Road Trip from San Diego to Parker Arizona - Help

Road Trip from San Diego to Parker Arizona - Help

We are planning a family road trip from San Diego to Parker Arizona this weekend. I would LOVE to take the P85, but my husband feels its too risky due to lack of charging. Looking at Plugshare, I see no charging available in Parker. We are staying with friends, but only a 110 is available. We may be forced to take the ICE, but I thought I'd reach out incase their is a solution I'm overlooking.

What a shame to waste 4-5 hours not enjoying this awesome car.

Thanks for your feedback.

hillcountryfun | June 11, 2013

Looks like there are several RV Parks, you may be able to call ahead and line up using one of their hookups. Good Luck!

ajamison | June 11, 2013

Also check with your friends and see if they would mind letting you use their drier plug (assuming they have an electric dryer) and then get the adapter for it and a heavy duty (properly amped) extension cord. You can then plug the car in and get around 30 amps which is way faster then 110v outlet.

skulleyb | June 11, 2013

Try this:

and they have an app too

ghillair | June 11, 2013

Here is a site that shows RV parks near Parker. Check the listings some don't have 50 amp. Have a good trip.

negarholger | June 11, 2013

Try the Allstay application on the IPAD or Allstay map on the computer for RV Parks. There are several RV Parks in and around Parker. But call ahead...

negarholger | June 11, 2013
shop | June 11, 2013

It is doable but barely. What distance does google maps say it is from your house? If your route takes you by Palm Springs/palm desert area, then what I would do is to plan on stopping there for two hours at a public charger or RV park and have lunch. That should be enough to complete the trip. Check to see if your friend has a dryer plug. If so, that'll be enough the get a full charge overnight. Make sure you do maximum charges for a long trip like that. You'll be at the limit, so don't drive faster than 65 MPH.

thoe830 | June 11, 2013

We are planing a trip from Taos New Mexico to San Diego Calif. The options we faced in our recent trip to Denver was stoping at Nissan dealers, they were great. They gave us a ride to the nearest mall and picked us up after a couple of hours of FREE charging. Of course they loved the Tesla. I also researched KOA parks. A few have heard of EV car, they have 50 amp plugins but are not sure they have the right connections. After a couple of calls, they do have a standard 220V plug connector. Call first to make sure they are on the same page. The couple I called charged from $5 per hour to a total of a flat $10 a charge. Some have places to eat or some kind of activity (mini golf etc.)

If anyone has a recordation of places to (30 or 50 amp) charge for our trip it would be appreciated.

If anyone comes to Taos, I have three 50amp charges available. We are totally solar so it' free.

Wohpe | June 11, 2013

In March I took my model S on a road trip from Oregon to Scottsdale, Az.
I stayed in Parker at the Bluewater Casino and Resort with my car a short walk away at Bluewater RV park. You can plug into a 50 amp outlet for a fee of $27. The RV park manager, Sharon, was very helpful and supportive of EV travel.
Your Model S is a great road car... go for it.

ppape | June 12, 2013

Thanks for all the great feedback! I've got some research to do.

Jackie :-)

shop | June 12, 2013

You need to read this:

Also, if you don't have a dryer plug adapter, I can loan you one (and a 50amp extension cord), and I live in San Diego.