Reus Audio Upgrade Completed

Reus Audio Upgrade Completed

If anyone is interested in updating the std or studio sound audio, I can fully vouch for Reus in Orange, CA. Just got the car back and I don't feel like getting out of it. It sounds better than any other audio system I've heard and honestly feels like a concert/club. You have to see the demo at the store that is difficult to argue with comparing their own speakers vs "top end" speakers. Quite an amazing shop and I'm more than pleased with the sound.
Just thought I'd add my two cents in case anyone is on the fence! This was an upgrade worth every penny! The best part is, the car appears completely stock!

thomas.schlatter | June 7, 2013

How many pennies did you spend on that?

During my test drive I was very disappointed with the sound quality even with the Sound Studio Package and I'm thinking about trying to find an audio studio like Reus here in Switzerland.

Do you know what exactly they replaced / upgraded? Only the speakers or did they replace the tuner and/or amplifier also?

EMDoc | June 7, 2013

The upgrade includes upgraded tweeters in front and an additional center channel. I had them replace the 8inch sub with their 8 inch. The sound stage is fantastic and immersive. Oh and they added a separate amp for the sub along with crossovers. Cost about 3600.
The source in the car is very important. It makes a night and day difference!

Runar | June 7, 2013

You need to make this a "private" thread, else it might be interpreted as an ad, as there is no way to know if you actually own a car.:-)

cosmomusic | June 7, 2013

Sound is in the ears of the beholder. I am very experienced in studio recordings and have no problem with my sound. I adjusted my tones using mixer in car to get the texture I need, and is getting concert quality dynamics in my Sig Performance. Folks should realize that you cannot get quality sound from any radio. One needs to balance tones while playing music from iPhone or Google Play. Paying more for sound does not guarantee better sound.

The upgraded sound package in my car is better than any other high end car I have owned. Even much better than the Mark Levinson system in my Lexus SC.

GeirT | June 7, 2013

This sounds bogus to me...

michael1800 | June 7, 2013

I don't think it's totally bogus, but it IS starting to sound familiar and tends to unfold the same way on high-end car forums (BMW, GTR, Tesla so far). Someone says "Hey guys, I have a friend organizing a group buy in the XX area. Who wants in?" and the next comment is a glowing review. OP isn't the one organizing, but always appears to be in contact and name drops 'Cliff' and/or 'Rick.' Audiophile experts then chime in a few posts down.

That said, I don't think it's a complete scam, although there are a lot of horror stories out there. My advice? Don't hand over a deposit without a detailed contract. If they need a deposit to fly to you, but won't do a legal contract, realize you are assuming risk and don't have over more deposit than you're willing to write off. End 2 cents.

michael1800 | June 7, 2013

Edit: 'have over' -> hand over

RedShift | June 7, 2013

+1 Cosmo.

I have a very high end (6000$) system in my home, but I don't wanna upgrade my car's system.

Road noise is a buzzkill for any audio system, so why spend so much money??

Pungoteague_Dave | June 7, 2013

This is clearly spam.

EMDoc | June 7, 2013

I guess I'm sounding way to enthusiastic for you guys. That's fine. I just wanted to let anyone who is into great sound and value for the dollar about my experience with Reus. I'm not getting any discounts or promos...but simply letting you all know that I am very impressed with their work.
This is the best audio system upgrade I've heard. Simple and straightforward. Take what you want from my post and happy motoring!

EMDoc | June 7, 2013

Cosmo and Redshift -

It's not the $$ that makes a great system as you know, it is the engineering. If you are in OC, do yourself a favor and stop by and have them demo their speakers compared to high end setups from Burmeister and B&O. You will not believe your ears. I posted this thread as soon as I got back to San Diego after the upgrade.

EMDoc | June 7, 2013

You can take a look at teslamotorsclub as well...which is a much bigger community. I'm only posting this to support my statements. Not a spammer and I don't have a single thing to gain from any of you doing the upgrade. Enjoy!!

Mel. | June 7, 2013

Runar, +1

amir | June 7, 2013

Watch it before you start accusing people of spam...
Go back and do your homework and you will see that I have been trying to get a local group to install Reus a few weeks ago. I dont know the other guy who just reported a Reus instillation and the 2 are not connected. I have not heard a Reus system first hand myself but based on numerous reports plan to get a local to show us what he got. If you see fraud everywhere it tells me that you are looking in the mirror.

michael1800 | June 7, 2013

+1 Runar

A private thread would be a welcome dose of credibility.

adstein | June 7, 2013

This is not spam. Look me up, I have been posting on this forum and TMC for 1.5 years. I was a sig and dropped down to regular and have VIN 3092. Reus did my 2001 boxster over 10 years ago and I have ordered his system for my model S. Since I am in NY it won't be done until July.

People love their Reus systems, don't ignore positive comments or accuse people of spam just because they are blown away by the Reus sound as well as love their Model Ss.

michael1800 | June 7, 2013

Definitely spam.

amirm | June 7, 2013

If you have half a brain you will realize that people using real names and emails don't spam mr 1800.

EMDoc | June 7, 2013

Haha thanks for the support amirm and adstein.
I posted for a group buy on the system earlier as well.
I think a few choose to be ignorant and live in their own box.
Head over to facebook...I'm on the San Diego Tesla Motors Club.
No reason to defend myself actually.

