Retrofitting Info Still a Few Weeks Out

Retrofitting Info Still a Few Weeks Out

So, exchanged e-mails with both my PS and Ownership today (both of which were working) about retrofitting the parking sensor option. Basically, they said its going to be "several weeks" before info and pricing on retrofits will be available.


brink0423 | August 3, 2013

I am very frustrated by the release of the Parking Brake Sensors one week after taking delivery of my Model S. I ordered a fully loaded Model S P85 and now have to wait for months until Tesla decides if or when to offer a retrofit... 116k is a lot to pay for frustration. Although, this car is nothing short of amazing. Hurry with that retrofit Tesla!

sgarapat | August 4, 2013

Could any one (existing owners ) contact tesla and clarify this point. Previous owners who purchased service plans, should be able to add these new options for the incremental price only, ex: PDC for 500$. Because the service agreement says hardware upgrades. As these options were not offered at the time of purchase to previous owners, if they could retrofit these options Tesla should only charge the hardware fee($500 for PDC, cold weather $750). Because the service agreement says hardware upgrades, I hope that's what they meant. In future, they should be able to do the same for 4G LTE chip when they include it in the upcoming models.

Please correct me if I am thinking wrong. Also I am not an owner, one of my close buddy was feeling bad that these options were not available when he bought. My understanding is all these new options are retrofittable in the previous models unless there is a redesigned internal structures. I saw some tesla engineers profiles on LinkedIn and few people had mentioned that they worked on integration radar systems in the Model S. May be they have redesigned some structures, I am not sure.

Tâm | August 4, 2013


Service plans do not supply your hardware upgrades for free. You pay more if you want to upgrade from 19" to 21" tires, no Parking Sensors to Parking Sensors...

For those who feel bad, remember that people were in heaven when they could buy a radio to hear sound without pictures, then they were so happy to buy a very blurry black and white TV, then they were ecstatic to buy color TV and so on and so on.

I still remember the enormous feeling of happiness as I could buy a DOS computer with a command line.

I am glad that at last, last December, I could buy my Model S after 3 years, 8 months, 28 days, 0 hours, and 32 minutes since.

It's good to witness progress and have an option to work hard, earn your money, and get what you want. Be glad!

Brian H | August 4, 2013

You are thinking wrong. The hardware upgrades you refer to are fixes for existing hardware. The parking sensors are not present, and by definition are not "existing hardware".

pgiralt | August 4, 2013

I'm just encouraged by the fact that there will be a retrofit option made available. I was worried that there would be no way to get the official Tesla retrofit.

@omarsultan, did the people you spoke to make it sound like the retrofit was for-sure going to happen? | August 4, 2013


Here is the excerpt from the e-mail:

Thank you for your interest in the recently announced Model S features. We are currently working with our teams to prepare these options for production vehicles. While we do not have retrofit pricing for existing owners, we should have more information over the next several weeks.

I am guessing they need to figure out what can be retrofitted and how much the labor will be. I am thinking some things like the fog lights should be pretty straightforward, but others are going to be more complicated--for example, I am wondering if you can get parking sensors if you don't already have the tech package in place.


pgiralt | August 4, 2013

Thanks - their answer is a bit vague but sure does make it sound like they will make it available. For new purchases, parking sensors require the tech package, so I'm going to guess that it might not be possible for those who did not have tech installed.

I agree the fogs should be a no-brainer easy to provide retrofit, but again there is a tie to the tech package for some unknown reason.

Carefree | August 4, 2013

They won't give you an answer now because they are waiting for all the cars to be delivered that people have ordered WITHOUT the parking sensors but really would want to include them. They need emotions to settle down a bit. Once everybody is over the price hikes and the fact that Tesla doesn't allow you to add the sensors under the old pricing scheme, they will tell us how much the retrofit will be.

I am sure it won't be cheap - nothing is anymore with Tesla.

hpatelmd | August 4, 2013
Dr. Bob Reinke | August 9, 2013

For me the most important retro-fit will be the Smart Cruise Control. Since the SC are still being concentrated on the West and East coast, and little happening in the midwest. Drafting is an absolute necessity to cover anything near the rated range for road trip traveling in the rest of the country. Smart Cruise will make that task much easier and safer. To me there only two quesions that need answers: When will it be available--and where to take the MS to install?

jat | August 9, 2013

So if Tesla had never offered new options, would you have been unhappy? Did you expect they would never make additions to the car (note for example, Roadsters have several distinct versions)?

Pungoteague_Dave | August 9, 2013

Dr. Bob,

I am an adaptive cruise control fan too, but after having had them on MB and BMW's, it is likely that for safety reasons, they will NOT allow the car to draft. Even with the user-setting moved all the way to "follow-close", the ones I have used keeps several seconds space between the car with radar and the car being followed. This is far enough to negate any air pocket benefit. In my experience it is also far enough apart that there's enough space for cars to constantly cut in between my car and the car I am automatically following.

negarholger | August 9, 2013

+1 PD
"constantly cut in between my car and..." in the Bay Area cars do that all the time probably I would never reach my destination.

Brian H | August 10, 2013

You would quickly achieve "end of the line" status!