Recessed Door Handles?

Recessed Door Handles?

I thought I read somewhere that Tesla was going to abandon the recessed door handles shown on the first reveal M3 to simplify production. The latest pics of the release candidate in the wild make it look like they're still present:

Maybe they're "manual recessed" as opposed to "auto-extend recessed"?

Either way, the car looks good.

giskard | April 26, 2017

They look pretty much the same to me as the ones on the launch event prototypes. They are not motorized - you push on the front to pivot the rest of the handle out which you can then use to open the door. At least, that's what I've been led to believe over the past year+.

dsvick | April 26, 2017

"Maybe they're "manual recessed" as opposed to "auto-extend recessed"?"

Yes, that's correct. You push in on the side closest to the door seam and the other end, the handle part, will pop out for you to grasp and pull open the door.

PhillyGal | April 26, 2017

I've gotten really used to the recessed look and love it but agreed that they have to much potential to be problematic to include in the Model 3.

Now a manually pushed one that has the same look? Brilliant! I'm excited. (Yes, manual. That's correct.)

melinda.v | April 26, 2017

here's a video of them from the alpha - no reason to believe they've changed
youtu .be/DLOA9JBxqzc

Geozeke | April 26, 2017

Thanks for the link to the video! That makes it really clear how they work.

Captain_Zap | April 26, 2017
jordanrichard | April 26, 2017

Technically the handles are flush, not recessed.

Geozeke | April 26, 2017

I guess so. Looking at other videos online, it appears that just pressing the handle (near the door seam) causes the door to pop open. You don't even need to pull the handle after you press it. Is that right?

Red Sage ca us | April 26, 2017

jordanrichard: +42! I resisted posting that for SO long! I was just about to do so, in fact. Thank you.

kayaktom | April 26, 2017

This is good news. I was curious about that very subject.

jamilworm | April 26, 2017

I'm pretty concerned that these handles will only be openable with one particular hand (left hand for the driver's side, right hand for the passengers side). This could get really annoying if you are carrying something in that particular hand/arm, such as a grocery bag or child. You'll have to switch your load over to the other arm to be able to open the door. I don't know of any other car where that is an issue, and I'm afraid it might have been overlooked by Tesla.

But maybe if as Geozeke said the door pops open just by pressing the handle, then with the "wrong" hand you could pop the door open and then grab the edge of the door to open it (and get your hand dirty at the same time).

Red Sage ca us | April 26, 2017

jamilworm: It's the same difference as with GM's cars from the late 1960s through mid 1970s that had a pushbutton on one end of their door handles. I believe the same basic design was used on Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles. The pickup trucks used it even longer, if I remember correctly. Mankind survived being reminded they have opposable thumbs, then.

melinda.v | April 26, 2017

RedSage - not just GM. My 67 Mustang has that style thumb button handle too. In the dozen or so years it was my daily driver I didn't have an issue opening the doors (keeping power steering fluid in it is a different story ;) )

Red Sage ca us | April 26, 2017

melinda.v: Thanks. If I remember correctly, the door handles from Ford were a slight bit smaller, and 'prettier' somehow.

Geozeke | April 27, 2017

Red Sage might be on to something with regard to "push-button-type" operation. For some reason the forum's spam filter won't let me post the link, but go to YouTube and search for "Tesla Model 3 exterior: door handles and doors" -- It's the first video.

Haggy | April 27, 2017

Technically the handles are recessed with their faces flush. I'm not proud nor is my face flushed.

SUN 2 DRV | April 27, 2017

Haggy +1 (As always)

Red Sage ca us | April 27, 2017

Haggy: +1! That was positively Royal.

jamilworm | April 27, 2017

Red Sage: You're right, it's just like those pushbutton handles; I forgot about those. I have never owned a vehicle like that. Were those not annoying? When I think about those types, I picture turning your hand palm-up if you are using the "wrong" hand so that your thumb is on the correct side. I guess that might work for the model 3 handles too, except that the hockey stick shape makes it not horizontally symmetric, and so it might be more difficult to open palm-up.

But, like everything else, I'll just have to wait and see and hope that Tesla has done their due diligence.

Red Sage ca us | April 27, 2017

Aside from writing, drawing, and using a hammer, maybe? I'm rather ambidexterous, despite being naturally right handed. Really confused people on a basketball court that I could hit a hook shot from either side of the lane with either hand. Door handles are easy.

JuJo0 | April 28, 2017

My brother has a cadillac with that thumb handle. I could open it using either hand though. My pinky strength is more than sufficient to get that sucker open.