Has anyone else gotten so fed up with the delays they have cancelled (or know someone who did)? And succeeded in getting the deposit back?

I understand the idea was that the deposit became nonrefundable when the order was finalized - but Tesla was also supposed to build and deliver a car. My Feb-Mar window is now 'probably' late April/May.

Anyone familiar enough with California law to confirm it leans heavily in favor of the customer on an auto deposit being refundable if the seller doesn't perform? I'm in Texas (not the most consumer-friendly state) and here a deposit is refundable practically always on a car. When you're paying a premium already, getting put off repeatedly is a lot to put up with (especially as the company celebrates hitting 400 cars/week).

Epley | March 8, 2013

Hang in there--this is an amazing car and worth the wait. Also, their build quality is improving by leaps and bounds with each ensuing month. Your car will be much more problem-free and you'll have fewer early-adopter issues...

David59 | March 8, 2013

I waited 3 years and 3 months for my Tesla and it was completely worth the wait. Last I heard they were up to just under 200 cars per week. I'm not sure where the 400 number came from other than that was their goal.

All the best.

Klaus | March 8, 2013

I'm amazed at the impatience I read about. You wont get any sympathy from me. I put a deposit down in Mar of 2009. At that time delivery was to begin end of 2011, then summer of 2012. My car finally arrived the last day of Sep 2012. That's 3 and a half years. Yes, the delays were frustrating, but I got the car I wanted with a great delivery experience. Now 6400 miles later, I've forgotten all about the delays and am just enjoying the s**t of my Model S.

If you really want the car, then relax. The wait will be worth it. BTW, I realize you TX boys have your own delivery problems and for that I can truly sympathize.

Schlermie | March 8, 2013

Your deposit is fully refundable, so long as you haven't signed the MVPA.

GoTeslaChicago | March 8, 2013

If you want your deposit back, why not just ask Tesla? What is the point of posting a hypothetical question here?

Or maybe you don't want to cancel and get your deposit back, but just need to vent a little?

Tâm | March 8, 2013

What all this hoopla is all about? I waited 1,363 days for it. I counted every day for it. Deadline came and deadline passed, but heck, as long as I am alive, it is well worth the wait for it!

Captain_Zap | March 8, 2013

Believe Epley. I recall his agonizing over delays and radio silence. He probably recalls mine as well.

We have crossed into a new dimension. It is full of Tesla grins.
The labor pains are rough though when you are expecting.

models60 | March 8, 2013

@dbbtex - same dilemma here, exploring my options in CA. The delivery side of things has shown cracks and making me concerned about committing $80k+.

sandman | March 8, 2013

dbbtex, I know several posters have already received their deposit. Have you asked for it and it is taking too much time or are you just considering? I've heard it takes 3-4 weeks for processing and getting the check back to you.

bradslee | March 8, 2013

I thought the waiting anxiety to get the MS is the part of the fun in this whole matter. Every owner of MS has experienced this long wait and tremendous joy after getting the MS. This is a huge rewarding process. If your experience of getting the MS is just like getting another BMW, you won't feel the same excitement.

Vern110 | March 8, 2013

Waited for about 1 year before getting my P85. Keep the faith... Worth the wait.

Darmok | March 8, 2013

The shared ordeal certainly builds camaraderie. The wait was so agonizing only because of the extreme thrill of the reward.

c.bussert67 | March 8, 2013

So they blew you off an extra month...
How long was your initial wait?
I was in since Nov 2010. My delivery was pushed back twice. I didn't care one bit. Dunno your situation, but this is one of the biggest purchases ever, second only to our house. So we wanted to have the most money down to reduce our loan amount, so we used every bit of extra time to do just that.
I will never understand the breaking of the agreement on a car like this. Can't imagine what you could possibly buy to surpass getting a car like this.
Whatever you buy instead, in ten years, you're gonna have a v8 moment.

Liz G | March 8, 2013

Wait for it. Waiting's hard. Delays suck. But you WILL regret it if you ask for a refund.

stephen.kamichik | March 8, 2013

Read your mvpa. It says that if the car is not delivered thirty days after your delivery window, you can get your deposit back.

Keith72 | March 9, 2013

I assume your reservation is a 60 kWh. I reserved in May 2012 for an 85 kWh and was given the same Feb-Mar window. Tesla offered to deliver mine in Dec 2012, but I declined. They then gave me a last week of Jan, 1st week of Feb delivery window, but I was out of the country (and still am). They were more than willing to work with me on the delivery, and I am now scheduled for the week of 20 Mar after I finally get back home. I recently received notification from Tesla that my car is sitting in Dallas, ready for my delivery as soon as I get home - and the only money they've seen from me is the $5000 deposit. You can see from the blogs that the 60 kWh cars are now being delivered, so my guess is that it's a high probability that they'll meet the current window. Be patient, I understand your frustration, but I've found them to be great to work with.