors, but they all are as ugly as hell. Is anyone aware of a decent looking bumper protector, if one exists?

jordanrichard | March 17, 2019

Those bumper protectors cause more damage, in way of scratches from that “protector” moving/vibrating.

Anthony J. Parisio | March 17, 2019

What do you mean “moving/vibrating”? None that I have seen are meant to be deployed while driving. They are meant to be in the trunk while driving.

Tldickerson | March 17, 2019

You might consider getting a decent looking small decal/sticker and placing it over the damaged area. I know that sounds odd to some but something like a small round Auto Club sticker. I had the same thing happen and I got a Wounded Warrior sticker and placed it where I was bumped. Figured I would wait in case I ever got hit harder then I could just get the whole bumper fixed or replaced.

lilbean | March 17, 2019

Good idea, @Tldickerson!

Tldickerson | March 17, 2019

Thanks, bean

jordanrichard | March 17, 2019

What I thought the OP was talking about is something that is common in cities. It is merely a rubber flap drape over the back bumper to prevent/mitigate damage when parking on the street. I have seen them on cars driving down the road, hence my remarks about it causing damage.

For those old info to remember the car “bras” of the 80’s that were meant to protect the front end from stones, those ended up causing more damage. Despite them having super soft linings that actually touched the paint and them being properly strapped down, they still in the long run caused damage. All it took was one little bit of grit getting between the bra and the paint, along with even minors vibration, would cause scratches.

kerryglittle | March 17, 2019

Tail gunner?