Regen braking to full stop

Regen braking to full stop

My Model 3 received a software upgrade a few months ago allowing regen braking to take the car to a full stop, at which time it goes into the "Hold" mode. This is a major convenience and redefines the concept of "one-foot driving".

Question: Why isn't my Model X capable of the same upgrade in operator convenience? Is there sone fundamental difference in the powertrain that precluded this feature being incorporated in the X?

It bugs me that my big luxury car sits next to the "economy" car and is short of this feature.

mathwhiz | March 17, 2020

The diff is probably the use of the PMSRM-type motors (Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance) in the 3/Y drive units. The Raven S/X also uses a PMSRM in the front drive unit only, and so is also capable of supporting this single-pedal driving.

I leave it to another member (perhaps Teslatap) to explain the technical how/why.

mathwhiz | March 17, 2020

Here's a quick link to info on the transition from AC Induction-type to the PMSRM in Model 3/Y (and front Raven S/X):

(Dated by a couple of years but, it still seems to be a pretty good explanation of why Tesla went with it...)

pevansjr | March 17, 2020

My 2020 Model X brakes well when n the hold mode. Haven't had any issues at all. Was just in it today with my dad telling him about the convenience of one pedal driving.

jackcolo | March 17, 2020

Drat! Following the Cleantechnica link was interesting and I see that my old technology X is not going to do the full strop thing, as does the 3.
Thanks to those who chimed in to help me understand this.
Maybe I should check out a Y.

jdimports | March 22, 2020

Hi I’m having an issue with my 2020 model X there are times that regenerative braking is limited enough where I have to use my brakes does anybody else have that problem?

ratchet | March 22, 2020

@jdimports - Sounds like your regen is limited by lower temperature or State of Charge. When you first start up, you might get a yellow triangle warning that regen is limited. If you display the Energy app, you should see a dashed yellow line on the negative (regen) part of the power meter which indicates that regen is limited and, therefore, braking will can be less than normal (or even none). If it is cold out, the battery will not accept much of a charge until it warms up. The other issue could be State of Charge on the battery. If you are at or near 100%, regen will not be able to generate power back into the battery and regen will not be able to slow down the vehicle until you get below about 95%.

liftsrock | March 24, 2020

@jdimports - My 2020 Model X also has limited regen braking here in Ohio with temperatures in the 30's and low 40's. One pedal driving does work at low speeds but much better after driving for a while and the battery warms up.

niduj | March 24, 2020

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