Rear Floor Mats

Rear Floor Mats

So, I took delivery last night and found out that rear floor mats were not included. Has anyone found a good set online that fit the rear of the Model-S? I was told by my delivery specialist that Wallmart had some that fit pretty well but I'd like to know which ones so I don't have to deal with returns if they don't fit right.

Anyone bought any floor mats for the rear seats?

jb23 | January 6, 2013

It is utterly ridiculous that Tesla has included the front mats and not the rear. This is a move that Chevy or Buick would pull. Not only that, but the service people are saying I can go buy the rear mats on the Tesla site. This is not true. They offer a front/rear package, but not just rear. And they aren't actually available for sale, even if I were interested in paying for them. Tesla, you don't nickel and dime your early customers like this. This is exactly the type of car company Elon was trying not to build. You're doing so well elsewhere. Don't you think you should fix this?

BYT | January 6, 2013

JoeBen, was wondering if your the same JoeBen that invented the JOBY/Gorillapod and used to work at Velocity 11?

Anyway, yes, I agree that TM should have included rear mats or at least added them to the "due" bill. I purchased a set online, just the rear but wish I didn't have to. It sucks as I am still waiting to get mine and have to vacuum the rear carpet currently and worry about staining it before it arrives.

I was even looking for the cheap ones in the mean time at Target to have something but they didn't have them locally. The small mats I see sold at auto-parts stores aren't good enough either.