Rear Lic plate in the Snow

Rear Lic plate in the Snow

Anyone else notice that the rear lic plate gets completely covered in the snow? Does this happen without the spoiler? I do not have front plates and when this happens, I have no plates visible. Its not a big problem, I just wipe it off when I stop. Just curious...

Haeze | January 27, 2014

This is an unfortunate side-effect of the car being so aerodynamic. The snow slides right over the car, then slows down once it gets past the rear liftgate, allowing the air to blow it directly at the back of the car. Aside from developing a spoiler that is designed specifically to blow the snow away from the back of the car (negatively impacting the drag coefficient) it is just the nature of this beast.

Sleeper | January 27, 2014

I'm curious if this effect is more intense with or without the spoiler...

PJDoty | January 27, 2014

No spoiler here and it definitely happens. Dirt too.

Sleeper | January 27, 2014

Thanks...I have the spoiler. Sounds like its the same either way.

JPPTM | January 27, 2014

..not just snow, but also road dust & dirt is attracted to the rear trim & bumper.

tes-s | January 27, 2014

I consider it a feature.

CAdreamin | January 27, 2014

You may have seen this pic before - I forget where I copied it.


AoneOne | January 27, 2014

Obscuring the license plate: a feature.

Obscuring the rear-view camera: not so much.