Required anti-carjack system

Required anti-carjack system

Looking forward to the upcoming delivery of the Model S in Europe, I started inquiring concerning insurances.
Something that keeps coming back as a requirement set forward by each company is the need to have a GPS based anti-carjack system. I know that the Model S can - or let's say will - be tracked by the owner via the mobile app, but what they require is a system that can be tracked by a security company and that allows them to immobilize the car if needed.
As far as I know, the Model S does not have such a system yet.
How did that work out for all of you in the U.S. ? Did your insurance companies not require this ? Or how did you work around it ?
Of course there are aftermarket options available, but will Tesla allow installation of such a system ? Would not be surprised if they don't - just to avoid interference with the electronics in the car.

ArieK | December 24, 2012

In another thread I read that one of the things Tesla had to add to the model S was ad an immobilizer (no 'ignition' possible if key is not present) in order to start delivering cars to Canada. AFAIK Europe was not mentioned. Apparently it is not present/required in the US so I doubt there is any remote immobizing by a third party available.
There are however plenty of companies who install this kind of device as aftermarket equipment.
Naturally it would be a lot nicer if this could be present straight from the factory.

txjak | December 24, 2012

Insurance in the US does not usually require anti-theft features, they just charge you more if you don't have them. That said, having the feature should be at least worth in savings what it costs over the life of the vehicle.

Assuming that carjacking in Europe means the same as in the US -- somebody forcibly ejects you from the car in order to drive away with it -- it seems to me that if you have your key fob with you and get free, the car will become immobilized at some point, possibly immediately. The fact that Tesla is not a "security" company seems beside the point, if they have the capability of locating the car.

MaryP | February 21, 2014

I was thinking about this issue before I get a Tesla. One of the things that concerns me about the car besides having no spare donut, limited storage (and no way to have the bigger car with the wing doors and have an occasional putting on of a roof rack when needed such as for my kayak), is being targeted for a carjacking.

I don't really think I necessarily would like the GPS thing if that leads someone else to be able to stop my car or otherwise interfere with it electronically, but is that the only anti-carjacking method out there? Aside from trying to keep the carjacker from having the key fob, which you may not be able to fight over.

If you have a struggle with such a person you could be killed and the car is not worth that. It's not bullet proof either, so one is vulnerable in a car. I do think it's a good, safe car. I wish it were easier to set up a charger situation for my area. I don't have a house so for those in apartments it seems like a hard situation to be able to get a charger near in a small city that barely has even one charging station.

I wish they had a Tesla that wasn't a luxury car too. That is the part that makes me embarrassed since my friends don't drive such cars and most couldn't afford them. Wish they had a tesla that had the space of a Prius wagon. I could fit my bicycle when I have to get it to be repaired into the back of that.

I wonder how most of you figure to handle a flat tire at night without a doughnut? You may not always be in a place safe to sit around waiting for an hour for repair.

jbunn | February 21, 2014


I don't like flashing my car around. As you say, a bit embarrassed. I just keep a low key, and when my friends ask, I tell them the truth. I can't afford to pay for gas and I'm too cheap to buy gas. I calculate that this car will be cheaper for me over it's life than to replace with a gas model.

jordanrichard | February 21, 2014

To prevent someone from opening the door on you, either put the car in drive and just sit there (retracts handles) or lock the doors.

You can almost fit a Prius inside of the MS, so I am puzzled by your remark about needing more space.

I too won't be (get car in March) parading my car. As a matter of fact I have only told 1 person that we are getting one.

"A gentleman need not boast"

DTsea | February 21, 2014

Not much storage in a model S? Huh?

I think remote I'm mobilization should be illegal if it isnt. Massive safety issue with a moving vehicle. | February 21, 2014

@haansberger - I never heard of any insurance company in the USA requiring a GPS based Anti-car jack system as you describe. It might even be illegal as other have pointed out it could be a huge safety issue. Even if stolen, I wouldn't want to be responsible for the risk of killing innocent drivers by stopping a stolen car in the middle of a freeway and the mayhem it's likely to be created - very scary!

Far better to track where the thief has taken the car and let the police take care of it, as you can do with the Model S.

I'd guess less than 25% of the cars sold in the USA even have GPS. It's usually a fairly expensive option. I guess Europe is different if they force everyone to have GPS and an anti-car jack system. I'm sure there must be third-party products like Lo-jack that could be installed to meet your requirements. Odd that no one else has ever talked about this requirement before in these forums. Perhaps it's specific to your country? Where are you based?

jordanrichard | February 21, 2014

Stopping a vehicle, or rather slowing it down already happens with GM cars. Through the On-Star system, there are able to disable a vehicle on the go. In the event of a theft, or police chase, they shut the engine off and the vehicles rolls to a stop and the flashers go off. This helps the police spot the vehicle.

