Repair Work.

Repair Work.

As background information, we own an "X" & an "S". We have had the "S" for a few years now & the "X" for about two years. The vehicles themselves are wonderful pieces of art/engineering & as a rule are pretty "bullet proof". However, when one needs repair on the vehicle, other than yearly maintenance type of thing, getting it repaired is a great, big hassle. I/we will not be buying another vehicle from Tesla. Yesterday, we were driving in the "X" & we drove across a manhole cover which had a slight depression to it & heard a loud bang type sound & could immediately feel the vehicle suspension attitude change. A few seconds later a notification appeared stating that the air suspension needed repair (or something like that). We called the roadside assistance and were told that it was covered under warranty and that they would have to tow it to the shop for repair. The vehicle would be picked-up the next morning. The next morning comes and goes and the vehicle is not picked-up. Nobody called us to inform that the vehicle would not be pick-up. We call to inquire and are told that it is not covered under warranty. We are further told that it is considered a "collision" and that we would have to take it to a body shop for repair. The closest body shop that is authorized is two hours away in Louisville, KY. Dealing with Tesla we have often experienced "the situation is this..." but then told by others in the company "that the situation is really that...", a common problem dealing with them. Just getting to speak with someone is a major hassle. After the sale service is lousy! In the future I/we will purchase an electric vehicle that can be purchased & serviced locally. One where one can pick up a telephone and speak to someone directly without having to jump through hoops. Had we known then what we know now we would not have bought either of the cars, so very disappointing. It is sad the customer service is so bad because Tesla did all the work to make electric cars largely what they are today. I fear that it will be their undoing as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc. will now come in and take the rewards of their efforts as the have the established networks, customer service, etc. The window is still open for Tesla to fix these problems, but it is closing very fast. Like all companies, they need to focus on & perfect core issues first instead of the more "sexy" subject matter of releasing new models. I hope they can succeed in doing this, but they have lost us as a customer. Too, I hope this and other posts like it help to educate prospective buyers of Tesla products.

Redmiata98 | March 15, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to share your story. The service area is quickly becoming Tesla’s Achilles heal. Hopefully, they will realize it before it is too late! | March 17, 2019

Sorry for the damage on your car. Before giving up on Tesla, perhaps ask those other companies if there warranty covers damage to the vehicle by poor road maintenance. My guess is they will tell you the same thing - your insurance is responsible. Still it would be nice to get a clear answer up front. Perhaps Tesla didn't get enough details to make that assessment. I've always had great service.

I can understand also if you're out in an area far from service or body shops, it can be a hassle when you get into a lot of accidents. A high-volume car like a Ford or GM might be a better choice if they have a dealer and body shops near you.