Reservation transfer?

Reservation transfer?

My brother is a model s owner and made a reservation for a 3 on day one. He now is pretty sure he doesn't want one. He thinks when his name comes up he can transfer it to an immediate family member (namely me). Does anyone know if he's right?

DTsea | June 3, 2017


Rutrow | June 3, 2017

You can give him the money and he can buy it for you.

If you don't want to do that, tell him I'll give him the money and he can buy it for ME!

DTsea | June 3, 2017

Meaning, nope, you cannot transfer reservation.

Frank99 | June 3, 2017

It's not clear at all what the policy is going to be. I think I'd wait until Tesla invites him to configure, and ask the question. People who've asked about transfers now have been told that the representatives don't know.

lilbean | June 3, 2017

I think if you went down there together at delivery, maybe. I don't know.

ebmcs03 | June 3, 2017

Just buy the car with dual owner: brother OR mmatthis then once you get the title go pay the DMV $24 and change the title to just matthis...

Coastal Cruiser. | June 3, 2017

I spoke to Tesla last week on this very question. They were adamant that you can't transfer a reservation.

(Careful as to what advice you give out emchang. That kills the tax credit) ;>

Coastal Cruiser. | June 3, 2017

Having said that, if it were me, I'd be very very nice come delivery time and make your case. Policy is one thing, reality is something else entirely.

In the meantime, relax. ;>

patrick40363 | June 4, 2017

It wouldn't kill the tax credit if the title was one brother or the other.

SUN 2 DRV | June 5, 2017

Have your brother carefully read his Model 3 Reservation Agreement. Mine said that reservation transfers required Tesla's approval, implying that transfers may be available in certain circumstances.

I'd guess they want to prevent scalpers and other profit making schemes, but that they'd likely allow a family member to buy and register the car.

FWIW I added my brother's name and contact info as an Additional Contact in MyTesla, and he's been receiving all the Model 3 gifts and messages already, even though I'm the Model S owner and I made the (2) Mar 31'16 reservations.

compchat | June 5, 2017

What Model 3 gifts ? I don't remember them ????