Roof rack attachment update

Roof rack attachment update

I haven't heard anything new on roof rack attachments. Since my 18' Epic kayak is my vehicle of passion making a new Model 3 a really fantastic $50,000 baby carriage, a roof rack is pretty vital to me. So I decided to investigate. Not surprisingly, I got absolutely nowhere asking Tesla. After e-mailing Thule, a representative from them responded, "Unfortunately, we do not yet have a fit for the Tesla Model 3. Our test engineers are working on developing a compatible system for the vehicle, but it is still going through our rigorous series of tests and certifications."

I then looked at Yakima's and entered Tesla Model 3 in the fit my vehicle section. It said they didn't make anything yet and then went on to say, "Do you live in the Portland Metro Area? Are you interested in free stuff in exchange for helping the Yakima fit team? Click here to get in touch and help us create a fit for your vehicle!"

I then e-mailed them and someone named Sam responded, "...We are working with Tesla to produce a roof rack for the Model 3 that will be sold through Tesla stores, the plan is to have it available early next year."

So maybe by next summer.

priit | July 1, 2018

Well, that sounds like wonderful news to me. Since I am in Australia and they sill start making the RHD version sometime next year, I will be getting mine just when the roof rack is available :) I was a bit worried when there has been no update on roof rack or tow ball while the car has been on market for a year, but good to know it is coming before I get my car.
Thanks for chasing that for us :)