Recall of model s - impact on our delivery? Yes/ no?

Recall of model s - impact on our delivery? Yes/ no?

Wondering if recall of Model S would have any impact on our deliveries ?

What are your thoughts?

kittylitter | November 21, 2015

The only possible impact would be the time it takes for them to check the robot that mounts the front belts to the car chassis. I'd say that might add 5-15min to the delay.

AlMc | November 21, 2015

I agree with @kitty litter...I am not sure if this is one of the items that is 'hand tightened' or robotic but I doubt it affects the X production.

While off topic: The Only concern I have is the time that it takes, while minimal, at the local SCs that should be concentrating on inspecting and delivering 50% more vehicles in Q4 than they ever have delivered before.

kittylitter | November 21, 2015

Most owners can do the necessary component check by themselves, according to Tesla.

ir | November 21, 2015

No impact on deliveries might impact service center waits though!

aesculus | November 21, 2015

These types of recalls are boon to ICE dealerships but maybe not so much for Tesla. This is because the fix takes all of 5 mins and requires no parts or skills to fix it. Its just a simple application of a wrench.

Why is it a boon then? Because the dealer gets a chance to get you into their shop where they can upsell or scaresell into other services you would not have even considered or bothered with. But while you are there ...

Dwatson102 | November 22, 2015

So far there is nothing to fix. Just an inspection. Tesla employee was doing it at SoCal supercharger while owners charged cars on Thursday so no SC visit required. Typical Tesla above and beyond service.

AlMc | November 22, 2015

It is great to see TM checking these at Supercharging stations. My biggest concern was using Service center time during Q4 to do these checks as it would have had to have some negative impact on the time they really need to focus on pre delivery inspections in Q4.

I have had some issues with certain TM decisions recently..BUT..this is NOT one of them.

Bruce Williams | November 22, 2015

It's no big deal. None of us, except neurotic New Yorkers, Boca Babes, and perhaps a few Left Coast Loonies will be stampeding to the SC's for fear of their lives. I'm waiting till we get back to our summer place up north in May.

dortor | November 22, 2015

no impact - since they aren't actually making any Model X's - you can't impact production on something that can't be produced and isn't being manufactures - the impact to zero unit produced is zero units produced.

aljjr2 | November 22, 2015

Tesla has taken an innovative approach. First, the owner can validate the need; Second, they have hired assistants at select (high volume) Super Chargers to check while customers charge. I would imagine the issue is not a current manufacturing problem for the S or the X.