I would like to put in a request to the engineers at Tesla to allow us to record a longer period of time (24 hours +) on all cameras on the exterior of the car by plugging in a large capacity (1TB or more external hard drive). We currently have a usb stick plugged into one of the ports in our model 3 which is nice for recording while driving, but we would really like to record when not driving it as well. We park our car outside in our driveway and would really like to be able to see any activity that happens day and night around our car.

Additionally, since the car is always connected either via wifi or Tesla LTE connectivity, it would be great if someday we could access the cameras live from our Tesla app to see what is going on around/to our car. | January 4, 2019

Good idea, but unlikely to happen - but for technical reasons, not for desirability.

It's not clear the hardware can handle the bandwidth required to record 8 video streams at once, but I think it might be able to. It's 12-32 MB/sec at the upper limits of USB 2.0 drives. Then there is the power draw. To enable the cameras, the AP processor must be active and MCU2 as well. You're talking some major vampire drain to keep all this active when the car is parked. You might lose 2+ miles of range per hour to keep this all active. Still for short periods, this might be well worth it (i.e. parking while shopping).

This is not to say a different hardware design could take a lot less power - for example 4 dashcam setup using typical dashcams takes about 10W and is a fairly low vampire drain, about 1 mile per day. | January 4, 2019

Then there is the cellular connection bandwidth. Since Tesla is paying for it (so far), I doubt they want to pay for streaming video. For eight 720P compressed video streams, you're talking about 43-115 GB of data per hour (12-32 MB/sec depending on compression). Now it could be offered as an extra paid service, and then only on demand (i.e. when you want to look at live footage). This going to push the cellular system to the limits, so it might be jittery or unstable unless you have a great LTE connection.

carlk | January 4, 2019

Making it an option is a good idea. That will give Tesla some incentive to do that. A lot of people would be willing to pay $1,000 extra for the ability and/or $20 monthly fee for the service.

kcheng | January 4, 2019

Instead of live streaming, perhaps a time lapse, every 20 secs a snap?

blue adept | February 4, 2019

Anyone could always outfit their car with a third-party HD camera equipped with infrared capability that was mated to a storage device and a remote battery that is charged by a solar panel that you could lay on the dash and/or rear deck to power it/them.

There are several deals on cameras going on right now...I'd suggest getting one with a 360° view that could be centrally located for optimum coverage.

VolleyballNE1 | February 4, 2019

For your application, a home security camera system is a quicker/better solution

blue adept | February 5, 2019

But doesn't work/offer any security when away from home/out in the urban landscape where continuous surveillance is most beneficial. | February 5, 2019

@blue - The best solution today is just have a 2 or 4 channel dashcam powered by the Tesla. With no other battery loads, it could be powered for a few years without charging in a Tesla - so no solar is needed. The best ones, like Blackvue DR900, auto-uploads video to the cloud when it gets within WiFi range at home, only records when there is motion, records shock events (people bumping the car while parked), and does it in 4K video. There are other great choices too - no need to recreate what's already been done. I wrote this "Dashcams for the Tesla" guide: which may help.

blue adept | February 8, 2019

Good and helpful input!

+1 | February 8, 2019

Well, the rumor mill indicates we may get 360 degree remote viewing shortly (weeks). I didn't think it was possible, but maybe Tesla figured it out.

Still like the dashcams though, as they have proven way more reliable at recording video, and resolution really matters. At 720p (Tesla camera), license plates are a blur. Even 1080p of older dashcams are inadequate in my opinion - you need to get to 1440p or preferably 2160p recording.

webbreed | March 19, 2019

There are several deals on cameras going on right now...I'd suggest getting one with a 360° view that could be centrally located for optimum coverage. Check this to know more about pets.

Emmanora123 | March 19, 2019

Good Idea, it is very good and it is able to record more longer, i really appreciate your idea..

carabella | March 21, 2019

I am trying to get help with this. My car IS recording 24/7 from 3 cameras. I noticed my camera icon had an X on the screen so I dowloaded it to my computer, The recordings are labeled left repeater, right repeater & front. The recordings are every minute and went into its own separate folder called recent clips inside my TeslaCam folder.
It had never done this before. Any ideas?

rxlawdude | March 21, 2019

Yep, it seems regardless of whether you've activated "sentry mode," cameras are continually recording, eventually filling up your flashdrive.