Rear Camera Delay

Rear Camera Delay

Had my car for about 7 months. For the past few weeks noticed a delay in my rear camera appearance when shifting to Reverse. Please suggest if this can be fixed by owner. Thanks

satish.vellanki | February 12, 2019

Please email me with suggestions.

jimglas | February 12, 2019

reboot the car

MhoPower | February 19, 2019


Vawlkus | February 20, 2019


MhoPower | February 22, 2019

Yes. I had a longer post and the forum gave errors about an "invalid URL" each time I tried to report it. "Test" was a test that showed a smaller post worked. For OP, if you get tired of rebooting it's time you can see if Service can fix it. They replaced my camera after I brought it in twice and demanded that they try more than once to reproduce the issue.

MhoPower | February 22, 2019

..."each" time