Regarding key fob

Regarding key fob

And one more thing. What is UP with the model X key fob. Seriously?

It’s so smooth it is constantly falling out of my dress slacks at work, falls out while I’m driving, falls out at the restaurant while I’m sitting, falls out at the gym. I can’t connect my office keys to it or my house keys for that matter. Although, my house is now totally digitally connected and I don’t need house keys.

Who in their right mind designed this? Maybe you like the toy car because it leaves a fun indelible impression on the youth—which if that’s the reason for this is brilliant. But one should also have utility in mind. Also, I felt like I was going digital and key-less in the modern world, but now I have a toy car in my pocket I don’t know what to do with.

Cmon man.

Mtnrunner | January 9, 2020

That's funny, I had same issue, fob snuck out of my pocket and ended up all the way in the back of the X. Took 30 minutes to find it but I've come to your rescue, ( and I love the toy car!):

sunsinstudios | January 9, 2020

I agree. It's neat but I want to use my phone - just walk up to the car and it unlocks.

mbp11 | January 10, 2020

I got a silicone cover for my key fob on amazon and it has the key chain attachment, works great.

paul.ourada | January 11, 2020

I thot the lanyard was so you could thread it through your ear/nose/bellybutton piercing? :D

Mrotr565 | January 11, 2020

Yeah....who in their right mind designed it?

vitaman | January 12, 2020

"I got a silicone cover for my key fob on amazon and it has the key chain attachment, works great."
Second this. It's the best fob (with the silicone) I have ever experienced. My 1st Tesla simply came with the fob cover/key ring. Assumed it was standard equipment. Latest Tesla I had to go to Ebay to get. But it's an easy $5 fix.

Bighorn | January 12, 2020

Stupid is as stupid does.

Bighorn | January 12, 2020

I'm guessing Franz had never heard of polyester slacks. Haven't lost a fob in 283k miles, knock wood.

lilbean | January 12, 2020

It’s a beautiful fob for a beautiful car.

Mrotr565 | January 12, 2020

The level of “suck” this car has come to represent.....

Vawlkus | January 13, 2020

Only in your mind though.

Mrotr565 | January 13, 2020

I like how I’m being compare to a great American Icon, Forrest Gump, who never stopped expressing his opinion when it mattered most. But was also quite intelligent.

lilbean | January 13, 2020

Oh, ok.

patswin | January 14, 2020

Wow, life is not that bad Mrotr565. Try being happy a little, you might like it. Of course that would probably piss you off if you did. Sigh

Triggerplz | January 15, 2020

Run Forrest Run to a Kia dealership