Recent Order -- Now what happens?

Recent Order -- Now what happens?

Hi everyone. I confirmed my order last Friday night (evidently a few hours before all the price changes) for the MS Performance Plus.

I am EXTREMELY excited -- but at this time really have no clue what happens next and when!

Would folks mind replying with what they experienced?

When do you get the first delivery estimate? When does Tesla reach out to take next steps on financing options / alternatives, accessories delivered, etc...

In the absence of any direct communication and/or personal experience would love to hear experiences from others why I try and be patient!


cohast | August 5, 2013

Now you wait.

negarholger | August 5, 2013

...and the anticipation starts building. Days become longer. Minutes stretch to hours.

paulkva | August 5, 2013

I'm less than a week ahead of you. I finalized my order on 7/29, had a VIN a couple hours later on 7/30, and got my first email from the Rockville Service Center later that day. My delivery date was delayed from 9/6 to 9/12 as a result of all the pricing/option changes. Details of timing and paperwork depend on where you're located -- just a bit complicated for me in Virginia.

While I wait, I've been reading (and posting), both here and at, and I've been trying to plan some upcoming road trips. I still need to start calling electricians to install a 14-50 outlet, and after Labor Day I'm going to get my old car appraised (CarMax and AutoNation).

Good luck with that whole patience thing. I'm failing miserably. :-) And congrats on the order!

thranx | August 6, 2013

Make sure you get multiple estimates on the 240v install (assuming you need one). I've had three, and they vary by hundreds of dollars.

rbarry | August 6, 2013

Awesome thank you everyone!

I haven't heard a peep from anyone @ Tesla since I've confirmed my order -- not from Service Center or local storefront. So was just a little concerned I guess. I assume that given all the changes announced like HOURS after I confirmed my order is just a little underwater at the moment.

I do need the 240v install so thank you for the recommendation to check out several electricians.

I welcome any other thoughts from folks! Thanks

LionPowered | August 6, 2013

Like the Tom Petty song says :...the waiting is the hardest part"
I got my S85 yesterday and the obsession has become worse. :-)

Here's the sequence I experienced for my order. The web site dashboard was unreliable. I'd go by what your delivery specialist says when they contact you.

Test drive: 6/28
Deposit: 6/30
Convert to immediate booking: 7/1
Ready to build: 7/2
Your Model S is Entering Production: 7/8
Financing application acknowledged: 7/8
Financing approved: 7/9
First contact from Delivery Specialist: 7/9
Driver license and insurance docs acknowledged by DS: 7/11
Tentative Delivery: 7/25
I called to confirm delivery on 7/19 and was told they screwed up my order and it would be delayed until sometime in August.
Dashboard back to "sourcing parts". few days later "in production".
Final documents signed electronically 7/25
Electronic payment for downpayment and state taxes 7/25
I didn't record the date when the dashboard said assembly was complete, but it was on a truck within a week of that.
Picked up car from service center on 8/5

ppape | August 6, 2013

Lion......Wow! 5 weeks........let me repeat... FIVE WEEKS!! from deposit to delivery. Good for you.

Here's our story.
Deposit: Summer 2012 (too far back to remember exact date) $5,000. Hadn't test drove car! Res # was over 10,000. Waited til February 2013 to be able to test drive and be able to configure car. Had to wait some more for multicoat red. Took Delivery on 5-10-13. I will be general, and say 10-12 months from deposit to delivery. I have personally spoken to a signature owner who put his deposit down in 2008 and received his car in 2012, so I thought 10-12 months wasn't too bad.

Be grateful......and for those still waiting for their cars, remember it could have been much longer just a short year ago.

I'm grateful the Tesla family is growing and I'm very happy the waits are shorter. That will increase sales. Most people can't/won't wait 1-4 years to get a car.


teslamonkey | August 6, 2013

What is the average time in stays in the "Sourcing Parts" status?
I've noticed on the Order website since the price change that a P85 estimates at one month. My delivery specialist also confirmed that timing a day after my confirmsyion

LionPowered | August 6, 2013

@ppape -- Yeah, I admire all you folks who committed so early!

@teslamonkey -- I'm not sure. Mine was in the "Sourcing Parts" stage 3 different times. After it was built it reverted back to "Sourcing Parts" even though it was on a truck headed for the service center. I think the one time they were really sourcing parts it took just a few days before it went into production. I'm sure the times vary a lot and now they're handling the US and Europe so that has added delays. When Asia kicks in that will make things interesting.

Colasec | August 7, 2013

Yep, now you wait. :) Great job with the timing, btw.

I ordered a 60 kWh and it was at the local service center just 4.5 weeks later:

Reserved 6/14/13
Finalized 6/16
VIN 6/17
Delivery button 6/27
Car at local service center 7/18
Delivery 7/23

jbunn | August 7, 2013

You wait. Time slows down. Days crawl by in agony. Then Christmas comes in summer one day.

timmsteiner | August 7, 2013

Finalized 7/1 and delivered to my door 8/1. Seems fast, but it feel like an eternity!