Rear trunk misalignment

Rear trunk misalignment

My 3 month old S’s rear trunk latches too tightly on the drivers side causing a misaligned trunk. I can run my finger along the seam and it’s 1/4” lower on the trunk side of the seam than the side panel. I’ve only ever used the button to close it, so it’s not damage I’ve done. As it closes, that extra tightening it does to latch is both visible and audible—to the point that it’s obvious it’s not right.

Anybody got suggestions for fixing it myself, or is this something I should have serviced at some point?

NKYTA | March 3, 2019

There are screwable adjusters on each side which you can tweak.

I attempted it myself in early 2013, got it wrong, and took it to my SvC. Quick fix there. :-)

RedJ | March 3, 2019

Both the trunk and frunk can be adjusted in the same way.