Recommended Window Tint Company in Rochester NY?

Recommended Window Tint Company in Rochester NY?

Can anyone recommend a window tint company for a Tesla in Rochester, NY? I have gone to a popular one in Brighton/Henrietta for my last 3 cars, but I called them a few months ago and the employee said she “thought” they may have put tint on one in the past couple years. She took my number and never called to follow up.

Anyone have a good experience with a company in Rochester on their Tesla? Thanks!

hector | March 17, 2019

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ModernTriDad | March 19, 2019

No responses... I figured someone here lives in Rochester with a Tesla. Anyway - here is the paint protection/tint/detail shop that seems to have worked on a lot of Tesla models. I'll be trying them soon. No idea if they are good, but the options seem limited and I don't feel like going out of that area for it.

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