roadster 400 mile battery pack upgrade??

roadster 400 mile battery pack upgrade??

Did I read this right? Is there a 400 mile battery coming for our roadsters? Anybody have any information regarding this such as pricing or timing?


stephen.t.blackburn | July 16, 2014

You have read that correctly. I can't wait to see the details. My range has been down to like 119 miles on a standard charge in the heat of the summer.

dcpalmer | July 17, 2014
RonaldA | July 17, 2014

Thanks for the correction in the link, the other one worked on my cell.

Alan Tong | July 17, 2014

Awesome that they are still supporting us / upgrading an obsolete model.

To be honest though I would not upgrade for the range as whilst I have clocked up >40K miles thats been commuting to work I rarely do a round trip of > 150 miles. The roadster is a sports car, not a long distance cruiser (thats what the Model S is for).

As a sports car, using new battery tech to keep the capacity the same but have a lighter pack (& lower the cars centre of gravity) would be better still. If this had the same peak current then the weight saving would improve the handling, braking, acceleration and range.

As Colin Chapman of Lotus said - "add lightness"

Earl and Nagin ... | July 17, 2014

Unfortunately, the car suspension and handling are tuned for the current battery mass distribution. A lighter battery pack would likely make the car unstable without a lot of additional tuning, if even possible.
Their realistic choices are then to give you more battery or put in ballast.

zack | July 17, 2014

I'd love it if the conversion included a new connector so we could charge our Roadsters at the Supercharger stations.

Alan Tong | July 18, 2014

Support for superchargers would need major modifications / a new PEM so unlikely to happen. On the Model S when using the superchargers the on board charger is bypassed and the supercharger directly connects to the battery pack.

Modifying the Roadster to do this would be complex / expensive so probably unlikely to happen (but then again if Elon wants it to happen...)

EQC | July 19, 2014

Would it be more complex/expensive than replacing the Roadster battery pack?

On that note, is the Roadster pack designed to be swapped out easily like the S pack? Would swapping out the charge controller and swapping/adding some wiring be significantly more costly/complicated than only swapping out the battery pack with a new version?

In my uninformed imagination, it seems like if you're already pulling out the $X0,000 battery and replacing it with an entirely different battery, you could probably change quite a few things without much extra trouble/cost.

Brian H | July 19, 2014

Suspect it would have been mentioned.

Power might go up with range; they're closely linked with battery power.

jstack6 | July 25, 2014

Stephen Blackburn, If your roadster is down to 119 mile range the battery should be covered under the 100K 8 year warranty. You get a free battery replacement if you lose more than 20% I'm told.

Let us know what Tesla says.

mark77a | August 7, 2014

Great that Tesla are supporting roadsters.
I wonder what the new battery will cost and when it will be available ?
Also, as some of us (in EU) have a $20,000 / 3yr warrantee on Battery and car I hope Tesla will honour this and keep us on the road.

Brian H | August 8, 2014

All is unclear, except that no warranty includes normal losses and wear and tear. Only defects, etc.

the bonnie | August 17, 2014

(jstack6, there is no 100k 8 year warranty for Roadster batteries. That was for Model S.)

As a Roadster owner, I'm happy about this announcement. I'm not going to pick it apart and start in with 'well they should have given this or I'd rather have that'. They didn't have to offer anything. I paid for a car and I got that car & it's a phenomenal car. (Thank you, Tesla!) So anything more is a bonus. This is a great outcome for everyone. I get more range. Tesla uses new tech cells in the existing battery case. Easiest solution with the most impact. Win.

Regarding supercharging access - sure, that would be nice, but realistically, no. A lot of engineering work would be required to update the Roadster to be able to handle that, and with far less then 2500 on the road, it's not worth it. As a stockholder, I'd rather that engineering talent be directed at future projects.

Brian H | August 17, 2014


Do you know if this is a "for sale" upgrade, or free? It's all kind of vague.

Guru | August 19, 2014

I'm with Bonnie1194...I also think it is great that the Roadster owners are getting some love. :)

Interested in hearing more details. Agreed it is all a bit vague right now.

the bonnie | August 20, 2014

Totally vague. I'm sure it will cost something - perhaps it will be the battery replacement offered going forward. They may not even know yet how it's going to be handled. (I'd put my money on that.)

Red Sage ca us | August 21, 2014

It will probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of...


Joshua Burstyn | August 22, 2014

@Red Sage:

For that price I'm tempted to buy the used Roadster 2.5 at the Lawrence Tesla store and immediately upgrade. The wife can take the 'S and I'll enjoy the Roadster to/from work. :-)