Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad official support and feature request thread

Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone & iPad official support and feature request thread

In 2015, I created an iOS app for Tesla so that Apple Watch users could control their Teslas from their watch. Since then, a large percentage of Tesla owners have started using my Remote S app for their iPhones as well since it connects faster, exposes more car stats, keeps a location history, shows charging information from your last session, and has less restrictions when using Summon/HomeLink (no need to be near the car and no need to hold down the button). There's also Siri Shortcuts support so that you can do things like open your trunk by talking to Siri, combine commands in the Shortcuts app, and even summon your car by talking to your watch (see video:

I'm starting this new forum thread to answer all questions, bug reports, UI suggestions, and feature requests for the app. The app currently works for the Model S, 3 & X.

Download link:

regoapps | January 15, 2018

@SCCRENDO Can you explain this a bit more? Switching cars may not show immediate effects after you press Done. But it will show the newly selected car data after Tesla's servers return the selected car's information. I can't speed this process any quicker (since the few seconds delay is from Tesla's servers and not the app itself) unless I change the app's behavior to query all your vehicles all the time instead of just the one selected. But the commands should work immediately after you switch cars without having to wait for the new information to display.

SCCRENDO | January 15, 2018

Seems to take too much time and is not practical. I’m giving you a demerit until you can sort it out

regoapps | January 15, 2018

@SCCRENDO Here's a fix for your issue if you're unwilling to wait the few seconds for a car data update. Go into Remote S' settings. Scroll to the bottom and change the "Refresh delay in secs" to 1. Yours is probably set to 5 or 9. By setting it to 1, it forces Remote S to ask Tesla's servers for a car update every other second. If you switch cars now, it should switch within a second.

SCCRENDO | January 15, 2018

Tried it. It doesn’t make a difference. When I go into settings slick on the car I want and press done nothing seems to happen.

regoapps | January 16, 2018

@SCCRENDO Then something else is going on. Most likely the car you're trying to select is asleep or has its mobile access disabled. Make sure "Always Connected" is turned on next to the "Energy Saver" setting in your car if you want the app to connect to it faster. If you want to wake up the car manually through the app, tap the Blue car graphic on the bottom. If that's not the case, then what does the official Tesla app say about the car you're trying to select?

SCCRENDO | January 16, 2018

Yes it is better. My Model 3 does tend to go sleep

Boonedocks | January 17, 2018

@regoappa switching between our S100 and X75 works flawlessly. Takes about 3-5 seconds but works without fail.

Quick question? Your only mentions 75’s for seeing the performance flag. My early 2017 S100D “supposedly” has been uncorked and shows the performance flag as such. Does Remote S Show it for 100’s as well:

Vehicle Config: {
"can_actuate_trunks" = 0;
"car_special_type" = base;
"car_type" = models2;
"charge_port_type" = US;
"eu_vehicle" = 0;
"exterior_color" = MetallicBlack;
"has_ludicrous_mode" = 0;
"motorized_charge_port" = 1;
"perf_config" = P1;
plg = 1;
"rear_seat_heaters" = 1;
"rear_seat_type" = 0;
rhd = 0;
"roof_color" = Glass;
"seat_type" = 2;
"spoiler_type" = None;
"sun_roof_installed" = 0;
"third_row_seats" = None;
timestamp = 1516197263431;
"trim_badging" = 100d;
"wheel_type" = Super21Gray;

regoapps | January 17, 2018

@Boonedocks From my research right now, you also need to look at your Vehicles data, and look for the option_code "DU00". This means that you have the new drive unit. Then if you also have a "perf_config" = P1, it means that you're uncorked. If you don't have these two, then "perf_config" = P1 is only a partial confirmation and needs more information to determine if it is indeed uncorked.

To check for sure, you can also ask your service center to check the 'BMS ISENSORPROTOCOL NUMBER' and if it is greater than 3. Greater than 3 means that it's still eligible to be uncorked, below three means already uncorked.

greg | January 17, 2018

I think people would do well to remember what is involved in making this, and any app, work:
Cell phone connectivity
Quality of LTE or 3G or WiFi signal. Not just strength, but Quality.
You can have 5 bars of WiFi with no data possible if there is lots of reflection around.
Internet connection from where you are to Tesla mothership.
Either your WiFi access point or your Telco’s cell to Internet gateway.
Tesla servers
Internet connection to where your car is.
LTE or 3G connectivity Quality to your car
You car’s responsiveness
Awake or Asleep

Expecting 100% response time within X seconds is just unreasonable.

SCCRENDO | January 17, 2018

It was taking many minutes not seconds which to me is unacceptable but has now been resolved

greg | January 17, 2018

My comment was not aimed at you, SCCRENDO; I had seen that you had resolved your issue.

But sometimes people forget how complicated “the Internet” and “apps “ that use the Internet really are. So I posted a gentle reminder for those who read this far in.

