Referral Program - SUPER Frustrating

Referral Program - SUPER Frustrating

A friend of mine used my referral link to get his RWD M3 before 2018 ended. He took deliver around Dec 22 and absolutely loves his car. He has supercharged a bunch of times and never received a charge for it thus meaning he must've used a referral right? We both e-mailed the referral program e-mail twice and after two weeks did not receive a response. E-mailed the main support e-mail, also did not receive a response for about a week. Then filled out the support form on the support page and asked for Execute Review. Of course that triggered a response.

They are saying his referral was not linked to my account although he used it and double checked with his sales advisor that the referral was linked. Is it possible to get 6 months of free supercharging without someone using a referral? This is the one time I've been frustrated with Tesla about not providing me with my referral point as if it wasn't for me friend never would have purchased a new M3. Has anyone else had any similar situations like this?

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

Depends where he is charging at. Some SC's are free.

EVRider | January 14, 2019

When someone uses your referral code, you should see an indication of that on your My Tesla account as soon as the order is placed. If you didn’t, is it possible your friend used someone else’s referral by mistake?

tvjust | January 14, 2019

My friend has informed me that he used my code over the phone, it appears that the sales person used their own personal code instead of mine. We have both been continuing to get this fixed but it appears that Tesla can steal referrals from their customers for their own benefit.

sanjaths | January 14, 2019

Same thing happened to me. My friend said he gave my referral to Tesla sales person, but it was never used. This was for a in-inventory purchase, so there was no online order involved. Supposedly they used some other referral code.
My friend said he will follow up with Tesla, I didn't bother about it afterwards. Bottomline is.. this definitely happens either oversight or some sales people misusing the trust.