"right under your nose"

"right under your nose"

mysteriously and nevertheless obviously.
What could this "right under your nose" mean?

Elon, I really enjoy this time- watching Tesla growing up and punching out.
... damn smart )

rochec | April 6, 2013

The guy at the service center did tell me LTE was coming "soon", so maybe.

MGlasfeld | April 6, 2013


Did you get a sense from the service fellow you spoke to if the LTE upgrade is downloadable, or, are existing owners left with only the 3G outfitting? I know that I have to buy entirely new phones when I want the next faster speed, but, am less certain with how these cars' connectivity works.

rochec | April 6, 2013

@MGlasfeld he seemed to be implying it was an upgrade and it sounded like there was an "adapter" of sorts that you would have to come to the service center to get.

I'm sure it will be an everything else.

Mike C | April 6, 2013

Maybe that explains the $30 service plan