You guys who have Reus - what settings are you keeping the system at? I've got everything on zero and the manual sub control at about 50%. Sounds fabulous.

amirm | June 7, 2013

I have 3 to 4 serious guys in Bay Area for the Reus upgrade but need at least 5 to get th discount and local install. None of us have it yet and we are looking for someone local to check it out but after reading reviews and talking to Rick we are really excited about it. We obviously ate not the paranoid type that think that every post praising a product is spam but have yet to check it out... Sounds like you love yours....

RedShift | June 7, 2013

EMdoc, unless they also plan to insulate the car from road noise, studio demos are not going to match the performance in the Model S.

EMDoc | June 8, 2013

amirm - I hope you find one more person. I saw the board of cars they have lined up at Reus. Many of them are back east. They work on high end cars...worth 3-4x the MS. I was amazed at the demo of the cars they had in their warehouse. Btw, they have an MS that they used at a show a few days ago in Newport and it may get written up in a magazine soon. You won't regret the decision. The sound is so clean that I find myself listening to volume at 9 and don't realize how much energy is actually being dispersed in the cabin. When I get out of the car, its as if you are leaving a concert and have to adjust to "normal" sound levels.

Redshift - you are correct with road noise (in any car). we do have to deal with more tire and wind noise. BUT, let me assure you that this system covers up the majority of it on the freeway. I'm very impressed with it. I think a demo would convince you. I too have a very high end home audio system and really couldn't believe my ears at the soundstage setup in the car.

spatterso911 | June 9, 2013

I also have the Reus system (Vin #3498) and I totally agree with EMDOC (also an EM Doc), and the system is superb. I have the mids boosted slightly. The power handling of the 8" sub is excellent, but they also have a 10" sub that is fitted to the rear trunk footwell in an enclosure. For those who insist that this is a scam, it's a shame that the OP gets slammed for posting a review of a legitimate upgrade mod and gets called out as a fake. I don't see this happening with the hundreds of posts on rims, tint, radar detectors, cameras, and PPF. Just know that at the recent home audio show in the OC (T.H.E. Show), the Reus Tesla got more attention than their tube amp modified Bentley and hyper modded SL63. It's that good.

EMDoc | June 9, 2013

Thanks Spatters! Saw you on teslamotorsclub as well. I think Cliff had mentioned you. And yes, I sat in the car that was at the show and it has the 10inch. I wanted the car to look stock though I don't have the 3rd row seats so I went with the 8inch. They are working on a 10inch for the stock location and will def upgrade to that when available. Gotta run to work...the ER calls!

amir | June 9, 2013

EMDoc and Spatter, if you use internet radio (I assume its lower quality encoding) do you get the big improvement is perceived audio quality? or is it mostly felt with high grade audio from a memory stick?

EMDoc | June 9, 2013

Amir - all sources are improved drastically. that is why i enjoy the upgrade as much as I do. The high quality files on USB are the best, but the upgrade improves sat radio, regular/hd radio, BT audio, etc.

kw1 | June 9, 2013

EMDoc, I am -2.5 for bass, everything else at 0. About 50% on the sub, adjusted so that I can just barely hear the sub when the volume is set to 5+ and it seems to blend perfectly at levels above that. I regularly listen at about 6+ to mid 7 and my wife and I can easily still carry on a conversation. The music is so clean that it does not seem to get in the way of our conversations. Up to 8+ when I am alone and the immersion is perfect :) I am a silver MS also in San Diego.

essendon2000 | June 11, 2013

I am also looking into upgrade options for my Tesla.
Can you let me know what is actually swapped out or added to the original sound system. I have the premium sound package already.
Is the 10" sub a separate enclosure a separate option with the regular being the 8"?
Does the upgraded system consume considerably more battery usage? Do you notice a drop in your range?

TikiMan | June 11, 2013


Yes, I am also interested to know how an aftermarket preamp affects the battery, and if it always stays on after locking the doors (as some of the systems in the MS do)?

Personally, I don't hate the premium sound system, however, it would be nice to have something even better.
Right now, I find the best source quality comes from MP4's via a USB thrmb-drive, and then Slacker radio (when it decided to actually work). Otherwise, the iPhone 5 iTunes via Blutooth is crap, and makes the system sound far worse than it really is.

Also, has anyone ever used a BBE in their audio system? I have one looped into my home-system, and it literally makes the quality of good $1k speakers sound like $10k speakers. I wonder what it would do for the current premium sound system speaker? It would sure cost a hell of a lot less.

spatterso911 | June 12, 2013

TikiMan, essendon...

See EMDoc's second post for the gist of what is replaced.

The aftermarket amp is a Class D amp that uses minimal power. It has not had an effect on the 12V battery nor do I see any increased loss from the HV battery. I believe it goes to sleep when there is no sound input for a period of time. It wakes up when you turn on the music...And O Boy does it wake up!

I have monitored my 12 V battery with a battery monitor and it has been giving off healthy readings since the upgrade.

@TikiMan, you should try FLAC on your thumb drive. It is a noticeable improvement even on the stock sound system, and sounds sublime on the Reus upgrade...

Of note...

I recently upgraded my iTunes to iTunes Match, with the audio streamed at 256 kbps quality to my phone. The quality is much better than on some of my previous songs which were recorded at lower quality levels. Nice thing is, all of my music (the ones that are matched, at least) is upgraded to the 256 kbps quality