Road trip....Bay Area to Vegas

Road trip....Bay Area to Vegas

Didn't want to go all the way to Kettleman City & have 5% battery left so I stopped in Gustine to grab about 20%-25% extra. Just in case.

Kettleman City is really nice. Code works! Need to e-mail Tesla & request the ability to make our own coffee. Stuff from the machine isn't great.

40 SuperChargers! I stood there in awe for about 30 seconds. Only 2 other cars there when I showed up. Charged up to 94% & made it all the way to Mojave at 75 MPH most of the way. Only 6 SuperChargers but just me & 1 other MX charging. Anthony's Grill with a decent Breakfast Burrito. Carnitas & Eggs w/Potatoes & Salsa. Not bad.

Will post an update once I get into Sin City

Update: charged at Baker. Lots of room. No issues & got an Orange Julius which I haven't had in years. LOL.

Made the mistake of coming into Vegas to charge up before going to the hotel. YOOOOOOGE mistake.

Every SuperCharger is full & has a line. 1 is broken. Won't make that mistake a 2nd time.

bonhari03 | January 1, 2019

We’ve done the ride from SoCal the Vegas quite a bit lately. I always prefer to charge up in Primm rather than charge the up in Vegas. There are only 2 Schargers in Vegas. The one in the north is in a formerly bad neighborhood in process of gentrification. The smell of old urine and alcohol can still be sensed but you forget about that when you are free from the many nice bistros and cafe within walking distance from the chargers. The one in the south is near the airport. It is usually busy with Tesla Uber’s and commercial vehicles.

jjgunn | January 1, 2019

Yeah....didn't even attempt the north one. Didn't have to. Was able to charge at Aria using Chargepoint.

On the road heading home tonight. Stopped in Yermo. Lots of room.

jjgunn | January 2, 2019

Final stats.....I was cruising home at 80 MPH

1,200 miles round trip 490 kWh used at 409 Wh/mi

@burrdogg my lifetime energy is now up to 354 Wh/mi

Yeah I pushed the MX hard on this trip. Handled everything like the beast it is.

Triggerplz | January 2, 2019

jjgunn while you were in Nevada you sure you didn’t stop and get charged up at the Bunny Ranch -:)

jjgunn | January 2, 2019

Hahahah - No, Wifey was with me & she would have none of that - I tried to get her to stop in for a drink & she said, "Do you want to die?!!?!!"

Triggerplz | January 2, 2019


caikangze407 | January 3, 2019

I did the same thing back in October.