Reservation Transferability

Reservation Transferability

Has anyone contacted Tesla regarding the transferability of a Model X reservation? The reservation agreement makes it sound like I would need written permission to transfer my spot in line to another person. I made my reservation on October 11, 2013, Model X #6201.

NumberOne | July 6, 2014

It may be possible, but unlikely. Tesla will not allow you to sell your reservation.

Tâm | July 6, 2014


You use it or lose it.

You can transfer your fund to the same person (that's from you to yourself) but you cannot transfer your reservation sequence.

For example, you want to switch your X reservation to S, then the fund will be intact and go to the S, but your sequence 6201 will be lost to someone else who is assigned by Tesla, and you have no input in it (Hey, I just sold my reservation to the guy in the corner...)

You can give up your sequence number and Tesla will assign it to a next person in line.

AlMc | July 6, 2014

Tam is correct. I made two reservations for the X after talking with TM. I asked if I could transfer my sig X reservation to 'top of the line' Production X if I did not like the features that were
'standard' on the SigX. Answer: NO

They asked that I make a separate reservation for the Production X, which I did.

rmoy88 | July 10, 2014

I think reservation number should not be able to transfer to some one else, I like the idea of use it or lose it

holidayday | July 10, 2014

titanTesla, If you do not want your Model X, then cancel the reservation. (You get a refund)

If someone else wants an X, they can make a reservation. (and supply a deposit.)

No need to transfer, because (Tesla says) the ramp-up in Model X production will be quick, so getting in at the back of the line is not as significant of a delay as compared to the Model S.

Red Sage ca us | July 11, 2014

Most crossovers in this market segment outsell their sedan counterparts by 3:1. Think about that. Model X is going to be immensely popular. Tesla Motors will make a whole lot of them.

They have to get their production ready to handle greater capacity anyway. The Model X will be the perfect opportunity to stress test all their systems, as they will be making more vehicles than ever before. 500,000 units a year is roughly:
50,000 Model S
150,000 Model X
300,000 GIII

rmoy88 | July 11, 2014

For Tesla owners, What is max. Tax credit from federal and cal.state?

Any one know

Tâm | July 12, 2014

Federal Income Tax credit: $7,500
CA Rebate (not tax credit) : $2,500
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District: $3,000 (not tax credit)

Is $13,000 enough for you?

Lubdub | July 12, 2014

thanks Tam I had no idea the valley rebate was avail too I'm in the valley

Tâm | July 13, 2014


You are welcome! You are a richer man than the rest of us!

Lubdub | July 13, 2014

Tam I dont think the $3k rebate will make me richer by much. Not if the X ends up costing close to $100k. I think we will all be a bit poorer. But happier. HOPEFULLY

aljjr2 | July 13, 2014

Not giving tax advice, but the Federal is a Tax Credit against what one owes. So to receive the maximum ($7500), you must owe the federal gov't at least $7500 in Taxes for that year -- it can't be carried forward. The local credits vary by state and municipality. Therefore, don't automatically assume one will have the max Tax credit that Tesla often shows on it pricing sheets.

As I look at my Model X on order, I will pay the retail price, and make see what is needed from my accountant to ensure I can take advantage of the maximum credits at the state and Federal Level.

I would suggest each person do the same or his or her individual situation.