And, for those who do, you posting a summary of exactly what fixed the problem would also be helpful.


abcev | January 22, 2018

Is there any update on the possibility whether Remote S might be able to schedule tasks? e.g. to schedule turning HVAC on or off remotely at a certain time.

related question: I've seen the help notes about Remote S Web Commands at and also in the unoffical "users guide" thread back over at tmc it said:
"In-app browser can detect commands from javascript and html so that you can create and use a web page to control your car (This opens up all sorts of functionality, such as scheduling, queued commands, and repeated commands.)" I'm wondering if there's some way to use these web commands to schedule tasks?

regoapps | January 22, 2018

@abcev Without the possibility of Apple apps running apps in the background at scheduled times, it is impossible to schedule a task in a standalone app like Remote S that is programmed to only communicate with Tesla's servers and nothing else. I could implement scheduled tasks that work in the background, but that would require users to send me their user credentials and I'd have to run a server that does the tasks for them. I have other ideas of how to make it work, but do not want to discuss it publicly until I add it to the app.

And yes, you could schedule a task yourself using the built-in web browser/web commands. Camper mode is actually an example of using Javascript to schedule a task. The way it works is that the javascript sends a command to turn on the HVAC every 30 minutes. You can even see the source code for that javascript if you go to the Remote S website and click view source on your desktop browser.

The thing is that you have to keep the app open for this to work, because of the issue mentioned in the first paragraph. This would probably only make sense if you had an iOS device that you don't mind leaving on all the time.

abcev | January 22, 2018

@regoapps ok, I understand the issue with apps running in the background and why scheduling can't be currently done in RS. I look forward to some future update with your "other idea..."

thanks also for pointing out the camper mode as example javascript in the built-in web browser, I see how the app must remain open for it to work - oh well, probably not practical for my purposes. Anyhow I have a much clearer understanding of the web commands now with your explanation - very cool, thx | February 6, 2018

I have an apple watch 3. RemoteS used to let me lock/unlock my model X, but after iphone and watch update today it doesn't have the lock and unlock button on the watch app any more; the only control I have on the RemoteS watch app now are trunk, frunk, ventilation and sunroof (don't have a sunroof). How can I get the lock unlock buttons back? Thanks.

regoapps | February 7, 2018

@ljin01 Hard press (aka Force Touch) on the Watch to bring up the menu of commands. Each screen has their own different set of commands. Lock/Unlock is found on the first screen. I'm assuming that you never knew you could do this, so you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are a lot more commands available on the Apple Watch app than you previously thought. But I realize now that the screen you're talking about would be more useful if it had lock/unlock and probably the hvac commands. I'll replace them with those in the next update. | February 7, 2018

@regoapps Thanks! Yes I never realized that I could hard press the watch face to get those commands. Can you add these instructions to the app store description or the instructions on your web site? There was no instruction for the watch app in either places, an older person like me might not be able to figure them out intuitively.

melburstein | February 11, 2018

Thank you for creating this useful App, When I am at home, I am able to toggle HomeLink to open/close my garage door. But what if I am away from home when I learn that I left the garage door open? Is there a way to remotely close it?

EVRider | February 12, 2018

Not if your car is also away from home.

eddyline | February 13, 2018

If you get a Nest, or another product to allow for smartphone garage door access, I think that you can use that, but otherwise I don't think there's a way to close your garage door remotely.

regoapps | February 13, 2018

@melburstein If your Tesla is in your garage, then yes, you can use Remote S to remotely open/close your garage door even if you're half way across the globe. I actually use this method to allow my friends into my house without giving them my key or garage pin when I'm away from home. Meanwhile, the official Tesla app requires you to be near the car to be able to access HomeLink or Summon.

If you do do this, I suggest getting a webcam for your garage door to check if it's actually closed. I keep one in there for that purpose and it doubles as a security camera for the garage. Or ask a neighbor if it's closed.

boaterva | February 18, 2018

Allen, haven't seen it mentioned: does RS show the new preconditioning symbols for the battery and others, or do you have plans to add them? Love the app!

(And for others that may be having the problem, I had to email Tesla from my owner's page to adjust the spam feature. Have never been able to post here!)

regoapps | February 18, 2018

@boaterva Remote S has always shown the front and back defroster graphics since the very beginning. If your windshield or back window turns red in color, that means that the defroster is on (not to be mistaken with a yellow open trunk graphic). I haven't added the symbol for the battery heater yet, but I will add it in the next update.

boaterva | February 19, 2018

@regoapps Thanks for the update!

boaterva | March 9, 2018

Rumor is 2018.10 (on a few cars in Europe) allows remote control of the trunk and frunk for the S and X via the Tesla app. So, that code may be able to be re-enabled again for the S and X!

regoapps | March 9, 2018

@boaterva I've already implemented Trunk and Frunk controls into the current version of Remote S in the app store, since it's working for Model 3 owners already if I'm not mistaken. The buttons will appear in both the iPhone app and Watch app if the firmware enables them.

boaterva | March 11, 2018

@regoapps Yep, knew you had it working for the 3, but I thought you'd locked it out for S and X since we had it on RS at one point and of course it didn't work. If it will just appear when we get 2018.10, excellent!

regoapps | March 13, 2018

@boaterva Yes, it should appear when it's enabled in the car's firmware. In the API, there's a flag that says whether or not the car can control the trunks remotely. That's what I'm using to display or not display the trunk/frunk buttons.

boaterva | March 16, 2018

@regoapps Allen, just got 10.4 and the frunk/trunk buttons appeared and work great! Wonder if it would be a big deal to add a confirmation popup (perhaps with toggle for those that don't care) for them so they aren't triggered inadvertently when you are too far away to close the frunk for example, if you do it by mistake?