Tiebreaker | February 21, 2014

No regular car is bulletproof. No car is worth your life.

@MaryP Limited storage? Are you sure you are talking about Model S. Have you seen it?

MaryP | February 21, 2014

I've not only seen the Model S, I've driven a demo. I've looked at it close up, including the frunk. The Model X is closer to the space I need, as I use the space of a wagon.

It seems a stretch to say that a Prius WAGON can "fit inside" a Tesla (not speaking here of smaller Priuses), as I have demo driven one of those too (I own instead a wagon by another brand and wish I'd bought the prius wagon however). If that were true, then the Tesla wasted a lot of space. I saw the squashed cloth luggage pulled out of the Tesla in the promo video as though it had tons of storage space when in reality it doesn't, and the front storage would be more except they wasted a lot of the potential space there too -- they framed it into this little well when it looked like there would be a lot more space from the outside before you opened the frank or the rear trunk and looked. The Model X looked like IT does have some space similar to a wagon. But then you certainly can't put a rack on it even for a temporary drive with a kayak and pop it off after because of the wing doors that would be ruined by a rack. (I don't like having a rack on except when I need it anyway, and I do like a nice window on top.) I guess I could just always rent a kayak (and get rid of the one I own) and be glad for the extra space inside though.

as for the issue of not affording the gas, it's not about NOT AFFORDING THE GAS that is bothering me. I want to get an electric car because I don't like tithing to oil companies every week. I can afford it, but I don't like being required to pay oil companies to pollute and destroy our environment with oil leaks and other types of pollution.

As for Onstar type things -- I saw a case in the news of a Mercedes Benz crash that some reckoned seemed a bit like a hacker got to the car, although the deceased driver's widow assumed it was just an accident.

I am interested that people say the Tesla can be tracked - that sounds like a good thing, I suppose. I guess it is trackable by the tesla corporation. Not sure I would always want to be tracked everywhere I go. But I would want the car findable if it was stolen or if I needed roadside assistance.

How do you folks plan to handle a flat, though, since a doughnut tire is not allowed? Hope one never happens or that you are in a secure place when it does?

I loved the way the Tesla I drove a demo of drove and loved its large touch panel and maps. I like technology, including adaptive cruise control, so I'm all for as much advanced technology as feasible.

RE the battery and the environment -- the Tesla battery is recycled, I assume. I have heard people claim that it is bad for the environment in its own way. I would like to hope not. I see people talking about a Toyota "hydrogen car" being a threat to Tesla, but presumably you'd have to buy hydrogen constantly. I wish there were such a thing as a solar battery although I guess energy companies wouldn't like that. I suppose re the oil industry, they would complain about jobs lost by not replacing the oil workers' jobs with some other ones, so I don't know how to figure that part but it seems wrong to continue an industry that leaks (like with mayflower, ark.) and pollutes all over the place.

MaryP | February 21, 2014

@jordanrichard (by the way you folks who are in here with your email address showing -- you can change that to a username instead of your email address showing by going to MY TESLA and My Profile and just type in a username and write it down somewhere). ….

RE how to get away without the doors opening -- well, if one is shot, they may not get in but you're still in a pickle and then again, maybe they will be breaking the window after shooting the driver, which is a distressing thought.

re not "flashing the car around" - i wasn't planning to have multiple vehicles.I am going to drive it all over the place because that's what I do with any car. Driving it in itself is "flashing" it. I don't exactly want to park it blocks away from wherever I'm going so as to "hide" it because you can have a problem getting mugged trying to get back to your car. I do not fly. I only drive. So the car will be seen by friends when I arrive places they do or go to their place.

RE doughnut tire we don't get to have -- Is the can of spray stuff always sufficient to get you a ways away from a flat without having to sit there if you don't feel it's a good place to wait? Or to get you to an appointment and then you call for help changing the tire afterward? Situations like Ennis Cosby's tire incident (mercedes benz) tend to make me want to be quick when I have a tire issue, such as at night.

Brian H | February 24, 2014

Watch Bjorn's videos on this site to get a realistic feel for storage.
And either a donut or full spare will fit in the frunk if tilted up at the front a bit. That "microwave" space is where initially TM planned to have an auxiliary battery, but determined the cost and complexity of connections and so on there wasn't justified. So it was repurposed as more storage.

chrisdl | February 24, 2014

The insurance company I'm using (Amlin Europe) only requires the standard Tesla tracking system. You do need to sign a waver that you allow them unlimited access to the car location via Tesla (only when your car is stolen, obviously) and that you will never turn off location tracking (even if you could).
I'm located in Belgium, but maybe Amlin also serves other countries. BTW: they were by far the cheapest insurance as well.

MaryP & co:
Could you, for the sake of clarity, start another thread (or threads) for the alternate discussions regarding interior space, space tires, and flashing cars around?