Removing Rear Model S Badging

Removing Rear Model S Badging

Not too crazy about the typeface chosen for the rear badging and am looking into remove it - you'll already know what it is anyways when you see the car. Does anyone know if it is just glued on there? Forgot to look during my test drive of the Signature Performance earlier today.

mrspaghetti | September 17, 2012

Call and ask if they'll leave it off yours when they build it. Can't hurt to ask.

andex23 | September 17, 2012

I totally agree and did this exact thing. I called and asked them to leave the badging off, they could only make a note in the order and hope the production crew see it. I love the Tesla logo and its incorporation into the back trim. The type face on the MODEL S and the P85 logo are not for me. I am in So Cal so i also asked them to not install the front plate,who knows what that does to the drag coefficient.

Good luck.

Michael23 | September 17, 2012

I wouldn't mind either. I'd rather have the p85 than the model s.

petero | September 17, 2012

IMO, TM will probably NOT delete the badging. However, it appears the badging is adhered by adhesive and any body-paint or detail shop can ‘sweat’ off the badging. It is very easy and not expensive, I have had this done on several of my cars.

I will also have the chrome strip under the doors vinyl wrapped in black or painted black as I find the chrome distracting.

jbunn | September 17, 2012

Yeah, I'm not keen on the chrome strip under the doors. Or the chrome on the fish face on the front of the car. Got a great profile, but from dead on, I really don't like the look. It's less obvious in the lighter colors, but I'm getting the blue which is nearly black. Was wondering if a metal plateing shop could do black chrome for me. Going for a look like hematite, if you've seen that. Would have looked great with my first choice which was Tiburon grey (dolphin), but got over ruled by the boss lady.

ColinBowern | September 18, 2012

mrspaghet / andex23 - I asked the Canadian folks yesterday and they suggested that it was unlikely that they would be able to do that.

It sounds like it's a pretty available option to have a body shop do it so I'll check around once the car arrives.

DarrellH | September 18, 2012

The P85 logo isn't on the Sigs with the performance option.

jeroens | September 18, 2012

On rare occasions Car manufacturers use holes with plastic pegs (not sure if this is the best way do describe it), but mostly it is glued. From the picture below it is clear they must be glued on, great!

A Blowdryer and dental floss normally does the trick. Remove access glue and polish and done.
Have done this a many many times, a 5 minute job.

RobertMontreal | September 18, 2012

Back in my car-modding days, I'd remove rear logos using a lot of water, a hair-dryer and dental floss. They would come off pretty easily and you can clean up any glue left behind just with hot water and a cloth.

RobertMontreal | September 18, 2012

Oops, sorry @jeroens, you'd already said exactly that. DOH!

nickjhowe | September 18, 2012

In Palo Alto a few weeks ago one of the TM execs told me that they weren't happy with the P85 typeface/logo and were looking to change (or not use?) it.

jerry3 | September 18, 2012


I don't notice the chrome at the bottom of the doors although it would be better not to have it. It's the chrome around the windows that really looks bad to me. Wood, leather, and chrome are three things that have no place on a modern car. The first two are throwbacks to the horse-and-carriage era and the last comes from ostentatious cars from the 1950s.

Michael23 | September 18, 2012

I'm also doing black on the door sills. Might do cf to match the spoiler. The chrome Sills ruin the lines IMO worse than the windows.

bsimoes | September 19, 2012

For what it's worth, I love the chrome! A little bling is a good thing!

ColinBowern | September 19, 2012

@nickjhowe - I hope they do. It reminds me of Times New Roman - a rather bland font IMHO.

kalikgod | September 19, 2012

Vehicle badges usually use a double sided 3M adhesive to hold them on. You can see an example of an aftermarket badge here that uses the same materials as an OEM badge to give you an idea of the application process.

The best way to get these off the vehicle cleanly is to use very light heat from a hair dryer to warm the adhesive slightly. Then use a wire, monofilament is best, and drag it between the badge and the surface of the vehicle. Follow up with some Goo-B-Gone to get the remaining adhesive off the vehicle surface and will never know the badge was there.

Getting them to not put it on in the first place is of course, better, but removing it is not that big of a deal.

Robert22 | October 2, 2012

Where is the P85 logo? I see the Model S typeface in the rear gallery shots but not the P85.

Tomas | October 4, 2012

I have my car, a "p85"' and I like tesla model s. on the rear. Looks good to me... And I'd love A P85 my ass as well!