TranzNDance | March 16, 2018

+1 to confirm to open frunk/trunk.

Are there or will there be commands for frunk/trunk in the Watch app?

boaterva | March 16, 2018

I just checked the Apple Watch app, and they are there!

TranzNDance | March 16, 2018

On which screen on the Watch app? I couldn't find it on any screen, with or without force touch.

Ohmster | March 16, 2018

Third screen. Push on bottom right icon of car. Trunk, Trunk, Ventilation all in one.

TranzNDance | March 16, 2018

Cool! Thanks, Ohmster. I thought that that button was for controlling the roof venting.

regoapps | March 17, 2018

@TranzNDance, that used to be only roof controls, but Tesla disabled two of the roof control buttons, so I replaced them with the Frunk/Trunk buttons since screen real estate on the Watch app is scarce.

TranzNDance | March 18, 2018

Since the icon highlights the roof, would you change it so that it also highlights the hood and trunk? Thanks!

regoapps | March 19, 2018

@TranzNDance Sure. Now that Trunk/Frunk buttons are available to more people, it makes more sense to change the icon.

boaterva | March 22, 2018

Allen, sorry if I missed it, did you say you were planning on adding the confirm for the trunk/frunk at some point? The Tesla app seems to have it. Having them right on the front of the app without confirm seems a little dangerous. :)

regoapps | March 23, 2018

@boaterva Yes, I will add a confirmation to the Trunk/Frunk in the next update that can be disabled in the app settings.

EVRider | March 23, 2018

@regoapps: Do any of the APIs you use let you determine if the phone is connected to the car via Bluetooth? For Model 3 (maybe S/X too but I don't know), you only get the trunk/frunk open confirmation if there's no Bluetooth connection; is that something you could do in Remote S?

regoapps | March 23, 2018

@EVRider Well the S and X aren't always connected to the car's bluetooth. Instead, I can display the confirmation if you are near the car. I have your GPS coordinates (if you enable Location Services) and the car's coordinates. I can just check to see if you're within a few feet from the car and then suppress it if you're not. As a default behavior, I think I'm going to display the confirmation no matter what, and then you can decide which version you want in the settings (confirm only when far from the car, no confirmation at all, confirmation all the time).

EVRider | March 24, 2018

@regoapps: I think you meant to say you could suppress the confirmation if you were near the car, correct? You want the confirmation when you’re NOT near the car.

regoapps | March 24, 2018

@EVRider Yes, that's what I meant. I would have fixed it, but this forum doesn't let me edit my own replies. But I figured that the last thing I said made it clear what my intentions were.

boaterva | March 26, 2018

@Regoapps Thanks for the update on the trunk/frunk confirmation. I think I even triggered the frunk this weekend while at the mall since I came back to finding it 'open on the safety latch' and had no idea I had even been near that button. One more reminder to be sure to close the app and not leave it up when putting phone in pocket! :)

boaterva | March 31, 2018

@regoapps Allen, here's an idea I don't know if you've run through or not. From a couple of problems I ran into, I was wondering if there was a way to have an 'alarm' condition noted on the face of the app icon when 'normal' conditions aren't in place. For instance, car unlocked and climate running are two I'd really like to know about by a glance at my phone without opening the app.

Be nice to have some way of seeing things are happening without opening the app up. I know Fantastical uses the 'messages' number to set the date, perhaps setting that on and off? So, normal would be locked and climate off. If these were on, the message bubble would appear on the app icon.

Just an idea, which may all be impractical for some basic reason. :)

(Even better would be any deviation from a user set normal, but I'm sure that's getting too crazy....)

regoapps | April 2, 2018

@boaterva Interesting idea. Thanks for the feature suggestion.

upgrade | April 4, 2018

@regoapps Can you add a feature to get a notification if the vehicle is not plugged in, at a specified time at night and at your primary charging location? I very rarely forget to plug in but it would be great to have.

SCCRENDO | April 4, 2018

I am finding Keymote to be far more reliable on my apple watch 1st generation than Remote S. I used to have it on my watch face but have replaced it with keymote.

Dywicked | April 17, 2018

Can you confirm that the app supports Model 3? The App Store doesn’t reflect this, but it seems like maybe it can based on this forum.

Dywicked | April 17, 2018

Nevermind, some how got a stale description. Next question: Is there a way to pull out the next destination or waypoint currently in the Tesla Nav?